1. I was fired without cause on 8/20/2010. I waited my waiting week and started to collect benefits from a previous employer who laid me off the previous year. Which I already had a waiting week on the previous year but did not collect any benefits as I started a new job right away. Then exactly 2 months later that claim was closed and I had to open a new claim from the employer that fired me. Now I have another waiting week. Now heres the issue: Because I was fired, I am being penalized by 1 employer 2 weeks just because my benefits had to switch from 1 employer to the next. This can’t be right, is it?

  2. I was laid off August 31st 2010. I received a severance package so my benefits do not start until next week. If I took on some project work or some temp work a day here and a day there would I still be eligible for unemployment benefits?

  3. I am over 66 and have been collecting socical security benefits for 3 months. My supervisor has been trying to force me into retirement, making my working condition unbearable. If I quit or they terminate me, can I collect unemployment along with my social security before I find another job?

  4. Just want to make sure my last comment went thru.
    I am over 66 and have been receiving social security benefits for 3 months. My supervisor is trying to force me into retirement, making my working condition unbearable. If I quit or she fires me, can I collect unemployment on top of my social security before I find another job?

  5. I collected unemployment benefits from Nebraska quite a while in 2010. I had taxes withheld and would like to have a statement of that amount so I can file my taxes. Thanks for your help.

  6. I am trying to get a job with a company that requires me to go through 6-8 weeks of training but they will not start opperations until several months later. i really like this job and would have to quit my currant job. would i be able to collect unemployment until they start opperations?

  7. I was collecting unemployment. I went to work for a company for 3 hours as I had to leave town for my son’s emergency surgery. I quit, not knowing when I would return. I thought this would be more fair to the employer. I talked to the the unemployment office and they will send me a letter this week. What does that mean.

  8. I live in Iowa but worked in Nebraska. The company that I worked for hired me on at an hourly rate and switched me to salary about one month after I was hired. At this time my 8 hour shift turned into about 12 no compensation and I found myself working at least 6 days a week. I quit to look for a better job on a full time basis in hopes I could find one quicker. Do I qualify for unemployment??

  9. I have completed all of the information to receive my unemployment benefits, but I have not received any money yet. What is wrong. This is the 3rd or 4th Sunday I have filed. Please let me know. According to my file, they have received it, but not funds have been sent to my checking account.


  10. I am presently drawing a weekly unemployment check. Starting January I will be starting to receive social security checks (I am 65 years old), but will not receive my first check until February as SS pays a month behind. Can I still draw my unemployment checks for the month of January?

  11. I live in NE and have been working full time in a temp position that was to become permanent, but due to a hiring freeze they are unable to offer me permanent employment, so I will be unemployed as of next week. However I also do books for my husbands business and he pays me $250 a month for this. Will I be able to file for unemployment benefits?

  12. I draw a military pension and I am currently employed, but with the cut backs my job will be terminated. will I be able to draw unemployment?

  13. I am a part time college instructor in Nebraska. My pay varies by semester but generally I make about $1000/month. I was not assigned classes to teach this summer and was wondering if I could qualify for unemployment and if so when should I apply?

  14. I quit my job as they wanted me to work full-time and that was more hours than I could work at this time. I have been offered a job starting the 1st of June – can I draw unemployment benefits until this job starts?

  15. I have worked at a company for 12 years as a waitress. I got and anonomous comment card saying I was a bad waitress and I was wrote up and said I would be terminated on the next one I receive. I ended up training a new waitress the next week which I couldnt understand if I was such a bad waitress. Im terrified to go to work now, thinkning another one could come in even though no one has any idea who sent it. The drug abuse at work has become crazy too. Management have found weed and coke left in the kitchen ove night but thee hasnt been any write ups. Waitresses have come in drunk and nothing happens. Im 58 and I have heard throug the grapevine that they want me gone because of my age and wage. They are trying to make it a college sports bar and I have seen them throw away applications if the person ismolder or not attractive. Im terified to gomther everyday. Any suggestions?

  16. Forced to quit work due to illness (Muscular Dystrophy). I am 50yrs old. I have no use of my arms and limited us of my hands. My lower extremities have now started to weaken. I have filed for ss. Will I be able to receive unemployment until the ss is decided? I was told it would take around 5 months.

  17. My husband and I are moving to Nebraska because his business sold and he got a job with an oil refinery, so I’ll be forced to leave my job of almost 7 years. Because the town we’re moving is rural it does not offer a lot of employment opportunities. Is their a provision for this type of unemployment?

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