1. I recently lost my transportation to work. I do not have a drivers license. I live in Plainfield, NH and work in White River Junction, VT. My father was my ride to and from work but he had to move back to CT to work himself. Is this a legitimate reason to quit a job and be eligible for unemployment?

    • It’s called get a license or use what we call public transportation. In fact, just give it to one of the thousands of people who are still jobless and who actually use their brains to find a way to get to work and who aren’t going to mooch of the system.

      • Horrified someone from Unemployment would write such a response. It’s so unprofessional and I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with the likes of you.

      • It is very true what you say about Joann needing to find her own way to get to work in order to keep her job. However, If this is infact an unemployment worker that was a very unprofessional way to get that point out!! To reply to Joann C. I had a job that was 50 mins away from where I lived and had reliable transportation to work until my car broke down. When that happened I hitchhiked to work daily until I found someone at work that lived somewhat closeby me. It took a month of hitchhiking to work in order to get to work and get the job done etc. Do whatever it takes to keep your job by all means neccessary because there is not many jobs out there and if quitting is your option then sitting around going stir crazy with no work and spending more thasn your making is enevitably gonna be what happens. If you cant find someone at work that lives nearby you then try to find another family member who may take you to an area where a coworker does live and have a coworker get you the rest of the way to work. Also, you will have to put your grown up pants on one day so why not now. Meaning your parents or dad obviously isnt going to be there for you whenever you need a RIDE, ETC. So do what it takes to get your license and a $800 car and get yourself to work. We all have to grow up sometime and the sooner you do the better off you’ll be in the long run!! Always relying on other people will get you nowhere in life!!

      • What an a-hole you are to answer a legitimate question in that way! If you are employed by NH UI you should be fired!!

    • Yeah try to file a claim with that reason I bet the people at the unemployment office will laugh there asses off hey do you also want food stamps to go with that too?

  2. I am currently employed as a contractor overseas. I will become unemployed im March 2011. I have been paying federal unemployment for the last 6 years and relocated one year ago to NH. Am I entitled to 26 weeks of unemployment with the state system?
    Thank you

  3. is it fraud if someone claim that they have not worked at all and is baby sitting frequently? My Ex is claiming that she is not working and is collecting unemployment insurance, however my child tells me that she is often out baby sitting for pay. her name is Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx she now lives in XX with a P.O box in Xxxxxxxxx XX.

  4. can you collect from the state during layoffs even if you have vacation time built up my company tells us to say no time even when we have it then they said they would confirm no if the stae called to check

  5. I work in an environment that is quite hostile. Now, the operator of the company is trying to deduct my pay for his own mistake. I’ve been here for a number of years now and am currently seeking different employment. However, in the meantime, I don’t know how much longer I can take this abuse. Would this situation qualify for unemployment benefits if I resign prior to new employment? I have considered legal counsel about this matter, but don’t really want to go that route.

  6. I was working full time as a temporary employee covering for someone who was on maternity leave and she came back earlier than thought so I was let go from the company upon her arrival. Because my position was temporary but still full time can I file for unemployment until I find another job?

  7. My husband collected worker’s compensation from February 2, 2011 thru October 28, 2011. He returned to work on October 31st and worked for 12 weeks. He was just laid off on 1/20/12, is he eligible for unemployment benefits?

  8. Just a quick question, not myself I am hunting for a job like everyone else. There is someone I know who because of a change in management was offered a job with more work and much less pay quit. Who that be grounds to go on unemployment? She would be making around the same amount on unemployment if she was working. I am willing to bet it would not be with the way the job market is like but figured I would ask.

  9. Ok so ATM Im having a hard time with my current job. I get the hours but I guess what Im trying to say is I want to leave here professinally due to the companies policies an dhow they treat the employees and of course the commute is killing me on gas. I have another job lined up but I dont start until June. I would like to take a couple weeks off before I start my new job so I can actually have a vacation to enjoy. I know Its probably a long shot due to leaving on my own free will but having a job lined up already might help the situation so I can pay my bills for a month.

  10. my husband is a local union worker recently laid off for the winter. he was advised by unemployment that he will not receive any further beneifts unless he looks for work. as a union member he can only do union work per his contract and has reps in union hall looking for work for their members on a regular basis. they are refusing to pay him and we have had no income for a month. can they do this? the way I read nh law, union workers are exempt. any input would be appreciated.

  11. my federal extension has run out and i have to refile a new claim on the 20th. Should I still file this week even though i have no monies left?

  12. I am not sure of all the rules in this state….but have been working in a very hostile environment…and it has been well documented of work place harassment. My institution now wants to fire me for non-licensure for my position which is not required but has told me that if I resign it would not be a black mark on my record. I am not sure if I should resign or let them fire me…as I believe they WILL deny me unemployment benefits. They have done all the standard protocol with warnings that I did not sign because of false accusations. Not sure if I will qualify for unemployment benefits or if I have a case to quit for workplace harassment. I do not know where or if it would be worth seeking a lawyer as many people have recommended me doing because they feel I have a case….but I can not afford one and would need a lawyer willing to work on contingency and not sure there are any in this state…or for that matter would work against a very large employer in the sate (hospital).

  13. I have been on Unemployment and just started a parttime job. I was wondering will i still be able to collect a Unemployment check where i sm only part time?

  14. Hi I have a huge problem. I exhausted my benefits in April and I am suppose to start a job May 1st.I filed my last Claim for last week because i was job waived and was eligible for one Emergency unemployment check before i start working. I should have never excepted this job but i had no choice because i was not allowed to refuse it while filing for Unemployment. The reason I should have never excepted this job is because I knew right away transportation was going to be an issue and I have been trying all last week to find a way to make this job work but i have not found a solution yet and I am suppose to start this Wednesday and I am thinking about calling tomorrow to decline the job if i cannot find a ride all week to work because i have no choice really. I have no vehicle and even if i did i can’t drive it because i do not have a drivers license and the only public transportation in this town is 7 dollars a ride so it would be 14 dollars a day and well i will be working 6 days out the week so affording the taxi isn’t a realistic option seeing how i am broke and i will not be receiving my first check for 2 weeks and in reality i would be working for nothing having to pay the taxi every week.I guess my question is what will happen if unemployment finds out i never really started the job? do they follow up with you or your new job after you are done filing your claims and start work? I also received another job offer closer to home and i have the option of biking, walking or carpooling so in my eyes this was a more suitable job even tho it doesn’t start til June and unemployment didn’t find it very suitable job because the other offer lasts longer. I would rather go without unemployment benefits or any money for a month to have a suitable job that works better for me even if its just for the summer and i don’t really care that i won’t be able to collect benefits in the future for refusing the 1st job offer. Will i get in trouble for doing this even tho i am done filing claims? Will i have to pay back the money i collected for last week when i was job waived because i was suppose to start work but didn’t?

  15. If I notice on linkedin a profile change with new position for a former employee, am I as the previous employer obligated to report this possible fraud? I say possible, because it could be a phony posting to give the appearance for future prospective positions.

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