Georgia Unemployment Rules

In order to receive unemployment benefits in Georgia you must follow these rules:

1. You must be able to work, and are not disabled.
2. You must be actively looking for a job, and keeping a record of your job search.
3. You must file a weekly certification.
4. You must not make more than your weekly wage allowance. In some cases, you will be able to work while collecting unemployment - but only so much per week. Make sure when you apply for unemployment that you are very clear about how much you are able to earn each week. Your unemployment counselor will be able to tell you how much this is.

As long as you follow these Georgia unemployment rules, you will continue to receive your unemployment benefits.

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# Sharon 2011-11-23 17:23
If my husband takes a job but will not get a paycheck for 5 weeks can he still draw unemployment for at least 3 weeks to help pay the bills?
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# Elinor 2012-03-26 14:48
My friend texted me that his UI was stopped. No one seems to know why it was stopped. He has an LLC but makes no profit on it, has hired no one, not even himself he says.. the LLC doesn't pop up on the DOL computer. He thinks that shouldn't be an issue, but I suspect it could be? What are the rules of having an LLC and collecting UI in Georgia?
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# Emily 2012-05-27 10:26
If I worked as a part time tutor, and will not receive work until September when the school year begins again, am I eligible to receive unemployment benefits?
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# Corey 2012-08-07 10:42
how do i report a couple days of work and still receive UI benefits?
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# sarah 2012-10-10 06:14
i was fired for pointing out at my job i did have drs excuses can i receive unemployment?
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# JH 2012-12-27 09:56
I was fired today with no warning. Owner made a very general statement about addition errors in estimates, but we have never reviewed a completed job in the year I have been there. I have never been repremanded, and owner said how I was always on time, worked very hard. He has been barely making payroll the last 4 - 5 months and I think this is the real issue because I am the highest paid manager. Do I qualify for unemployment ?

he said he will give me a letter of recomendation. Can I receive unemployment
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# MarkT 2013-01-31 11:08
my son graduated last May with degree in Communication from Elon and has not found a job. What are the unemployment benefits for one who wants to work but cannot find work and has not worked before. He is 23 yrs old.
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# CGW 2013-03-14 07:20
I work for RAFB, and we may be furloughed in the near future. We will lose 4 days of work per month, 20% per pay period which equates to 40% per month of our income. I need to know if I/we would qualify for unemployment benefits. Please let me know. Thank you!
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# WDG 2017-07-25 06:38
I just lost my job because lack of work. I have a hernia that I have to have surgery on before I can go back to work.Can I draw unemployment while I am recovering from surgery
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# BT 2017-10-03 13:13
Do i have to accept a commission only job or lose my benefits for refusing work?

If i accept this commission only job but continue to look for fulltime work can i continue collecting benefit
I was told it may be several weeks before u earn $$
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