1. To whom it may concern;
    June 1st I stopped working completely because on a personal injury that left me out of work. I applied for family medical leave immediately.
    My company has filled my position,so I willnot be able to go back to my job; even though I am able body now.

    In December 2009 I transfered from Tennessee with the same employer and moved here to Tampa.

    My question is; Do I apply for Unemployment benefits in Florida or Tennessee?
    Thank You.
    Brian F.

  2. You need to file in Florida. You should make your application in person due to the complexity of your situation.

    From the information you gave me, your ‘base period’ to determine your monetary eligibility is April 2009 to the end of March 2010. Income earned in this time period will determine your compensation amount. The difficulty in your situation is that you have income in two different states in this time period.

    Since you have considerable work history, and income earned, in both Tennessee and Florida – you need to make sure that your income from both states is factored into your unemployment application.

    You should file in Florida. Be sure to tell your unemployment counselor all about your situation. Give them a detailed work history with accurate dates and locations of when and where you worked.

    You should be able to ‘cross file’ or file a ‘combined wage claim’ for unemployment based on your income earned in both Florida and Tennessee. The way a ‘combined wage claim’ works is that when you file your application in Florida – the unemployment office there will contact the state of Tennessee to get information about income you earned there. Once they know and can confirm your complete earnings income from both states – they will determine an unemployment amount based on this combined income.

    Very Important – Do not file for unemployment in two different states at once. This will be considered fraud. Let the unemployment office in the state where you currently live (Florida) handle the filing of your ‘combined wage claim’.

    Please report back and post another comment here to let us know what you find out. I’m sure it will help someone else that’s in the same situation.

    Site Admin

  3. Hello,

    I have been working at a hotel for the past 15 months. They will be closing down to complete renovations. I will be laid off for 2 months or more. I will have my job back once the hotel re-opens.
    Am I eligible for benefits?

    Thank you,


  4. I am in florida and currently going through chemo for cancer. I am a salaried manager at a restaurant and my employer wants to put me on unpaid leave of absense as they say me missing work because of chemo is ahardship on them. I asked and cannot get unemployment for a loa, is there anything else I can do? my chemo is due t be over at the end of december and they are wanting to put me on loa quick and I cannot survive with no money coming in, help please if you can.

    • James,

      I’m not sure that your employer is able to force you to go on an unpaid leave of absence like that.

      I think their choices are to either fire you, or to lay you off. Leave of absence is a voluntary action, on the part of the employee. There are very rare occasions where you can collect unemployment when you get fired. Let me be clear that I am not advocating that you try to get fired.

      I’m not sure what else you are able to do, in order to replace your income while on chemotherapy, but I have some other resources for you to check out:

      1. Legal Resources. Go to the Florida Legal Aid Society website: [url][/url]

      2. Cancer Support Groups. Call or go to a cancer support group. There are lots of folks there who are going through the same thing as you, or have been through it – and will know more than me: [url][/url]

      3. ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act – This is a federal law that governs how employers can treat employees that have illnesses or disabilities. [url][/url]

      I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. I think your best bet will be to talk to a local cancer support group to find out what other options are available to you.

      Good luck. I’ll be praying for you.

      Site Admin

  5. I have filed and have a waiting term to see if i am accepted come from a company closure.what i would like to know is am i supposed to be seeing and logging possible employers during this time or i will be penalized for waiting to see if i will be accepted for benefits? also want to know how many employers i have to log seeing on my claim form so i don’t lose benefits while trying to get a job.I don’t want to be disqualified for not being aggresive enough Thanks

    • If you are referring to your ‘waiting week’ or ‘waiting period’ in which you have been accepted for benefits but not yet paid – then yes – you have to be actively looking for a new job, and logging those job contacts.

      If you are actually waiting for a determination to be made about whether you are eligible – you still have to be actively searching for a job and logging those contacts. Also, you have to ‘Claim Your Weeks’ as you were instructed to do when you applied.

      You are supposed to make 2 job search contacts each week, unless instructed otherwise when you applied.

      Site Admin

  6. One of our employees recently quit voluntairly. We’ve been informed that she plans to live on savings for six weeks, and then file for unemployment because her disqualification term will have ended.

    If she receives unemployment benefits after the six weeks, will it be counted against my company and affect our Unemployment tax rate?

  7. I have been laid off and receiving unemployment comp since May 2010 , I just was started a job , worked on day and had a heart attack and am in the hospital, the job is 2 1/2 hours away and out doors, very physical, not sure what to do, I have to take it easy for 3 weeks, can I quit and not have them file paperwork so I can still receive my unemployment and find something more suitable when I am feeling better?

  8. The company I worked for was sold 5-6 months ago.They had their own employees and my services were no longer needed.My issue(problem) was I didn’t file for unmlpnt bcuz took well deserved time off,and counting on starting my own small business.unfortunately double dip rumors surfaced,and money is running out quickly,enough to get me to this point.Am I to late to apply after period of time?

  9. she will be unable to recieve unemployment as her unemployment is caused by her own actions and thus have no negative affect on your company

  10. I applied for unemployment last month. Within two weeks from filing a representative from the unemployment office called me to verify my employer and to informed me that I was ineligiable for unemployment benefits because my employer never reported my wages to the state. I was paid seven months of wages and the company took out all applicable taxes. The fact that the company failed to properly report my wages has greatly hurt me financially. I know the unemployment office has sent a letter to my employer to verify my wages but I don’t expect them to respond to the letter. The company has done many other questionable things, not related to wages, and is currently under investigation by the state of Florida. Who can I report the company’s actions to and what can I do to get my unemployment benefits?

  11. Can a person receive unemployment compensation if they were hired as a full time employee ,as a truck driver ,and due to the slow down in business the work hours were not available? They were told in order to make up their hours they could work in a warehouse, there is no air conditioning and this person has a hearth condition which makes it impossible to work in these conditions. Isn’t the company responsible for providing the work hours they hired the employee for?

  12. Can a person receive unemployment and still work for the employer part time? Do unemployment benefits get paid by the employer?

  13. I was laid off from my job on July 9th and my work permit expired on July 11th, I applied for unemployment benefits here in Florida and was told that I was not eligible because my work permit was expired. I applied for my work permit on July 30th and am awaiting the appt. for the biometrics. My questions is…if I had a work permit while I was working is it legal for them to withhold benefits because I have not received my new permit? Also, will I get paid retroactive if and when I receive the new permit? I have been claiming my weeks continuously just in case I am eligible for the back pay.

  14. If someone lived in Georgia and was receiving unemployment benefits, but then moved to Florida and is still collecting the Georgia benefits, is that considered fraud? If so, how can I report them??

  15. i worked for a school for approx. 16yrs. i was supposed to start working now in the fall. during the summer i got a part time job i worked from june to aug. i quit my part time job because i was not making ends meet. i was spending over 40.00 weekly for gas, about $5 in tolls, I had to pay a daily parking space fee $5 or sometimes $10, i had to pay a babysitter for my son, the babysitter was not able to babysit anymore due to late hours. i tried to get more hours at my part time but they there was none available. then i find out the school i had worked for closed so i was left w/o a job. i applied for unemployment but they told me they will make a does my case look?

  16. i worked for a school for 16yrs.i got a part time job during the summer june-aug. I quit my part time because i was not making ends meet. I was spending $40/week in gas, $3 a day in tolls, i had to pay my own parking $5 sometimes$10 per day, plus pay a babysitter for my son due to late hrs. Two weeks before school started i got a call that the school was closing, i was left jobless. I applied for unemployment around june 25th and still they told me that they will make a decision soon. Pls how does my case look?

  17. If someone is receiving benefits from Fl what are the guide lines for going out of state to help a family member and how long can they be gone?

  18. I have moved from Pa. to Fl Sept. 19th and have been unable to contact unemployment regarding my benefitsand how I can claim my eb that I am entitled to. The phone number is always busy, please contact me with the information I need to continue my claim in Fl.
    Thank you

  19. I live in Port Charlotte Florida am currently working part time & collecting unemployment benefits from Florida as well. I wish to relocate to Tampa Fl. as there seems to be more jobs available. If I quit my part time job in Port Charlotte & move to Tampa will I still be eligible to collect?

      • There is a time that you can collect unemployment and work part time and it not be fraud. As far as the terms of this I am not sure because I am trying to find out myself because a lot of jobs I see are offering part time and potential to grow to full time which deters a lot of people that are on unemployment due to income vs. bills going out.

  20. if a person is collecting unemployment in Florida,then move to CT can they still claim weeks in Florida? This situation has been going on for about 1 year. This person is employed in CT.

      • This is not true, You have to be activally seeking work but it does not have to be with in the state you are filing unemployment if you have moved to another state as long as you update the employment assistance office of the new address.

  21. How is unemployment calculated for military members who have just left active duty and can not find unemployment.Do you count the base pay only or our entire benifit? example my base pay was $3100.00,however, I receive an additional $2500 for housing dependents etc…

    • What state? If Florida the highest they will pay will be 275 a week. My husband seperated from the military and is getting 275.00 per week

  22. I voluntarily quit my job in Florida due to my husband medical condition that required him to relocate to his born state close to his family because this will help heal his depression problems. I’m I elegible for unemployment?

    • Nelly,
      I recently had to leave my job due to some family issues as well. My step-mom passed away, and I was caring for my little sister full-time and going to school. I tried to get a part-time schedule, but the company would not work with me. I did not expect to recieve UE since I voluntarily left the job, however I was approved, but it did take a little longer than normal because they had to investigate more “in-depth”. I would imagine that the situation with your husband would probably be an acceptable reason to leave your job and be able to collect unemployment.

      • you were probably approved for benefits because they wouldnt work with you due to your problems with child care and school.


      • [quote name=”Tiffany”]No. You are not eligible. You quit for a personal reason.[/quote]


  23. I am approved for and collecting Florida unemployment benefits and want to move home to Pennsylvania. Can I do that and still collect my Florida Benefits? If so what must I do. I am trying to find it in law but have not been successful so far.

    • I was unemployed in Florida Jan 2011 and moved to Pennsylvainia end of Dec 2011 and called and spoke to a customer service rep and they said as long as I continue to do my work searches and claim my weeks and update my address and phone number in the system when I claimed the next time following my move that all would be fine…and has been.

  24. Hi,
    I gross $1025.00 weekly and I’ve been employed for 8 years uninterrupted with this company.
    I pretty much have been forced to quit, how do I go about filing the claim and how much will I collect?
    Thank you.

  25. does anyone know the payment schedule for unemployment benefits in florida? if you file on Tuesday, when will your get your money??

    • If you file on tues the check will come on fri. If you set up direct deposit to your bank it sometimes comes in wed afternoon but usually on thurs. If you get a fl unemploy visa cash card. You get it in one day on the card.

      Hope this helps

    • they usually pay me on thursday after i file on tuesdays. and if your job paid you every two weeks, thats how unemployment will pay you also

      • Not true…my husband was on florida unemployment in 2010 and his jobs prior to unemployment paid him weekly yet on unemployment he was paid biweekly.

  26. You are supposed to make 2 job search contacts each week, unless instructed otherwise when you applied.

    Site Admin “

    ** I have spent at least a couple of hours researching this on the Florida Unemployment site and other sites. Can you please provide a link that says 2 contacts each week? I have many more than 2 per week, but where exactly is that published ….. anywhere ?????? Thank you !!!!!

    • you have to make 5 per week. states it when you enter your work search before you claim your weeks and is also one of the questions you are asked when claiming your weeks.

  27. I get paid annually at the end of the year. I have been notified that my salary check in December will be my last one and will no longer be employed at that time. I have been paying unemployment insurance for over ten years. Will I be able to collect unemployment payments? Obviously, my base period will not be 1-1/2 time the wages in the quarter having the highest earnings, since I only get paid once a year.
    Please advise. Thanks

  28. Good afternoon! I have been searching the unemployment site regarding my situation but have not found a clear answer. I currently have a full time job, but am enrolled in FULL time school at night. We will be starting internships in June 2011 (clinicals). This is a required thing, usually much like a normal job from 8:30 to 5pm, Monday through Friday except we do not get paid. I had heard a rumor that if I am currently enrolled in Full time school doing my clinicals and are unable to hold a job that I would be eligible for unemployment for those months. Is this true? If so, how would I go about doing this in June to start the unemployment process? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

    • when you claim your weeks it asks if your address is the same and phone number is the same…this is where you would make your changes.

  29. I have RA and was unable to continue doing my job. I am collecting unemployment and have been given an opportunity to go to school for retraining in a much less physical position for free. Can I continue to collect?

    • No to the best of my knowledge from previously collecting. If you are going to school, you are not available to get a full time job so that disqualifies you.

  30. hi i have been calling the FL unemployment office to claim my week but they can not hear me each time they answer the call.i have been calling since yesterday.not sure if they are aware that they are having phone issues…just wanted to aware them.

  31. i was discharge from my job after 4 1/2 yrs being in the company due to i did not going in for 2 days in which i called in everyday i was out due to personal reasons , they said since i didnt have any paper work to excuse me for not going in they had to let me go. would i be able to collect unemployment?
    i live in florida

  32. So about a month ago I was working for a company and I had to quit because of some extensive family issues that I was dealing with. I filed for unemployment right after I quit the job. About two weeks later the family issues were resolved (unexpectedly), so I immediately started applying for jobs. 4 days ago I was offered a job. I was really apprehensive about taking it because the pay was only minimum wage and it was over 120 miles worth of drive time each day, 4 days a week. I knew that I wouldn’t be making much of a profit, but I had not heard from unemployment, so I took the job. The next day I went to orientation (4 hours) and the following day I worked a 5 hour shift. Yesterday, I received notification from unemployment that my claim had been approved and my check had been mailed out. I will be making almost $150 more with unemployment than I will be making at this new job (after factoring in gas), so I was thinking about giving up the new job and drawing unemployment until I find something locally. However, I am worried that if I quit this new job I will lose my unemployment because I refused work. I am not even sure if I need to report it to unemployment since I only worked 9 hours. Any advice would be greatly appreciated because I am very confused on what to do right now.

  33. I am currently collecting unemployment in Florida. I had my first interview today to review the jobs I have looked for dates and contact information. I mentioned that I was a student (part-time) and was not available tues or thurs. He then informed me that I would be under review about the fact that I am attending classes on those days. I am available the rest of the time, can they deny me benefits for going to school part time?

  34. am i eligible for unemployment after my first day on a job or do i have will i become elegible after i have worked during a certain duration of a calendar year

  35. I have been told they are cutting my wages by 50 percent. If I quit can I collect unemployment in Florida

    • I can assure you that unemployment is not the awnser for you. You’re not gonna to better with unemploy. based on what they max out on.

    • I quit my job due to a cut in pay due to going from full time to part time…I fought my case twice because of my employer and won it. It stated something about a 20% cut…so I believe you could just make sure you can prove your case against your employer if they decide to fight it like mine did.

  36. my partner is ill and my company does have family leave for parents spouse and children. They are a large company but do not have it for partners(we have been together) 18 years.
    Can I quit in Florida and collect unemployment

  37. hi there,
    m wondering if ill be able to collect unemployment?
    i was fired for been late to work because i had to go get my baby brother from school now they want me to sign these papers saying that i was fired for insubordination should i sign these papers or not?

  38. Work searches are being checked and confirmed since late March. I had to call in and confirm all information. Even for online applications, they are requiring a full address and phone number. Starting now they “recommend” (ie require) 5 work searches per week. The rep told me to expect to be audited from time to time.

  39. I currently reside in Florida. I have been receiving unemployment benefits for a short time. I found a job at a place that states it is a work at will employment. I worked for 4 days and was asked to leave. The employer stated he had no reason and he didnt think things would work out. Will I continue to receive my benefits? I have tried to call but it says high calls are coming in. Please let me know…Thanks Lisa

    • go on the site and claim your money earned for the 4 days, even if not yet paid. Put the info of the employer it will ask for when you claim that your worked and they will verify reason for your leaving with the employer and send the payment minus the amount made. This will delay your payment usually about a week.

      Hope this helps

  40. I have been on unemployment in FL for a year this month, on Monday May 30, 2011 I was able to claim my weeks saying that I have a balance of $800, I haven’t received my check and now over the website & phone there’s no history of me claiming my weeks, says the last check issued was on the 17th of May, and of course every time I try to call it hangs up on me because of a high call volume.

    I have no idea what to do, or why it’s not showing that I claimed my weeks on May 30th


    • You’ll find out if you still owe money when you re-apply. It will be in the system. If you’re benefit is approved, they may subtract your payments from what you still owe (if anything). Keep written records of all dealings. When emailing them, tap the CAPS LOCK button on your keyboard so it doesn’t seem like you’re yelling at everyone. Unless you are.

  42. I applied for unemployment in the beginning of May. I am approved, however, someone is apparently illegally using my SS# at a company which makes it look like I am working. Florida Unemployment has a hold on my account until they hear back from this company and make sure I don’t work for them. It has been 2 months, and I am just about homeless. How can I expedite this process? Anyone with a similar situation? Help please!

  43. I am filing for unemployment and I am not sure what the question “Have you established a new monetarily eligible Unemployment Compensation claim within the last 12 months?” means. I was claiming unemployment from August 2010 through December 2010, then I worked and my job ended June 2011 because it was seasonal and now I am filing for unemployment again. How do I answer this question?

  44. I filed for unemployment on June 13th. My claim weeks were for 6/12-6/18 and 6/19-6/25. I claimed my weeks on 6/28. I understand I will only get paid for one week this time due to the hold week. However,I have not received any $$ yet. It has been a week and I have direct deposit. Should I be concerned? I can not get in touch with a rep on the hot line number to save my life. =)

  45. I have been employed at my previous jobs for 16yrs. I have never been unemployed, but I have been pretty much force to quit, due to my employer inability to work with me as I pursuing my education. My question is am I eligible for unemployment benefits as I continue my education.

  46. I receive unemployment for about 2month, I was then audit, I had to set prove that I been looking for work and I was also ask if I was a student. I inform them that I am a full time student working on my bachelor. I am currently taking 4 classes, 3 online and 1 onsite on Thursday from 6pm to 10 pm. I also inform them that I have work full time and attend school full time for the past 2 years.
    I earn my associate degree while I was working a fulltime job.
    I did provide them with proof of my job search. My case been under review since May 19, 2011, I was told to keep claiming my week. I have receive my last check on May 10, 2011
    How much longer do I have to wait?
    And would the fact that I did not start school after losing my job be put into consideration of getting my unemployment?
    If denied due to school can I appeal the decision, since I have proof I been a full time student and work a full time job for the past two years before losing my job?

  47. I had unemployment compensation to use in the amount of $2700, which lasted 3 months. Now I have exhausted that and don’t know the next step? Do I need to apply for more or does it roll over to the next tier? I don’t even know if I am in Tier 1 It is impossible to get a hold of anyone in the call center. Thanks

  48. I got my eligilbility wage transcipt, and dtermination through the mail today, and was just wondering if the available creidts box in the Eligible section is funds that is back date monies. Please could you let me know.

  49. I was working a job that cut my hours below 20 per week and was forced to look for another occupation. once i found another job i quit the first one. 6 months later they laid me off. i was one week short of this company falling into the base period. now, the UC office is saying that because they were not in the base period, and i quit from the first job, that it is under review and i may not recieve my benefits. HOW is this possible? i understand they determine how much i recieve, but they are not the ones that fired me. they are not the company responsible for my unemployment.

  50. I have been on UC since Jan 30, 2011. Last Wednesday, July 27, I called UC to ask a question about filing my UC as I have a job Monday, Aug 8, with a RE company. The rep answered my question, then proceeded to ask if I had been to school yet. I stated yes, May 15-22. She put me on hold then told me she was sending my file to an adjudicator as she had questions as to whether I was willing and able to work. Then she told me I wouldn’t be getting my check for this week, (I haven’t as of today), or for the next 4-6 weeks until they determine if that week was payable! I then called Tallahassee the next day and spoke with another rep who told me he was forwarding my file to an adjudicator to have it done asap. That I should know something this week. No word. However, I don’t have the luxury of waiting 4-6 weeks like most of us on UC. I have sent an email to my state rep and senator; also to an investigative reporter at a central fl TV station. Any ideas? At a loss, not a lot of info out there as to who to call.

  51. I am trying to get through to the job search verification line so that I can receive my unemployment. I have been calling for 3 days, hours on end and on multiple phone lines. I am convinced that “we are receiving a high volume of calls, please try your call again later” is the only thing that ever answers this line; or that they are understaffed on purpose so that there is no way for us to verify our jobs to get our money. As I type this I am on call #60!! Is there any other way for me to speak with someone??

  52. I was recently laid off and promised a two week severance pay. In return for the pay, I was to be available to answer questions regarding open projects. I answered all the questions over the two week period and then I asked for my severance check and was told I did not comply with the terms. Unfortunately, I did not get the terms in writing but I know I did uphold my end of the agreement. I was told I didn’t help with answers to the projects however, I have emails documenting my work over the two week severance period.

    Now they offered me a lower level position with another hotel that they own in an effort to avoid paying me unemployment.

    Any advise? Is this legally considered fraud?


  53. i was on unemployment in november of 2010, i went back to work in febuary of 2011, i am unemployed as of june of 2011, and i want my unemployment check direct deposit. since im on file from 2010 do i have to resimit a check or deposit slip agian? thank you

  54. I have been collecting benefits since FEbruary and still have not found a job. Can I get a part time job (where the income would be less than current benefit amount)and still collect some unemployment benefits until I got a full time position or an additional part time position to bring me up to that income level?

  55. Is there a phone number with which to contact a live person? I keep dialing the one listed but it is always busy. Also, how do i check to see if my claim for the week went through and when I will receive it? Lastly, how do you file for an extension when you are in the WIA program?

  56. I am currently recieving UC in Fl but have been advised that there are work oppertunities in my field in NC. How can I go and look for work without losing or delaying my benefits?

  57. I did my claim imcorrectly, as a result I did not receive benefits. I’ve been calling for 2 weeks to speak with a live operator to discuss my options, but unfortunately get the same response “all operators are busy, pleas try your call again later. How do o speak to a person.

  58. I was let go from my fill time job in April 1 2011 and filed for unemployment. I received a call for a part time job on April 18 2011. It took 3 months for my claim to be approved, they denied me at first then I appealed it. Every time I went to claim my weeks it asked me for my job search and every time I indicated that I have none because I had a part time job. Never had a problem receiving my benefits until week ending 8/06 and 8/13. I claimed my weeks but didn’t receive my benefits so I called. They said that since I didn’t look for work under Florida law they couldn’t pay me. I said I wasn’t aware that I needed to continue looking for a job since I had one. She said that those weeks were lost but as long as I enter my job searches for next time there shouldn’t be a problem. I claimed my weeks yesterday and usually I receive my benefits on the next day but didn’t so I called. She said because of the 2 weeks I didn’t look for work I’m up for review. I told her that I didn’t know I still had to look for work since I had a part time job. She said that Florida law requires me to continue looking for a full time job because I was working full time when I filed a claim. I looked everywhere to find this Florida law but can’t find it. Is there somewhere I can find it? Why would they award me before but now all of a sudden they cut me off? I need all the ammunition just in case I have to file an appeal or state my case to a mediator. Also I looked all over the Florida unemployment website and it says no where that I have to continue job searches when I have a part time job.

  59. In 2010 between May and December my earnings were $52.00. In 2011 between January and April my earnings were $500.00. Can I get unemployment benefits. I have been looking for work with no luck. What can I do? Advise

  60. I would like to know how to correctly post my earnings as a server. Appearantly you don’t put in the wage amount of $4.29 per hr. there’s some conversion with tips earned. Now I have to re-pay money. I need to know how to claim correctly since I have not claimed in weeks. I can’t get any information from our payroll company. Please advise.

  61. I have a very Upseting problem,I was in school FULL TIME for 1 yr 1/2 and graduated in October. I have been working for a Company that has 2 locations for over 7 months. Within the first 2 weeks on my way home from they’re establishment I was hit by a drunk driver! Completley at this point it has ruined my life in MANY WAYS! I am a wonderful grandaughter and I am a care giver for my grandpop and i recieve NO compensation for it unfortunitley! After 2 weeks of my accident I returned back to work and have been working Full Time ever since for the rest of the remaining 7 months! I have to borrow his car also to do so…. since I cant afford one of my own! I have been completley stressed out and only making $7.75 hourly! I had to take 5 days off to Physically drive my grandfather for his daughters funeral 20 hrs Up north since he cant fly and my work was completley aware of the situation and it was ok’d! When i returned I worked 5 days and they found a replacement from another employee they have already had there for 5 yrs and told me they had to let me go! The excuse was because they said they’re employee’s Payroll was way over their budget and said how sorry they were! Im completley distraught and dont know what to do??Besides being a full time student for that 1 yr I have Always worked my whole life and have never been fired nor quit ANY establishment!!! Im a very hard worker and @ times even handled 2 jobs! Im looking for new work and i really need some assistance! Will I be accepted for Unemployment until I find a new place of work??

  62. I will be leaving my job because my husband got a new job in a different state (non-military) and my employer would not allow me take my job virtually with me. Will I be eligible for unemployment benefits?

  63. I will be laid-off from my present job because they have contracted out my dept. The new contractor will need a few people to do our jobs.They will give us an interview.If the money is less, which I suspect it will be and no benefits, which I have with current conpany-do I have to take job or can I collect unemployment while looking for another job?

  64. i am looking for a web site to claim my weeks for unemployment. what is the web site that works to sign up for my claim my weeks for unemployment.

  65. I was let go from my job when I couldn’t return to work after an FMLA leave due to medical reasons.

    I collected LTD for the past year supported by medical treatment and I am now able to return to work therefore my LTD benefits have ended.

    Can I claim unemployment after being let go last year?

  66. Hello

    I received a letter from unemployment department that advised I have been disqualified to receive any unemployment compensation from the claims I have submitted. The denial letter informed me the decision was made because I had not requested my employer for a leave of absence. However, that is false and I have proof that my supervisor had recommended for me to take a 1 month of leave of absence. I have an appeal hearing coming up, so I wanted to get some advice on how to better prepare myself.

  67. Hi,

    On 9/2 I got laid off because the company i worked for lost a significant amount of business (supposedly). I waited until 9/19 to file (stupid mistake). When I re opened my claim (I got laid off on 3/18, and filed for UC shortly after. THIS WAS ACCEPTED), I was asked to report severance pay from a past employer (not the last employer , but 2 employers before that [and yes, this was within the last 2 years]).
    i’ve been waiting since 10/3 for a final decision from their “Adjudication unit”. According to an email from “Belinda” last thursday, the account’s been put in for a “pending adjudication” thanks to severance pay (Despite it being from an employer in the past).

    something about this does not seem right. Do I have any recourse?

  68. I am currently an Unemployment recipient and am in the process of becoming a full time student, I have been told that there are benifet extensions that can be granted because of this as well as scholarships offered please tell me more.

  69. why is that maternity leave you employee has the right not to pay in florida, i think they should, is nothing like u just dont want to work, specially if you were a cseccion leave. there is no law who can obligate to pay something.? i understand i have a permition, is not lay off, but still am not getting no benefits for it.

  70. The job in it’s entirety I can handle, I do more than what is asked of me, ie: Come in to work early, stay late if asked or needed of me. However I have been working for this company for a couple of years now and 5-3-2011 another employee at the company was recently promoted to Manager and she did not like me before her new position, therefore she has done absolutely everything in her power to make sure I am treated with out respect and made to be a joke around the office between her and other management and employees, the nasty things she says about me to other authority figures and my co-workers is uncalled for and the way I am treated by her amongst others is unwarranted, I received an e-mail sent to my personal account 8-23-2011, including the owner and manager plotting my planned termination. And I was very disturbed to hear the way they speak of me, I have been harassed by male employees at the company as well, just last week I was written up for 2 different incidences, in which I do not agree with, they were basically made up. And not to mention the working conditions are stressful at times I can deal with that it is my job, I feel as any type of Authority figure your position is to lead by example and not to be little employees because you can. Also the work environment is unsanitary there are rats, roaches, termites and I am not able to leave to take a lunch to go and eat in a clean manner,I am forced to eat in these unbearable conditions. I am in fear for my safety as well, just 3mths ago a man broke in to the office and I am alone there when I work and I do not know what he wanted I called FLPD and locked the office door took cover under my desk and thank god they arrived quickly, needless to say ever since this incident, just 2 weeks ago a lady was robbed while trying to make a payment. I have stayed because I need a job but the stress and unbearable working ethics/conditions I feel as though I am being targeted and this has been going on now for months. Please guide me in the right direction as to how I can go about this in a professional manner.

  71. How long can the adjudication department for the Florida Unemployment take to make a decision. Its been more than 1 1/2 months and I am still waiting.

  72. Hello,
    My husband was offered a better job/pay at a new business with the same owner of his workplace (which required a relocation). After less than a month that the actual business was opened, he was told that he no longer can keep a manager position due to lack of business. He was offered a much lower position and hours/pay which is almost half of his former salary amount. We still live an hours drive from this job. Does my husband have to accept this job, or may he collect unemployment?.. Also, this business owner actually loaned us moving costs that have been deducted out of my husbands pay check.The same day that his employer took the last payment for our “moving expense loan”My understanding is that if he does qualify for unemployment he would have aprox 100 dollars more a week until he can get another job.Would love input.

  73. I did not claim some weeks because I thought I was going to get paid. I worked in good faith but due to my certification I was not eligible to get paid. I worked because I knew I would be hired and wanted to show good faith and my work skills (plus I was sure I would get paid 🙁 . Please let me know if I can file from previous weeks of not working I desperately need the money. Please let me know.
    I applied and received the card. Since I was working I did not know I had to call in and claim weeks so I did another claim and I was told I have to wait until 12/12/11 today but I don’t know how to do it. I really need money this week please let me know if I can apply for any emergency and get money for the time I did not work. I have always worked since 19 but I was layed off and now I am working but not paid every week.
    Thank you

  74. I have am employee who was just diagnosed with cancer. She will have surgery and radiation. We do not know whether she will be able to return to work after treatment. Is she eligible for benefits during the treatment phase? Is she eligible if she cannot return to work? Hows do I fill out the Form, as her employer, since she is not being terminated, for instance, due to lack of work?

  75. can an employer deny re-employment in a different department of a recent employee with a letter of re-hire eligibility if that employee has filed an EEOC complaint against them?

    If an interview resulted in a promised hire date, do you report promised date to unemployment or report once you actually start work? Does this stop unemployment benefits immediately?

  76. I was employed with a company for two years and was fired 5 days ago…I was told that if I did not feel out a statement and sign an agreeement that I owed them money I would be put in jail on the spot…First off do I have any legal standing with that I am a Mother of 3 young boys and could not take the chance of going to jail…Also I was fired because I was doing what my job required of me and they told me that what I was doing was wrong but after looking at our handbook it was what I was supposed to be doing. What do I do ???? My child support has stopped and now I have been fired on false terms so I am jobless and moneyless!!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Jennifer,

      I am sorry to hear that.

      First of all, the following is only for informational purposes, and is not legal advice. I am not an attorney. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney licensed to practice in Florida.

      Actually, I would suggest that you contact an attorney about your situation.

      It sounds like you were coerced into signing this statement. What did it say? I always suggest that people don’t sign these types of agreements (unless it is agreeable to you), and certainly not under these circumstances – but it is understandable with them threatening jail time and owing them money. That is just crazy.

      I hope you still have a copy of your handbook. If they fired you because of doing what it told you to do in the handbook – this will be great info to present if you are denied unemployment or in an appeal.

      My suggestion is that you do the following:
      1. Consult an employment law attorney. In most states all lawyers are required to do a certain amount of pro bono work (basically – for free), and if they find your case compelling enough – may take your case on a contingency basis (they only get paid if you win the court case or get a settlement). If you can’t find an attorney to work on a pro-bono or contingency basis, and cannot afford an attorney – you can contact your local legal aid society and ask them for help.
      2. File for unemployment. You should go into the office in person, because it will be easier for you to explain your situation – filing online doesn’t allow you to explain complicated situations… Explain exactly what happened – how you were coerced into signing the agreement, etc. Also, be sure to take a copy of your employee handbook with you.

      Good luck Jennifer. Check back in and let us know how this turns out.

      Site Admin

  77. I was terminated from my job of 4yrs on 12/15/11 file unemployment and I got a called from them on 1/3/12 asking question about another employer who im currently still working for which is part time at nite fromm 6-8:30 cleaning office.She said i see u got paid $85 from them what was seperation ok im lost cuz im still working but when she said that i said i made more money than $85 been there since 9/12/11 so she like huh now im confuse about her question but i never told her i work there which was so stupid on my part she lost me for a min my u i didnt report earnings when i claim on 12/26/11 and 1/9/12 but thats my fault but i havent receive no benefits so no fraud thank god but got a letter saying denied cuz i quit the nite job but im still there i guess my fault for not reporting earnings but i appeal today what is my chances or what can i do to make it right

  78. i need to get my w-2 to file for my taxes how would i go by that? is there a specific number i have to call? or website? can they be faxed over to me?

  79. my question or comment is…i was fired from my job due to varied up and down mood swings. after termination i was diagnosed by a hospital team that i was bipolar and given medications to take. so, to the question…will i qualify for my benefits if i have a medical record to show

  80. I was laid off 4/24/11.I am currently on unemployment in Florida.I broke my foot and ankle in 8/31/11 and was put in a boot type walking cast. On 1/11/12 I was told by a ortho doctor I need major surgery and was told to limit my walking and use a walker,crutches,or a cane,and to apply for SSI and SSDisability.Can I apply for those things and still claim unemployment until a decision is made by a SS judge?

  81. A friend who currently has a job in NH will be moving to Florida. She will be giving her notice soon. When she gets to Florida she will not have a job. Can she file for unemployment?

  82. Hello,

    I would like to know if I can receive unemployment while been a full time student in Alaska. I was in the regular army for seven years I just got out recently.


  83. Due to a he-say she say dispute. I have been denied new unemployment benefits. Have appealed the decision and lost.
    Reapplied and lost. I still an unemployed and do not have the funds to repau back the so-called money I was not entitled to as per the state claims. Since I am not nor will ever received any unemployment funds, do I still have to claim weeks, even though I will NEVER received a dime from the State of Florida? I have finally given up the fight with appeals, but I have no funds to repay the $6,000 I am supposed to repay ?

  84. I applied for unemployment in June of 2010 and received payments totaling $1500 before I lost my appeal. When I began receiving the checks, I filled out the form that had taxes automatically deducted from each payment.

    My question is, since I started paying back unemployment in January of 2011, can I claim these payed out taxes on my 2011 income taxes? If so, how do I do this?

    Thank you very much for your advice.

  85. I know unemployment benefits for 2012 were extended for 2 months. When will they expire if congress does not extend them? When do they need to be extended before people are cut off?

  86. My employer has asked me to go part time. I am afraid they will do that for a year and then lay me off. If they do it now, my benefits will be more. Is there a way I can preserve my rights to the higher benefits? Thanks

  87. I recently recieved a letter stating that I was approved and my weekly benefit ammount is $155 and my available credit is $2,945. I’m confused as to what available credit means? Is that the total amount i’ll get while recieving benefits?

  88. I applied for unemployment benefits but was told I was not eligible because of the formula about the past 6 quarters. I worked full-time from 6/11 thru 12/11 and would have thought I would qualify. Why are they going back to a year and a half ago and stopping their calculations 6 months ago instead of counting my most recent employment?

  89. I recently retired from the Military. After retiring I went to work overseas as a Contractor. I resigned because of medical reasons. I applied for unemployment because my monthly retirement does not cover my bills. I’m also disabled but not receiving any additional money. Can I draw umemployment and still receive a retirement check if my retirement is greater than the weekly unemployment compensation?

  90. How does unempltmebt affect my employer because I’m receiving benefits for working only part time and they are upset because I thought my previous employer was who the claim was against how can I explain that they are not being charged anything ?

  91. If I am working full-time making 14 dollars and hour and get laid off will I be Eligible to receive unemployment if I worked for and week are month. How many months, are years is required. In addition, if you received ssi and society can you still apply if you are cut off of these benefits do to working.What will the amount be every month? I was contacted by my Previous employee who wanted me to start work again but there’s no contract if I get laid off again. He says that I can get unemployement if laid off. I don’t know how this will work out in my situation. I am on ssi and society security right now and I don’t know if unemployment will pay enough for me to live off until I find other work. I am doing ok for now on ssi and society security. I just started getting society security and have been on ssi since 1994. Yes, society did take out of what I was paid for work. So I did report this to them and I was later cut off for a short period because I was working, but then and I was laid off after and week. The society security is only temperately for 12 months.But if I go and work for him again I lose everything including my medical health insurance.Which I would be able to afford making 14 dollars and hour. I have student loans That I still can paid right now.. I owe my landlord because I was cut off benefits but have been trying to pay her some of the money that’s owe plus my rent every month.Then I owe my bank because I had to borrow from them to pay one month’s rent and I still owe on my landlord another months of rent.

  92. Hi-

    I work for a Temp. Agency and I have been on assignement for about a year now. Can Temps receive unemployment> Yes, proper taxes, etc are taken out of my pay

  93. I currently live in Fl and have been working full time for 2 years. I plan to move to New Jersey in June. Will i be eligible for unemployment?

  94. I was on long term leave from my job due to back surgery and during this time my wife and I seperated and I had no place to go so I moved to FL. to be with family. I ended up quitting my job due to these circumstances plus my back is still messed up, so I was wondering if I could get unemployment.

  95. I have a question. I worked for the US Census, they paid an hourly rate, as well as .50 per mile, the mileage pay is a clever way to avoid paying excessive payroll taxes, I assume. I filed for unemployment when the Census was completed, but they based my weekly benefit on just the taxable wages, my question is can they recalculate based on the mileage pay as part of my pay. The job was advertised as $11.75 PER HOUR PLUS .50 PER MILE, this was listed under salary on the ad I saw the job on. I think it should be part of the earnings, but can’t find it on the website.

  96. Good Morning , I am having a difficult time finding another job after my seasonal job ended after working from July 2011 to November 2011 and then again temporary jobs in Dec 2011 and February 2012.

    I was not gainfully employed in 2011 prior to July, so I was not eligble for benefits after the seasonal job ended in November 2011.

    Am I eligible to file for benefits in April of 2012 if I continue to go without employment? Things are becoming very difficult and I could surely use the help.

  97. I live in NJ and worked in PA for 7 years then took a temp job in Florida for a month. I initially filed a claim in PA and was paid 6 months unemployment. Upon going into the extended benefits, PA unemployment told me to file a claim in FL. What should I be doing at this point? Should I file in FL even though I already started benefits in PA or should I be pushing PA to continue with the benefits? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  98. I am on unemployment and was offered a part time job as a server. After 2 days of working for the company I was not given the hours I was told I would get and the owner hit on me to the point where I could not come to work. I’m pregnant and do not deserve to be treated like that. Now my unemployment is under review to see if I am still able to receive benefits. Since it was a part time job that didn’t pay more than $50 and I no longer felt safe working there am I still eligible to continue to receive my benefits? I was told I needed to fill out something that was mailed to me, I asked if I could have it mailed to a new address because as of today I have to leave my apartment (since I cannot pay them because I am not receiving my benefits) and I was told no. I would have to change it on line, however it won’t allow me until I claim my next weeks (which is in 2 weeks). I had to move out of state to my mother in laws until I can receive my money again. Can I still receive my benefits and is there any way to obtain this paper I need to fill out without having to wait 2-3 more weeks?
    Thank you very much for your time.

  99. I had quit my job because of the employer was not paying the correct wages, paychecks consistantly late, and violations of the Fair Labor Act. I filed for unemployment in 2009 and was approved. A few months later I get a letter stating that my unemployment was denied and the employer denied it. I lost the appeal hearing and was ordered to repay the unemployment that was recieved. At the time of the unemployment hearing, I sued the employer for unpaid wages and illegal work practices and won my lawsuit.(The employer later was sued in a class action lawsuit and lost). I was advised by my lawyers not to say anything at the unemployment hearing about the lawsuit. What can I do to appeal the unemployment now that I had every right to quit the employer? Can I recover unpaid unemployment?

  100. I moved to FL from SC with my husband who is active duty military. I received a letter stating that my unemployment will end in two weeks. Should I apply here in FL?

  101. I have a tricky one here. I was laid off from a computer company and took a PT On call position with a company repairing PCs. I only work PT and have been putting in hours with a big company working for a franchise. The client approached me yesterday and offered me a position full time. On the clients contract it states that if they solicit me they have to pay $2500 which they said they will do. I also signed a non compete but my unemployment says I am not to turn down any work or positions offered. I am in FL and have been on UE for a year and a half.

  102. I have been unemployed for several months and collecting unemployment benefits from Indiana. Six months ago we moved to Florida and I was told to still collect from Indiana. Now I am at the begining of the last 20 weeks of Federal Extended Benefits. Indiana no longer qualifies for these 20 weeks. Can I somehow transfer now to Florida? What do I need to do?

  103. I have been approved for unemployment benefits only to be turned down because I did not complete the skill assessment test in 17 days. I did complete the test but not in the time required as told after the fact. no where did I receive information that this sills thingy had to be done in 17 days. not fair when thousands did not have to do this assessment.

  104. i didn’t report 2 weeks of unemployment and now I submit a late report and it was denied, since I called them the two weeks after when I was supposed to report my other two weeks, now they enter in the late report 4 weeks in total and loosing 5 weeks all together on not getting paid, they ask me to reopen the case in order to keep receiving benefits, what the best way to make an appeal and get paid for all those weeks after been denied, for the late report, I can’t afford to loose that money because that how i pay my rent, please help me, I want to appeal the decision..

  105. The company I work for has been sold I have been told I can work at the other location but in a lower position than what I am lisenced for as position is not available can i turn this down and recieve unemployment…if not what if the pay is lower?

  106. I was wondering if I can search online for work out of the state of FL, and claim those jobs, or only FL jobs?

    Also, if I move out of state to search for work, is there a delay in benefit payments? (I get paid bi-weekly) on a Debit card…..

    Lastly, if I can’t get a job in the “new” state, and I transfer there, then I would have to transfer back to FL. A delay, I suppose, which I can’t afford to have. How long do I have to notify them of a move out of state? 1 week, 1 day, 2 weeks? What if I was visiting sick family members??? I wouldn’t change my benefit state, but keep claiming, looking for work, since most jobs want “online” applications, and not in person.

  107. I am almost Soc Sec age and my banker told me that I should take my retirement in lieu of Unemployment Insurance because my retirement benefit would be about double the amount of UI and I am having a difficult time paying my bills. Also, I will be eligible for soc sec in Dec. My question is, can I collect my retirement and UI? If not, how do I end my UI?

  108. I am a currnet resident of FL and will be laid off this June due to my facility closing. As I look for jobs, I am looking in GA.

    My question is if I have to apply for unemployment ( if I can’t find a job), which state do apply to?
    – Thank you in advance.

  109. I am being laid-off from the company i currently work for. We will be recieving a severence package in one lump sum. How will this impact filing for unemployment. Will this impact the payments or the eligiblilty? Im hoping to find a job but just incase I would like to know. I have called the unemployment office several times and have gotten several different answers.

  110. I transferred here from Oregon around the first of February. I have been with the same company for 7 years. About a month ago I was put on leave, or suspended for something that was not my fault. My question is can I apply for unemployment while being suspended. I don’t know if I’ll ever heard back about my employment status with the company or not. I cannot get any answers from human resources, management, or the district manager. I’m unsure of what to do.

  111. I will be moving to florida from NC with my husband who is active duty military. We just recieved orders to move. Am i able to collect unemployment since we are being forced to move. I have been applying for jobs but since I am still in NC no one wants to hire me because I am out of state.

  112. Hi.. i live in Florida and i was receiveing unemployement for the last month, i started working part time in a job were they only give me 4 hours a week, the only check i have received from that company was 70$ for a month.. i didnt report the earnings and i have claimed only one week after starting working. They send me a letter that i have to fill out and fax where they say that they found out about the job and that i have to say when did i start and how much im getting paod. I already faced it but now im worried… what will happen now??

  113. Im collecting unemployment from Florida and I am moving to Pennsylvania. Can I still collect from Florida while living in PA?

  114. I am a Teachers Assistant employed at an alternative school. I am considered an eleven moth employee. In the past we were paid for our time off in the summer. A new company recently took over and we no lomger get paid for the summer. We were told we are able to collect unemployment for the summer (approx. five weeks) My concern is if I file for unemployment will I have my job when we return to school in August. We were told that our time off will be considered a furlo and we can collect unemployment and have our jobs. I need some clarity about my situation. Thank You

  115. I have been temporary laid off but my boss may call me back in Dec. I worked for Alphagraphics & there are some in the Florida area & I would like to relocate to Florida to be with family and temporally seek employment. Can I transfer my unemployment from PA to Florida?

    Thank You

  116. I have worked at a church as a part-time music minister for 8 1/2 years and for the last two years, also took on a part-time children’s minister position at the same church. The church has found a permanent person for the children’s minister position and this has now cut my pay from 31,000 down to 18,000.

    I was also a temporary artistic director for a children’s chorus but the director decided to return.

    Would I be eligible to file for unemployment for either or both of these situations? Please give advice.

    • Hmmm. I would file and just see what happens? I went from full time, to part time also, not on my own will, And I ended up being eligible.

  117. do i have the right to draw unemployment when i quit my job because of another employee called me really bad names and threatened to knock out my teeth i do not have to put up with that kind of abuse thats why i put my two weeks notice in

  118. Hi, how are you. I have been working with this Bank for 2 years. In the banking industry you have limits. In my situation i assisted one of my tellers with a transaction that was over their limit but within mine. There are certain steps that we should take when we override a transaction, unfortunately i missed one of the steps and the transaction came back as a loss to the bank. I was terminated 4 months after the transaction had happen. Is there anyway i would be eligible to file for and get approved for unempoloyment.

      • Kellie –
        You absolutely CAN get unemployment if you were fired. Circumstances vary, but it doesn’t automatically disqualify you. If you quit, except in certain situations, you won’t be eligible.

  119. I am currently working at a retail store. I am having a few problems theres. My manager is throwing items at me and/or other employes for someone elses mess or her own. I have been noticing money missing for the store also. I have been working for the company the longest and i get the lease amont of hour. The manager yells at me in front of the comstumers. Not to long ago my drawer came up 5 dollars short and she never told me till resently when i brought it up. She said they found it but it took a month to find it. The store has not been open for a year and we have been threw two sets of employes but me. I have ben looking for another job but no luck. Would i be able to get unemployment if i quit?

    • No you can’t just voluntairly quit and then get unemployment? You would have to be laid off. you have to be looking for work to qualify, and if you voluntairly quit your job then you are not actively seeking work. Can you take it up with someone in an HR department…someone above your managers head maybe? you and the other people (you said other employees too). If it is like a private business, I definately would suggest you look for another job ASAP because that is not cool to be treated that way. But I don’t think the way you are being treated, will allow you to get unemployment. No. 🙁

      • You can quit and collect unemployment if you can prove you quit for “good cause”. Read the Eligibility Requirements at the top of this page:
        “If an individual voluntarily quits, a disqualification must be issued unless you can prove good cause for leaving. The law provides that good cause may only consist of a cause attributable to the employing unit, illness or disability of the claimant, recall by the claimant permanent employing unit within six calendar months of a temporary termination or the military transfer of a spouse.”

  120. I have been unemployed for over 6 months now, and have decided to go back to school to get recertified so I can find a job. In the financial grant/loan forms from the school, they are requesting a Statement from Unemployment Documenting Year-to-Date Amount Received. Who do I contact to get this statement? All I have is the Wage Transcript and Determination and the UCB-60V forms that I received in the mail. I need this statement as soon as possible.

  121. I have been unemployed for three months now almost….
    I was suspended then terminated from a job because I told a man to not burn a dish you make me F$%&#-* look bad …so will I be denied for profanity in a work place in which we all use it….

  122. My friend was fired because he didn’t show up for work. The truth is that he is a recovered alcoholic and had a huge relapse. Is there any way he can qualify for unemployment benefits based on his situation?

  123. My benefit period began on 7-29-12. I claim my first weeks on 8/14. it says my weekly benefit amount is $151.00. It also says my claim credit balance is $2354.00 and claim balance is also $2354.00. Is that the amount im owed? Or the total I can receive? Also when can I expect my first payment and how much will it be?

  124. I had been working for this employer from dec 2009 and was forced to quit school when I was promoted in October 2010 I had been laid off in may 2011. I filed for unemployment and started receiving unemployment benefits in June 2011. Since then I have been searching non stop for work and have yet to receive it. Now I have been accepted to a great program at my local college. I called the unemployment office and they representative that I spoke to said that Im on my final extension of 12 weeks for unemployment which is less than $4000. I start school in about two weeks. After the 12 weeks is over will I be able to get an extension because I am enrolled in school and consistently searching for a job?


  125. I quit a job of 5 years and started a new job that was offering an advancement. A month into this job; they started stating job requirements that were not previously dicussed or made known of the job duties. The job duties now include inside sales which im am not experienced in nor have the knoweldege to perform. Now because i am unable to perform the job duties they are requiring they are letting me go. My question is when they let me go will i qualify for unemployment even though i quit my previous job?

  126. I was training a new kid who was unwilling to be trained and did not want to work, and a heated argument started in which I gave him the choice to either work or leave. He chose to leave. However, he has involved his parents now who threatened my manager with a law suit because they felt that their son was mistreated not given a chance at this job. He claimed that I intimidated and threatened him during his training. So my manager had not choice but to let me go so that he would not have a law suit on his hands. He knows I am one of his best employees and is more than willing to give me a great reference letter, however, he felt his hands were tied and had no other choice but to let me go, even if he knew I had made the right decision to let the trainee go. Am I eligible for unemployment? I live in FL. Thanks

  127. I am getting unemployment in Florida. If I move to North Carolina will I still get it? Same amount or different?

  128. Hello. Had a construction job from Feb. 2008-Apr. 2009; was laid off because of lack of work. I collected unemployment until I got a job 8 months later. While I collected unemployment from old job, I lost my apartment and could not get any mail from my mailbox. I was a little ignorant about unemployment at the time so I didnt realize I was denied on my old claim; but by then I had a new job. Lost that job and collected unemployment until it ran out. Filed to open 2008 claim because I still had a balance; and found out I was denied and not sure why but I know it had to be around when I lost my place therefore not receiving mail and therefore missing an opportunity to appeal in a timely manner. I have proof of the time frame I lost my place. Is there anything I can do; I’m a single parent in search of work and would rather work but I’m doomed for now if I don’t get some help. Thank you.

  129. I have been employeed With the same employer for over 10 years. Back in Marxh of this year, I went out on FMLA due to a heart condition. I had a surgery that was not productive. My FMLA expired and I requested a leave of absence due to going through continued treatment. Since then my employer has listed me as a resignation.
    I am able to work and willing to look for ful time employment.
    Will my case be looked at for unemployment benefits?

    Thank you.

  130. I went to go and claim my weeks (job searches) but had an family emergency and was too late turning it in, so that means its a day late. but also the system shut down right into me signing into the myfluid website. but what should i do so i dont lose my benefits for a day or in general? or what happens?

  131. Hi, I have been on unemployment since march 2012. If I accept a temp job for only three days how will that effect my unemployment? Will I lose it and have to reapply or do I just claim the three days when I claim my weeks? Also, will that three day employment affect the amount I get from unemployment?

  132. I went over my weekly benefit amount. h time that I do that they told me I have to re apply. Every time I do it I receive a new card. am I supposed to fill out the whole application again and again. after I fill out application again I have issues. I just put down what I put on the initial application am I doing something wrongg? when I called and they tell me I should have just updated my application how do you update an application without filling out the whole thing again

  133. Hello,
    I have a question i am hoping you can help me with. I lost my job due to it closing a few months ago…This has been the 6 place ive worked that has closed in the past 7 years. I have never tried to get unemployment until now, and im getting denied.. reason being, when my job closed i got another one right away. Instead of working full time i was only working one day a week. With the gas getting there, it was not worth the commute, i wasnt making it back in tips. So i let them know i would no longer be able to work there. With going from 40-50 hours a week to 6 hours a week, my finances were horrible. So i applied for unemployment. It is being denied because of the employer that i quit. My question is why cant i receive unemployment from all of the other employers that closed?

  134. I am trying to find out if I can claim unemployment for my regular job that I have had. I also receive a 1099 from another source that does not have to do with my regular job.

    Can I claim my unemployment and what is the regulations reguarding also getting a 1099 at the end of the year.

  135. Even the Unemployment insurance system is screwy.

    A fellow employee was laid off before my job expired.
    He collects Social Security(over 65) and made roughly $5K a year less than me.

    Please explain how how he is collecting $325 a week vs your telling me I only qualify for $275.

    Is it because I’m a natural born american?
    Is it because I’ve never been in this position before?
    Or is it because I’m not a democrat?

    Please use your best lines of BS to explain.

  136. if an individual received unemployment wages and then settled a a wrongful termination suit a few tax years later labeling the settlement monies as (w2 back wages and future wages) would that force a retroactive repayment of benefits received. does the payment period come in to play or is it not significant?

  137. i received my payments on the florida visa card but never received any pay stubs from unemployment.where can i locate my pay stubs on the unemployment website?

  138. I am trying to find the location of the unemployment office in Vero Beach, FL. Can you please tell me what it is or how to find it…..I have been from one site to another but no location is listed. Thank you.

  139. I have been on umemployment for over a year now and recently I was offered a chance to assist a caterer with a couple of catering jobs that he has and in exchange he will pay me approx $1200.00 after they are complete. This is not a permanent job nor is it any kind of full/part time employment. They will take a total of about 4 days combined to complete them. How will this affect my unemployment? I was called by the State of Florida Unemployment office last month and asked if I have worked and earned at least $900 yet but at that time I had not. She told me that if I had it would extend my unemployment for another year. I am here by the space center in Florida where the unemployment rate is rather high due to the loss of the shuttle program.

  140. I have worked for the same company, in one capacity or another, for almost twenty years. They have informed me that I will soon have to travel from Florida to New Jersey and/or Wahington state several times a week. I have diabetes, my wife works in Florida, our family is here and I own property here, all factors that make my traveling or relocation very difficult. Am I eligible for unemployment if I resign?

  141. hello i worked at a company for eight years and two months. I quit and went through temporary services to get another job after 4 days in training they called the temp services and let me go, they didnt think “I was catching on fast enough. Could I draw unemployment from the previous job that I left.

  142. i live in michigan now. i recieve unemployment benefits from florida. i attended a training program for 10 weeks through the work force investment act. i got in this program through michigan works(michigans one stop career center). what do i need to do to recieve benefits for these weeks.

  143. i earned 50.00 dollard last week on side job..reported it on my weekly claim…was now informed my benifits this week will be delayed while they ”investigate this”../ how long will this take…so much for being honest.

  144. I was employee of a 501 (c) 3 for 9 years. This was also a church. Both federal and fica were deducted from my paycheck. I was recently laid off in October. The Florida Reemployment Assistance Program denied we unemployment due to this reason: “Wages earned while employed with the above named employer are excluded from coverage under the Florida Reemployment Assistance Law. This organization is operated primarily for religious purposes and is operated, supervised, controlled, or principally supported by a church or convention or association of churches.”

    Does this seem right? I paid the same taxes and any other worker in any other job sector? Am I missing something here?

    I appreciate any advise.

  145. I applied in FL because I left my job to move back home (also in FL) to assist in care of my father who had recently had a severe heart attack and is unable to do a lot of things without help. I filed for UE and received a monetary determination which showed what i would be receiving bi-weekly. A few weeks later I received another letter stating i was denied due to leaving voluntarily. Should i appeal this because it was for “good reason”?

  146. I was let go because my position was “terminated” in june of 2012 I am still looking for work, and now I have entered into my first Emergency Tier 1 of my unemployment, I spoke to a representative and she explained to me that I will only get Benefits from Tier 1 Until the end of this year!! Is that true??

  147. Hi, I was supposed to claim my weeks today but forgot until it was too late. what do I do please? I am in Florida. Thank you

  148. I was injured on the job and out for almost 2 yrs returned to work been working for apx 2 month now being told the company is shutting down, Can I collect unemployment benefits

  149. I was let go from my job here in Fla after one year (Jan. 2012) when I told my employer that I needed to have surgery to remove a kidney (they said it was for performance issues). I filed for unemployment in Va. where I had worked the previous 10 years and won the expected appeal. My benifits in Va have run out, am I able to file in Fl. now as I am still searching for a job?

  150. My wife was layed off from her job becasue her employer stated she did not possess new qualifications that he now wanted in an employee. She is now collecting UC. However, we just found out she need to have a tumor removed from her brain so from the time she goes into the hospital she cannot actively job search until she is fully recovered. Can she still collect? If not, can she get paid under another type of program?

  151. I left my job because I was hired as a salary as web master, then they wanted me to be head of safety which I knew nothing about then I was bumped down to hourly pay after 4 months, I told my boss I was going to have to find a part time job he said I couldn’t do that so he would have to let me go. I have been filing since Aug. they told me to file in Oct. so I did then they said I had to wait till Jan. I finally got approved now they say I have to wait for a review have already waited 3 weeks I have been waiting really since Aug. now I am still waiting how long is all this suppose to take.

  152. I’ve held my same F/T position for 5 years, and now we have a new manager. This new manager is involuntary transferring my position to another city/county that is 38 miles away from my current job and home. I have 2 kids and single parent, can I file for unemployment if I do not accept the position?

  153. Full time employed from 3/09; work injury 10/11; workers comp 1/2012 -7/2012; long term disability 7/2012-1/2013; 1/11/2013 – I was released by physicians to return to full duty no restrictions. At that time, I was told that there was not a position available for me at that location. I was first told that I would have 2 months to secure a position at another location. Now, I am told that I have 1 month. Either way, I was returned to work and they do not have a position for me. As I was out on 1st workers comp and then disability, what wage period will be considered when determining my eligibility for unemployment? I was sent a denial based on “insufficient wage credits” are there exceptions for dates for “wage credits?”

  154. I was recently “let go” from my part-time job in an office, with no warning, after 9 months as the office manager. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment, which did not keep me away from the office when I was needed. I will have two or three surgeries during the next 6-9 months or so, and my oncologist says that I should not start a new job for probably the next year or so. He is willing to fill out disability forms (for temporary disability), but I cannot locate an appropriate form. I am 65 years old and collecting social security. Can I still collect unemployment (reemployment) assistance for now, even though I should not be applying for work? Where can I find an appropriate form for my doctor(s) to fill out, if applicable?

  155. I am a 10-month employee for a State College and don’t recieve a salary for six weeks that I’m off and about 10 days before the beginning of the fall semester. (I don’t receive vacation) am I eligible for unemployement benefits?

  156. I have worked full time for around 7 years. Business is slow and they were going to either lay me off or offer me part time work, 13 hours a week. I am in FL. My base period would be full time up until June. If I take part time and get laid off in June, will unemployment still look at my full time base period? Or should I just take the lay off now? If I can get a reply ASAP, that would be great. I have to make a decision tonight.

  157. My mortgage company is asking for the last letter sent to me stating that my unemployment benefits have been extended. I was not able to see that specific information other than my bi-weekly benefit amount on line. Do I have to call specifically to request a copy or am I not looking in the right area?
    thank you

  158. I got laid off from a defence contractor in Orlando in July 2012. I was on unemployment for a month. I took a temporay job in Massachusetts in Sept. 2012. My family had stayed in Orlando and my wife found a job. The company I currently work for moved in Dec from 40 miles to 75 miles distance from the relatives house that I’m staying at. I can quit to move back Florida and collect unemployment?

  159. I just claimed my 2 weeks for unemployment in florida.when I went back and checked on it I still had the same amount and its sayin my next claim is two weeks away an last amount sent to my account was two weeks ago.why is this?

  160. Does a previous employer have a certain amount of time to reply to a notice sent by the unemployment office? I have been told that the unemployment office is still waiting to hear back from my previous employer before I can claim my benefits. It has been several weeks and I am just curious if there is a law that requires my previous employer to reply within a certain time period.

  161. I filed for Un-imployment and was accepted in CA. One of the conditions of moving out of state is that I sign up with the “State Workforce Agency” for my jobs search. What agency is that? Do you have a link

  162. Question, I have a friend who’s employed but might not be compensated with wages due to summer store renovations. The store will reopen and they still have a job but that will be 21/2 months most possibly, will they be able to collect due to this situation? Please advise and thank you.

  163. I took a job, discovered it was eating me up in gas to drive back & forth & I could not afford it so left there for another job closer to home & they kept cutting my hours so I got another job ( in insurance) and now this employer says he cannot pay me the 8 hr a day 40 hr a week because they are not writing enough business but I can be a PR person, go out and try to write business and if I do I will get a commission (10%) but no hourly pay….I am basically without a job. Can I file for unemployment? Please help me!

  164. I live in Florida, applied for unemployment benefits, recieved first check. What does it mean by first week unpayable, do I recieve that week at a later date? Thanks, Laura

  165. My husband has worked at his job since Feb 4, 2013, previously we moved from Tampa after being laid off from a 1099 job which is what he normally worked. He has had very few w2’d jobs in the past. The one that he was just laid off from yesterday just so happened to be a w2 job. Does he qualify for unemployment? Has he worked long enough at the job to qualify? I can’t find anything saying if he does or doesn’t. Please help!

  166. I worked for a doctors office for three month and was let go because they didn’t need me anymore because another employee returned from maternity leave and they didn’t need the extra person. My previous employer I had worked for 12 years and was let go for misconduct. I have been looking for work and have sent out my résumé to numerous places with no success. Do i qualify to apply for unemployment compensation?

  167. I have been with a company for 6 years. I was recently fired because I sent a sarcastic, juvenile email to a customer. Am I qualified to collect unemployment or does that meet the ‘for cause’ definition?

  168. I have worked for a hotel for almost 2 years. As of late I have been verbally assaulted many times by a coworker. I have gone to my boss on many occasions because of this with no results. The manager comes back and tells my to grow up. I was verbally assaulted again the other day causing me to walk out and now I am told that I can not return to work although I have not been suspended or written up. I was also informed that while this coworker had yelled and cursed at me from across the business for everyone to hear that she was not in the wrong yet again and nothing would be done to her. I have also had issues with other coworkers trying to physically attack me and nothing was done. Do I now have grounds to leave my unsafe job and seek unemployment as it has been made clear that this is ok behavior and nothing will be done?

  169. my claim and back pymt were approved 11 days ago, how long will it take to receive my card?? also just claimed another 2 wks already on card….no card…..PLS HELP

  170. I resigned from my job on June 14th, 2013 and moved back to New Jersey where I grew up, to take care of a family member with Dementia. I’ve been searching for jobs and not having any luck. I may land a low paying part time job in the meantime. Am I eligible to receive unemployment while still searching for a full time job in NJ? Been trying for 3 weeks now. Thank you.

  171. I have a quick question. I have been on unemployment for a few months now, got a part time job and wont get paid until 2 weeks from now but i file my two weeks for unemployment in a week. Will i still get my unemployment in full since i have yet to get paid before the unemployed is paid? Confusing i know.

  172. My husband’s employer hasn’t paid any of their employees for the last 2 weeks. The paychecks have been coming at least a week late for over 8 weeks now. They are having financial difficulties. This is causing all our bills to get behind. Is there anything that we can do about this. He is seeking a new job, but we have to get by until then. He is still currently employed by these people.

  173. I have been working for over a year at Walmart – my hours have gotten shorter and shorter —— can I collect for underemployment – if so how far back will I get reimbursed for?

  174. I have been claiming my weeks since the 1st week of June… I was denied because I did not make enough for that quarter… I was $14 short of qualifying… Well one of my employers for that quarter still owed me $ that was included on my W2… But I did have the handwritten letter & the receipt for the cash that she handed me…The receipt also showed that she still owes me $68… Anyway,I asked for a monetary reconsiderationi instead of filing an appeal…. my question is,why is it taking 3 months to make a decision about $14? When I call the wage redetermination department,they dont return my calls & they havent answered my emails…. wat in the heck is going on???

  175. I recently applied for unemployment. My employer fired me for supposed “integrity” issues but told unemployment it was misconduct. I already had the phone interview with the adjudication dept and was told my case should be determined by close of business yesterday and I would receive a letter telling me what the decision was. So if the case is decided in my favor when will I get my benefits? Immediately? I claimed weeks two weeks ago and am due to claim on Monday. Im in FL.

  176. I have not filled out an unemployment application since 2012 I got terminated not due to any molistek act. But I messed up and put layed off spoke to a lady in umemployment (sorry crying) she fixed to eligiable but I did not know I had to go into that document and fix it created new one my hire date is wrong been there 3 yrs 6/24/2013-6/17/2016 it says 4/13/2016-3/31/2016 did not see that till just now!! and relized what I did until now my amount should be higher and I did apply for jobs during the time they say I did not only on new form my appeal is tomorrow sent them some stuff but never relized what happened till now at 1:30 am my appeal is tomorrow morning at 9:45 it is all in there system but I don’t know about the referee can he get the info if I say it’s ok. I need money I am totally broke. I fell down friends stairs on may 6th was on FMLA until 6/15/2016 with full release they fired me on 6/17/16 HELP PLS

  177. If my day to claim is on Thursday what day will I get paid? I’m unsure and can’t find it. My first claim date was a Monday and paid Thursday but this time they changed my claim day to Thursday. Confused.

  178. If I am laid off from my current job but only worked there for only 5 months (FL) can I collect unemployment compensation from my current employer?

  179. I have worked for a hotel company full time for over 16 years and they will be selling the property to another buyer. Will I be eligible for unemployment benefits.

  180. I have some guestion.Will I be able to file for a extion for my unployment.Wene it runs out. Can I stell get unployment for only working 4 months this year.Or can I applie for the year before because I worked for that companies for 24 years.thank you.please let me no.

  181. I am currently receiving unemployment. I have been hired for a job that starts in just over a month. I entered it in and out the promise hire date. What happens now? I am not going to continue to apply for jobs but I do not get paid until 8/15. Will I still receive any money?

  182. I was involuntarily “medically terminated” from my job due to me being out too long on medical (first on FMLA and then unpaid LOA – then they let me go) – I tried to apply for unemployment but I can’t get it since “I can’t and I’m not able to work” (I’m not cleared or released from my doctor yet, I will be re-evaluated in October); doesn’t that constitute a physical inability? How come I’m disqualified? I don’t qualify for disability or any other program so I’m left with no income, no assistance and a HUGE Cobra insurance expense now!

  183. My restaurant is closing for 12 days am I eligible to collect unemployment for that 12 days they are closed

  184. I am currently eligable for unemployment benefits. I have been offered a job but will not start working untill 10/23/2017. In order to claim my weeks will i still need to continue job searching untill i begin work on 10/23/2017?

  185. I have a couple questions. i filed for unemployment in the state of Florida. I have pending issues for Suitable Work and Layoff and Layoff all with the same company. I don’t know why they are pending issues and how long will it take to clear them?

    Also how can Child support take 50% of unemployment check when working they can only take 40% of my actual check amount?

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