1. My boyfriend was terminated from employment at a state junior college for a substance abuse incident (alcohol). Can he collect unemployment?

    • yes i have been trying to get a hold of some one about my claim and i cant get threw to enyone .i have a question i need to know when i will start getting my benifits i filed in june and i got penalized till nov 13 can someone please help me .

      • Helen. I went through that similar instance, as has probably everybody else. Your best bet is to get to the unemployment office directly by 6:00am or 11:30am, as there will be a very long line building up. The 6:00am wait takes up to the first 100 people though. The 11:30am line takes only the first 30 people, both daily (M-F). Doors open at 7:30am, and re-open at 1:00pm. Hope this helps.

        • Where is the office? I cant find the address anywhere or any info about the unemployment office location at all. I need help asap and will get there at 4am if need be! What time to the doors open? Thank you!!

          • I need to see an actual person too, my account says it has paid me and gives a transaction number but I don’t have a card yet, now it says I am postponed even though all issues are resolved!! AAAAAUUUUGGHHHHH!! So I went to the workforce place where a not so friendly woman gave me the address of the unemployment office such is 251 E 12th Ave (12th and Lincoln) I plan on being there at 6 am!

          • call chase bank and i bet anything u need to have your card resent they can overnight it for like twenty bucks just go to the lost stolen option it will give you new card asap

      • I however do have a really good question. If I appeal, and the employer either fails to show via phone or replies, Or it is found that I have substantial evidence to support that the incident resulting in my termination was not my fault, being that I took measures to avoid the situation, but it escalated anyways; does it go in my favor, even when my benefits from this employer initially were denied?

    • [quote name=”Patt J.”]My boyfriend was terminated from employment at a state junior college for a substance abuse incident (alcohol). Can he collect unemployment?[/quote]

      It depends. In any case, he should file a claim and file for benefits every two weeks while his claim is pending. Is it a matter of absenteeism or one of drinking on the job? These details will be important. The most important thing is that he get into a 28-day inpatient rehab right away. He should file for a hearing if he is denied benefits.

  2. Unfortunately Patt, I don’t believe that your boyfriend will be able to collect unemployment.

    Being terminated for substance abuse is generally considered ‘being fired for cause’ and therefore disqualifies you from collecting unemployment – in almost all situations.

    Some union or other employment contracts may have special stipulations that govern the disciplinary and termination actions for substance abuse related workplace incidents – but if he has been fired, he is probably past that point. Still though, your boyfriend should check with his former employer and/or union representatives to see if he might be eligible for unemployment or even reinstatement of his job – after performing an acceptable substance abuse counseling program, or other such treatment program. I don’t want to get your hopes up — this is a longshot.

    Regardless, I would still suggest that your boyfriend apply for unemployment in the off-chance that he might be eligible to receive it.

    Also, I would suggest that your boyfriend seek professional substance abuse counseling and treatment from a certified professional treatment clinic. Also, many people have found that their church or synagogue, Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous, and/or their family and friends have been invaluable resources to help them with their substance abuse problems.

    Here are some links to substance abuse treatment and counseling resources in Colorado:

    Colorado Dept. of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of Behavioral Health, General Information: [url][/url]

    Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Treatment Page (How To Get Help): [url][/url]

    Colorado Alcoholics Anonymous: [url][/url]

    Colorado Narcotics Anonymous: [url][/url]


  3. Request for payment was not made during the open two week period. The claim is now listed as not active. Calls have been made to the benifits line but an attendant is not available and the claim status in the self-help menue does not work. What is my next step to resolve the problem? Will I be able to receive benifits?

    • David N.,

      You should go to your local unemployment office. If you have a designated caseworker, you should go to their office.

      Since you probably won’t be able to get through to make an appointment, you should go very early in the morning – in time to be there at least 15 minutes before the office opens, because there may be a long line.

      Also, be sure to take any documents related to your layoff and unemployment claim, including your up-to-date work search record.

      From what you said, I think your claim is just in an inactive state. Unless your status has changed, you should be able to reactivate your claim and continue to collect unemployment benefits.

    • i am having this same problem. what did you do to resolve yours? the automated system does not work and give no option to speak to the agent i need to speak with. PLEASE help!

  4. I just recently quit my job in Colorado to moved to Seattle, Washington to be with my fiance who works and lives here. We are also about to get married. However, I have been unable to find a job in Washington and I am wondering if I would qualify for unemployment in Colorado since that is the last place I held a job?

    • cannot be paid unemployment if you quit. Only if terminated not “for cause”. However, if you were hired on a short-term contract, say a week at a temp agency,and then not given more work due to their “lack of work”, your prior 5 quarters employment at the CO employer would count toward unemployment payment payable.

    • My husband and I can never get through to a person on the phone and we live in the springs. Do you have and office in the springs or do we have to drive all the way to denver with every question?

  5. I was laid off from my job and was in the process of drawing unemployment. My company I was working for wanted me to go out of town to Kansas and work. I refused becaus I have animals and paying rent here in Pueblo. I have no one to take care of my animala and water my pasture. Any way they stopped my unemployement benifits This is wrong I should not be required to travel a long distance to work especily another state.

  6. I am a licensed substitute teacher. I can work occasional days, sometimes as many as 5 per week, but the pay is only $90/day. Do you know how that calculates in terms losing benefits? 1. For example, if I work only 3 days in a given week, do I lose my benefit for that week, and potentially wind up with less money? 2. Does that affect future weeks benefits, even if there are no sub jobs available?


    • the rule is if you work more than 32 hrs, you’re considered full-time and unemployment benefits would be re-considered if you file for unemployment after this time. Also, you’re allowed to “keep” only a certain % of your salary while working less than 32 hrs per week and claiming unemployment — believe its 25% of the $$ normally paid thru weekly unemployment. If you earn more, your unemployment benefits are reduced dollar-for-dollar for all earnings above that 25%. One way to look at this is that there’s a 100% tax rate on any dollars earned above that 25%.

      • Additionally to what Jason said:
        two weeks of not requesting payment for whatever reason will automatically make your claim inactive.
        four weeks in a row of “part-time” work that earns enough $ to disallow UI for those weeks will also kick you out of the system.
        even if you earn too much for a particular week or weeks, file for payment and record how much you worked so as to keep your claim alive.

  7. I recently filed for unemployment but mistakenly left off a one week severance payment. I have been attempting to contact the main office to fix this issue but am unable to ever get a person on the phone and am unable to change my claim online. My claim is now showing as ‘Pending Review’ for a ‘Separation-Related Payment’ issue. Should I continue to try to contact the offices to fix this issue or let things ride for now?

  8. After I filed my claim, I check MyClaiment and it says the status is “postponed”. It has been 4 weeks since I filed my claim.

    • I checked and it’s showing it was approved but showing postponed on the status? Any idea what this means? I’m about to be homeless and was planning on this to help my rent. It’s already been 3-4 weeks since I reopened my claim and a couple days since it was accepted.

  9. Need assistance please. Filed for unemployment however UI ofc wants my DD 214 which have not been processed yet. Yet in the applicant there is not manner at least seen to contact and get help. The telephone numbers are unattainable and need customer service. Even if I had them in had how do I present them?
    Your website leaves look to be handy for customer service it is lacking.
    Some direct contact would be very helpful that my PC is unable to resolve please help, thx.

  10. I filed for unemployment within the last year and now that I am unemployed again, am unable to re-file online because I have an existing claim. I’ve tried every contact number listed on the website and can only get “self-help” menus that do not address my particular issue. Is there a number I can call and actually speak to someone regarding this?

  11. I got laid off around Augest 20th and still have not received a check. On the computer it says that I have got two checks but it never showed that in my direct depoist.How can I find my money.Please dont tell me to call the 9000 number. thanks Scott

  12. I’ve just filed a claim last Monday, 10/4. Where can I submit required back-up documentation, such as SF-8, SF-50 and pay stubs? The application form didn’t say.

  13. Hi there,
    My boyfriend, Tony, called last Sunday, as he does every other Sunday, and did his little speil with the automated system. He then usually gets his benefits transferred into his account by Tues or Weds of that week. But now, here it is Saturday already, and nothing. The status line tells him his claim is still being processed, and he can’t get thru to talk to a real person. Anyone know what might be going on? Thanks!

  14. My boyfriend called last Sunday, as he does every other Sunday, and usually gets his benefits in his acct by Tues or Weds that week. But here it is Saturday and nothing yet. The status line tells him his claim is still being processed, and he can’t get thru to a real person. Any ideas of how he should proceed?

    • Hi Lori,

      I’ve had similar problems. The computer system the State of Colorado uses is antiquated by IT standards. It was built in the late ’70s, early ’80s, and the techs are constantly putting “patches” on their servers, mainframes etc. (I’ve seen this system when KI worked for IBM. It’s a joke in IT places.) So, if you’re boyfriend is still on UI, tell him to email Ellen Golombek. She’s the director of the CDLE. Good luck. Getting through to speak to someone is damn near impossible.


  15. i was on the first tier of fed extended benefits an from what I read it was supposed to automatically roll to tier 2.. But it didn’t and said my claim is exhausted and can’t through the telephones at all! I need help!

  16. i have claim for my unemployment started, but i have forgotten my password and pin and to get into my information, so now i am not able to go forward with my unemployment. can anyone tell me who i need to contact and what number to call, to get help with matter. i am relying on my family and friends generosity to get by until this gets lined out. PLEASE HELP

  17. I work a temp job and they have no room for me anywhere but in a records vault with no air circulation. My desk is right next to an elevator with a big warning sign about high voltage. The main issue is that it smells overwhelmingly like what I’m guessing is hydraulic oil. My first two weeks I was nauseous with headaches because of it but i got used to it and needed a job. Now I’m PREGNANT and a little panicked about the risks to the baby. If my dr. says it’s unhealthy and they can’t relocate me, can I quit and receive unemployment?

  18. I have a friend whose mother threw out her benefit card and password, what can my friend do to still obtain benefits?

  19. I have been trying to get through on the phone for a week and a half to make my claim but IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET A HUMAN! I cannot use the automated system because it tells me that I my PIN was entered incorrectly. I got a hold of someone 2 weeks ago and they told me that I would be getting a new PIN in the mail but I have not received it….. Time is running out on me to be able to make my claim… I NEED HELP NOW!

  20. Please go to this facebook site to gain support from people that have ever tried to get any type of help from this almost non existent service.


  21. A Customer Service rep called with a question. I am hearing impaired and did not hear the phone. He told me in the message he would call in the morning and to sit by the phone which I did. He called at 1pm and I could not get to the phone (I had a interview, YEAH!). How can I work within your system if I can not hear the phone? There is a hold on my account because I missed calls??????

  22. I filed for unemployment several months ago. I received a confirmation number online. I know my former returned the paperwork. I did not receive a pin number from Chase or a workbook. Tried to call Unemployment office and email several times but get no where. DO I need to resubmit my claim and start over to receive my pin? Can’t do anything with a pin. Can’t find any information on FAQ.

  23. Is there any possible way to get through to a customer service rep? I have been trying every day for almost two months to get through with no luck. I live 80 miles from Denver and would hate to have to drive there just to speak with someone. I filed my claim but it says it’s inactive yet it also says there are no issues. What do i do. I opted for direct deposit immediately after my claim was made. I have two months worth of unemployment to collect and have no income. Help!

    • You can try calling the CDLE directly (not the unemployment line). If you reach someone nice, they will take your information and have the unemployment people call you back. Unfortunately, I don’t know how long it will take for them to call, but at least you can speak to living human being.

  24. How do I get this taken care of. I was receiving my payments just fine and then was able to get a temp job. Because I worked more than 32 hours a week for 4 consecutive weeks, they have closed my claim. I only worked 1 day in week 5 and the job ended. Per CDLE I have to speak with an agent to reopen my claim however I can’t get through on the phone – robo answer doesn’t even give me the option of talking to a human and when I don’t pick something from the self help menu (because they aren’t the correct issues) it hangs up on me. Help!

    Thank you.

    • Hi Anne,

      I’ve had similar problems. The computer system the State of Colorado uses is antiquated by IT standards. It was built in the late ’70s, early ’80s, and the techs are constantly putting “patches” on their servers, mainframes etc. (I’ve seen this system when I worked for IBM. It’s a joke in IT places.) So, if you’re still on UI, email Ellen Golombek.
      I did get an email from a Regina L. in that office. Ellen is the director of the CDLE. Regina is her Admin Assistant or something. She scheduled a call back for me, but it takes, she claims, 5 to 7 days. Is this any way to run a railroad? Good luck. Getting through to speak to someone is damn near impossible.


  25. Your claim status is POSTPONED, Can anyone tell me what that means? Have been on hold for over 40 mins – using all my mins.

  26. Your claim status is POSTPONED, can anyone tell me what that means in CO. I have been on hold for 40mins, using all my mins.

  27. I used up my 3 tiers of unemployment emergency extension but now Colorado is eligible for tier 4. I am not eligible for state extended benefits. However, I am eligible for the Federal extension. But my claim says I am not paid b/c of a disqualifying issue. I did get a letter that said I may be eligible for tier 4. But still, I am “disqualified”. Why would that be? I have over $3,000 in my benefits account left. Are they not paying out tier 4 benefits yet?

  28. I have called 800-388-5515 but I am unable to get in the queue to speak to a Benefits Agent. How can this be done?

    • Keep calling non-stop until you hear the person say “For English press _” Treat it as if you are calling in a hotline to win something. When you finally get that answer then follow the prompts and then you will be put on hold forever. It will probably take 50 tries but just keep trying. I just did it after 70 calls and got through…then sat on hold for 1 hour and 45 minutes before talking to someone. They are very helpful though once you get them on the phone. Fun Fun!

      • OMG by that time I’ll be late for my benes. πŸ™ I’ve been trying to call as well. My bf said the same thing, just keep calling and waiting until the proper menu comes up.

  29. I started receiving SEB benefits but did not go to SEB2 instead got a letter stating I was going to tier 4. Does SEB2 come after tier 4?

    • yes, seb 1 and seb 2 come after tier 4, tier 4 was not available for a while due to state unemployment levels dipping down below the threshold which I believe is 8.5% for 3 consecutive months; once unemployment rate was above the threshold, they switched you from SEB to tier 4. Not sure how this makes sense as my understanding is that Fed $$ pays all extended tiers and SEB.

  30. I have called the benefits line everyday now for over a week. I average 63 calls per day and have yet to speak with a benefits person. As far as I can tell the only people that have been assisted through the statistics are all of us calling and recalling to speak with someone. I have to wonder if my time is well spent trying to get through an IVR system that never connects anyone or looking for a job. I would love to understand why I’m being shunned by the very organization that is there to assist the unemployed.

  31. I am having the same problem getting through to a live person. Today I was final in the holding patern and then all of a sudden the line went to a busy signal after holding 15 minutes. My question is I am on some tier that I can not identify. On MYUI it says that I am on EUC extended benifits but the maximum pable amout is going to run out soon. Does this mean that i will be eligable for SEB and if so do I have to reapply for this. Please explain this program in detail if anyone has already dealt with it. Does the maimum payable amout include the SEB? It appears that it is seperate???

  32. Is a public school teacher on a year-to-year contract able to receive unemployment benefits if they are laid off?

  33. I received a notice of decision that stated I cannot begin to receive benefits until 5/21/11. Now it’s 5/23, but my claim on line is still listed as NOT ACTIVE. I cannot get through on the telephone lines. Where is the Denver unemployment office so I can go in person???? Please help!

  34. Hi so I am wondering. I filed for unemployment and there is an active issue about my job separation. I was laid off due to lack of work. I am job attached. My question is how long does my employer have to respond to the letter that will be sent out. I filed on May 8, 2011 and I’m still waiting for the issue to resolve. This is frustrating.

  35. And I have still been filing for payment, that is good right? Once the issue is resolved, I will get back pay? Thank you!

  36. @Elizabeth Are you using MyUI Claimant? That should make finding out your status pretty easy. I bebelieve the employer has about twenty days to respond. You definitely want to keep requesting payment. You will get back pay minus the waiting week.

  37. I have been trying to someone on the phone, but every time I call I go round and round in the automated system. I need to talk to someone cause the information you have about me is incorrect. Thank you πŸ™‚

  38. I’ve had similar problems speaking to a live agent.. The computer system the State of Colorado uses is antiquated by IT standards. It was built in the late ’70s, early ’80s, and the techs are constantly putting “patches” on their servers, mainframes etc. (I’ve seen this system when I worked for IBM. It’s a joke in IT places.) So, if you’re still on UI, email Ellen Golombek.
    I did get an email from a Regina L. in that office. She’s a very nice lady, and I’m sure she’s as frustrated as we all are. Ellen is the director of the CDLE. Regina is her Admin Assistant or something. She scheduled a call back for me, but it takes, she claims, 5 to 7 days. Is this any way to run a railroad? Good luck. Getting through to speak to someone is damn near impossible.


  39. I was an assistant teacher at a Public Charter Montessori school in Jefferson County and I was not recontracted because of budget cuts. I am getting paid (per my contract) through July. My last paycheck will be July 31st. When can I start collecting unemployment? Please help me.

    • I was paid severance for several months after being terminated — the state calculated start date for unemployment by considering all pay (severance/bonus/vacation time/other paid time off), calculating how long that amount would have paid me, and calculating my layoff date as just after this. E.G. if I was paid normal wage $100 per week & pd 400 severance, they said my “layoff date” was 4 weeks after the actual layoff date. After this there was a short period, 1.5 wks I think, when no $$ were paid, and then unemployment pay started — in your case I’d suggest filing unemployment immmediately after 7/31 to initiate the claim process, which takes around 7 weeks. (after the claim is processed, you’ll be paid retroactively but 1st unemployment pmt won’t arrive until many weeks after filing the claim)

  40. According to the information I was given about PENSION/RETIREMENT PLANS, I 
am required to provide the division with a copy of my IRA rollover statement within 14 calendar days of the effective date of my claim or within 60 days of receipt of the payment. But it doesn’t state where to send the copy of my rollover statement. What is the correct mailing address for this type of information?

  41. I was told that I used up fed extended benefits, but was abla to claim state extended benefits. My claim status shows that I have $5943.00 available on my claim. I have filed for my weeks as required and have sent my work search logs. I even received an automated call reminding me to file for my weeks. * weeks have now gone by for which I have filed a claim for and my claim still states pending review. I have been calling everyday, all day for 6 weeks now and there is never a representative available and all I get is the recording. I am out-of-state, so I can not go to the UE office in Co. Anyone knwo an alternate number or email address so I can inquire.

  42. I have been working as a contractor for the past 5-6 six years for the same company. Three or so months ago we were told that our contract was not renewed and that we would be out of a job in early May. So I started looking for work. I was hired on with a new company as contract for hire only one week before our contract was supposed to expire. The new company says that they might not retain me so my question do I still qualify for unemployment. I would have been let go do to the contract expiring and now the new company might not retain me so this is no fault of my own. Please advice if I get let go if I am eligible and can file a claim.

  43. I submitted all of the information required for unemployment on April 29. In the mail I received the required paperwork that I had to sign. I also received the handbook. I never received my pin number or the Chase card. I don’t know what to do. I can’t get through the phone line and I have sent multiple emails to various people and have not gotten a response (except that they no longer except emails). I know at this point my claim has been closed. Please help.

  44. I was recently terminated from my job that I held for approx 3 months, prior to this job I worked in Arizona for 18 months. I left my job in Arizona for the job I was terminated at in Colorado. Do I need to file a claim in Arizona and Colorado? I was not terminated in Arizona, and I currently reside in Colorado and have for approx 4 months. I’m unable to speak to anyone as Customer Service has been involved in other calls. Thank You

    • you’d file in Colorado, part of the claim process will ask for prior employers including names/addresses, in this part you’d list the Arizona employer.

  45. I went to the CUBline to file my bi-weekly claim and it told me, “Sorry, we have no claim on file for this SSN.” I have been receiving benefits for a few months now, and am several payments away from my max, so I don’t know what has happened and what to do, since can’t get thought to the Unemployment Office. The automated system just hangs up on me, won’t even put me in a waiting line, which I would be willing to do.

    • Emily, I am in the same boat. However, I still have more than half the funding available to me. Let me know if you had any resolution.

  46. I exhausted my benefits two weeks ago and filed for an extension. I checked my benefits status a few days later and found that I had over $4000.00 more dollars available in my account. My banking account then had $400.00 deposited in it from CUI. I then had to enter my biweekly claim on the cubline. When the following Tuesday came around, I checked my bank and found there was no money deposited. I checked my status on the CUI website and found that my claim was postponed. I tried all day to contact a person and not an automated system for some explanation. I am not sure of what I have to do next. Does anyone know what needs to be done?

    • I had a glitch such that payment on unemployment was put on “hold”. It was resolved quickly by the person at the unemployment office after I spoke with her (live person). My impression is that I would have remained in limbo a long time had I not spoken with a live person. I tried to call over a few days, and ultimately held for over an hr before speaking with the live person.

  47. Please Help πŸ™ My fiance was unemployed for three months and requested money every two weeks like clockwork. He has been working now for three months, which he recorded upon starting the job. There were two issues that were resolved on July 5th, today is July 13th. He did not receive the promised “letter of decision” mentioned on CubLine and he has not received any correspondance from them in months. Now the claim is inactive even though the issues show resolved!!! How do we know if the claim is approved or denied??? Will he ever get paid for the time he was not working?? What does inactive mean with respect to the $ not paid yet? Do we need to do something??? Calling is not an option, we tried and tried and tried so we can’t do that anymore now that he is working. Please help, any information would be appreciated, so they just figure now that he’s working he doesn’t need the $, I don’t understand.

  48. Can I receive Ohio unemployment and Social Security benefits at the same time? If so, will this affect the amount of my unemployment?

  49. I was denied unemployment benefits. I was hired at a company full time and only given
    27-35 hours on average 24hours. I constantly tried to get more to no avail I went through my savings and ended up losing my place. I stayed homeless until I could take it no longer do I have a case that they cut wage or hours.

  50. I recently filed. When I went in to request a payment it asked if I had worked during that week. I have have worked in the week of question but it was approx. 3 hours and it was at my previous job that I was terminated from. Do I add that to my form or do I say no because I have already told them about that payment? Please help me, I’m so confused and beyond stressed. I have attempted to call numerous times and can never get a rep on the phone.

  51. My claim status is currently showing as POSTPONED. I received a letter that I needed to register with workforce (I didn’t realize that was an additional step or I would have done it earlier). I did register, but it was after I had already put in a payment request for 2 weeks. So my questions are 1) how long does a claim typically stay in postponed status and 2) what happens to the 2 weeks of payment that were disqualified because of the postponement (will I receive that payment? do I need to resubmit the request for those payments?)? Any help would be appreciated – I am unable to get a person on the phone to ask my questions.

    • Two things, 1, get a stationary phone with redial, Call the cubline number30 out of 31 times you will recieve the automated help line. Hang up and keep calling until you hear the “all of the operators are helping other customers. Then be prepared to wait for an operator and it will take up to 2hrs+ just to talk to a human. 2, if your status is postponed, repeat step one. It stinks!

    • did you ever resolve this issue….I am going through the same thing you went through…. Got someone on the phone but, she rushed me off of course. I have $10000.00 in new federal extended benefits and $8000.00 for an old one about 2 years ago. they told me to wait for a letter in the mail…but its been 17 days now its going to start getting into panic mode here soon. PLEASE help

      • Hey Jimmy, Did this issue ever get resolved? When I called last week, they said they have to pay me from the original claim on EUC from 2 years ago. Did you ever end up getting paid?

      • Also, I just wanted to let you know that in order to get approved that there are new steps that you have to take in order to get the EUC benefits. Its some kind of orientation, and one on one appointment. If you go to the website there is more info there.

        • but I went to do the orientation stuff, and they told me my claim was NOT held up by not doing the requirement yet. you have to bring like 30 job contacts in the past six weeks, watch a video online (go to the website for EUC) and then watch a video there at the center.. 25 minutes long. They take about an hour to get you in and out and there is free vouchered parking on the third floor

      • Mine says postponed for along time like three weeks, and then it now says pending review or pending approval in one section. I DID receive the letter, and it said because I didnt claim EUC benefits from ly last claim over a year ago they have to manually enter the amounts to my card which will take longer than I am used to.. It has been two weeks since I saw that letter and still nothing.. If you go to the 1200 Federal office building on a thursday before eight am you can get on an appointment list to see a benefits agent..

  52. on my account it says i have 250.00 left but my payments are 314.00 will i still get the 250 or will i have to file a extension to get another payment???

  53. I was laid off in April due to the store closing and there being not other stores to transfer to. I filed every two weeks for 4 mos and have just now started to get money. They’re not giving me my full amount that was posted that I was eligible for as I’ve started working again, which is fine, but what about the 2 months of unemployment I was eligible for prior to my working again? And I HATE the stupid self service menu. I just want to talk to a real person. Whoever invented that was an idiot. It makes this a million times harder. I just want to know when I’m going to get the 2100 dollars I was eligible for while I wasn’t working. Why is that so hard? This is a nightmare.

  54. I filed for unemployment about 3 weeks ago.. im supposed to call cubline tomorrow anytime after midnight to recieve my money, but when i look online it still says my case is pending. Can i still get my money tomorrow if its still panding??

  55. I have a claim but havent been paid in 2 weeks. when i try to do cubline it says i have no open weeks. I have tried to call and speak to someone but I cannot figure out how to talk to a real person. It just takes me to a self service menu and the self service menu hangs up on me. Please help, I’m so confused and I keep trying to call but never can get hold of a person. What am I supposed to do?

  56. I exhausted my unemployeement benifits so I am trying to file for extended benifits and it tells me to call the x9000 number. I called at 7:28 and got the aren’t open, called right back and lines are full and won’t let me in. Online isn’t helping due to the call the x9000 number which just tells me to call back. Please can somone help me so I can pay rent…

  57. I retired from federal civil service because I got non retrained by the military through no fault of my own. I receive a retirement check, can I still get unemployment

  58. I need a copy of my 2010 W-2 for when i was receiving unemployment benefits. How do i go about getting this sent to me, or printing it?

  59. I worked for a ministry for 13 years and was downsized. Since they are not mandated to pay into UI am I able to go back before that and collect from previous employers that did pay into UI?

  60. It has been 2 weeks since I last requested payment and more than 2 weeks since the last day of the benefit week I was paid for. However, the CUB Line system is telling me I have no open weeks to request payment for. This is confusing me as to when I am going to receive my benefits for this claim period. It is also, as many times, close to impossible to get through on the customer service line as I have been attempting all day.
    Long story short: I need my money! Why can’t I request it?

  61. How do I file for a first extention? I went to the EUC and it kicks me out and says to call the number that of course you can’t get ahold of anyone at? How do I get an extention?

  62. I’m in the Air Force reserves and lost my civilian job. I’m trying to file unemployment claim online. I was active duty from 2004-2008 and joined the reserves July 2010. It asks me to put in enter in date and separation date of being active duty. Since I’m now in the reserves, do I still put that info in? Also, when I put in my list of employers do I put Air Force as my employer if I’m in the reserves?

    • Marcus,
      I transferred from active duty to reserves also. You are going to have to put in that you are in the reserves. You will still collect benefits since the reserves is a call in job. Also make sure you put your civilian job too.

  63. I need documentation asap proving that I recieve benefits so that I can be re-certified for CICP. I have a medical issue and need surgery and cannot be seen until paper work is completed. All attempts to reach a benefit rep have been effortless. Please help.

  64. I began filing for EUB benifits the first week of September. An unemployment agent responded to me with a scheduled time to call me to discuss an unresolved issue. I spoke with this agent at the scheduled time sometime around mid September. I was told by her to continue filing every two weeks to receive past and current payment once the issue showed up as resolved. Now the end of October, my UI Claiment still states ‘pending review’ and payment for these past 9 weeks reports as $0. My question is… how long does/can my case remain as “pending review”? Thank you.

  65. I talked to a live person at the CO UE office almost 30 days ago as my EUC claim was ending. The person told me that I had enough wages that could be considered now so that I would have to file a new claim. I did that while I was on the phone. The rep. said that it would take a few days for the claim to be approved since the employer that was to be contacted had already been deemed responsible for my dismissal on my previous claim. But now for the last 3 weeks my online claim says pending approval and the issue is that employer is pending review. My questions are how long does the employer have to respond and how long will it be before i can recieve benifits, and why is it under review when it has already been resolved on the previous claim. Also, please give any insight as how to handle this situation.

    Thank you.

  66. I have recently separated from the Air Force and filed a claim, however I have not received my DD214 in the mail yet….and a claim cannot be honored until they receive a copy of that. Will they accept a copy of my DD214 worksheet or copies of my LES’s to prove wages? This is so frustrating…especially trying to get through to an actual person to talk to on the telephone.

  67. My claim was “approved” 3 days ago and now the status says that it is “non Active.” What does this mean? Also, it states in the issue section that it is “resolved” and I was wondering what this means?

  68. Why is it after finally winning the appeal to collect benefits after 3 months, i get “one” payment for last week, NO back pay for the previous months, and now it says my benefits are exausted?? How is that possible after only receiving ONE payment??
    Please help.

  69. Mine was approved too but now it says NOT ACTIVE. I check the site at least once a day for any updates, so it’s not that i failed to request payment during the 2 week period. So frustrating.

  70. Wife is on State Extended Benifets and has to look for work, But has now been offered a job that starts December 12th 2011 does she need to continue to Look for jobs since she starts in less then 30 Days? She HAS faxed over her Contingent Offer of employment that has her atticapated Start date

  71. I have TWO questions. If CDLE says I get paid a certain amount per week, then why is it that I get paid that same amount when I file for a TWO week period? Shouldn’t I get paid twice the amount?

    Second question is by accident I filed for ONE week when I should have waited one more week (to file for two weeks at a time, I guess). My status went from Active to NOT ACTIVE and I get a message saying I have to call that dreaded number for help. I spent hours last night looking on the CDLE website for a way to answer how to fix this myself without having to call or go into an office and I came up with nothing.

    Some background:I have only received a little bit of unemployment and still have funds available to claim until I can find work. I am recently unemployed.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  72. [quote name=”todd”]My claim was “approved” 3 days ago and now the status says that it is “non Active.” What does this mean? Also, it states in the issue section that it is “resolved” and I was wondering what this means?[/quote] i have the same question..

  73. I have been trying to get through the stupid phone system to no avail…. My claim says exhausted I have not filed for 20+ years cannot get through to talk with someone to find out what this means???
    Any help

  74. Our business was unable to open as scheduled, so we have many employees who have been laid off. If some of those employees have vacation and sick time built up, are they required to use this paid leave before they are eligible for unemployment? Does their sick and vacation leave affect their unemployment benefits at all?

  75. I was teriminated from my job as of 9/7/11. On 10/7/11 I got a letter stating that it was my fault that I was teriminated. So I was put on the 10 week hold! Starting from 9/11/11 until 11/19/11. I appealed the deception and had my hearing on 11/15/11! The hearing officer said the same thing! I filled cub line on on 11/20/11. I couldn’t collect payment on those weeks because it was still apart of the 10 week hold. I filled cub line again 12/4/11 thinking everything would be fine! No its not! It’s still saying POSTPONED! I called yesterday and the girl hung up on me!!ive called today and had no luck!!

  76. When I check MYUIclaimant it says the first week reason not paid “waiting week” then the next week it says “withholding” When I call the helpline it says I was paid on the 4th of Dec but I still haven’t recieved any money? Anyone know what the reason not paid “withholding” means? I have direct deposit set up so how long should it take to get my money?

    • Jeff, I am getting the same, Reason Not Paid: Withholding. I have not seen anything hit my bank account and I’ve selected direct deposit, however the date paid was very recently. I was wondering if you ever saw your benefits or if it’s still in limbo?

      • Jeff / Tim,

        I have the same issue. Did you ever find a reason for this or get it resolved? Are you still in limbo or what did you have to do to fix this?

  77. So what I’m understanding is that when the press 1 for english option is available we can speak to a representative. But when the press two for spanish option comes up we have to keep hanging up and calling back. This, in return, means that only spanish speaking people, in America, get help these days. Great.

  78. I filed for UIB on Saturday 12/10/11 because I went to work and was sent on maternity leave without consent. I have a Dr.s note saying I’m more than capable of working. Then I was sent a text from my manager, via my employer saying I’ve been suspended prior to my maternity leave for insubordination. This clearly is all BS. They are lieng through their teeth and ultimatley fired a pregnant employee without any legitimate reason. I am 100% sure That I didn’t file my claim correctly because I have never done this before and as a massage therapist my income is very complex and I didn’t list all my past employers in fact I said one that had popped up never employees me simply because I didn’t recognize the name. So how do I fix my claim? I can’t get through on the phone. Is there an office building I can go to? I can’t afford to wait and be told I have to re-apply I have to keep a roof over my head. Please help.

  79. I filed for unemployment in october and the system is still saying that my claim in not active. I tried calling and can never get through. They have all the paperwork that they need, does anyone know what I can do or even who I can talk to?

    • Call the line and wait for the recording – you want the one that DOES NOT say it’s the self help line. Then be prepared to wait on hold for 2 hours – seriously – but at least you get through to a person and they are usually pretty helpful. Also – a friend of mine went to one of the offices and they were really helpful in filling out the paperwork and getting her all set up – and the wait was about 10 minutes.

  80. I was wondering why it shows on MyUI that I’ve been paid, but when I check my banks balance I ha enter received my benefits? Let me know. Thank you

  81. PLEASE HELP!!! I lost my pin and it locked me out… with that being said i filed with a new pin and on myui claim it says STATUS -NON ACTIVE when it use to say active. When i go to cubline it says social security-thats it. What do i do to make my status ACTIVE AGAIN????

  82. I am being forced to resign from my job as part of a workmans comp settlement and I need to know if I can still collect unemployment? The settlement is due to an injury that wc refused to continue medical treatment for and causing me to obtain a lawyer just to get them to pay me my lost wages, When I went to sign the papers today the agreement for forced resignation was attached and I was told that If i refused no settlement and we would have to go to court. This is old and I just want it over. I asked my WC lawyer if i could still get unemployment( its not like it was my idea to resign) But he had no clue and I cant seem to find answer anywhere i look online. Thanks in advance for your help and time

    • Get down to the nearest CDLE office as fast as you can. Forced resignation just sounds wrong, and IMO is no different than a firing without cause. BTW, are you disabled? If so you might be able to hold the Americans with Disabilities Act” over their heads. Disclaimer, I am not a lawyer.

  83. i filed and have to respond by fri in order to get payment, although everything asks for my pin but i havent received a pin or my card. and of cource i cant get in contact with anyone. any ideas?

  84. The physical location to get your issues resolved is 251 E 12th Ave. Denver. They are not kidding about getting there at 6am! We got there at almost 7 am from the Springs in Jan in 17 degree weather and already a long line at the door.

  85. The advice of showing up in person at the CDLE office for claims assistance was helpful. After spending many days of non-stop redialing the 303.318.9000 number, I decided to try the face-to-face suggestion. It took a half day but it was far less than the time spent on the phone. The process:

    β€’ Advice in previous posts to get there by 6:00 was right on. The office opens at 7:30. A little before the office opens, an employee came out and gave numbers to the first 50 in line. On Friday, I was #35 by arriving at about 6:15. I think #50 arrived at 6:30. The 51st person in line and beyond was told that they would not be seen in the morning. Numbers would be given out again at 1:00 (I think I heard 20). When I left at 11:00, there were already about 15 people in line for the afternoon wave.
    β€’ Once inside, you will pass through airport-like screening, sign in, and then begin your wait. Bring something to read. You can leave and come back but if they call your number while you aren’t present, you will lose your opportunity.
    β€’ There were 3 employees at the counter who helped us. They were amazingly knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and efficient. They also had great attitudes. Keep in mind that the problems reaching CDLE by phone and/or the number of staff manning the office isn’t their decision. Either we citizens are not funding this section of the government well enough or we have hired the wrong people to make the decision in our government.
    β€’ With 3 staff, they were able to help about 11 people an hour. I was # 35 so I sat for a little over 3 hours. It was well worth the wait compared to the agony of trying to reach someone by phone.
    β€’ Parking: I only saw 2-hour on-street parking available which began at 8:00 a.m. Since that gave me until 10:00, I thought I was safe but it took until 10:45 for me to get help. I got a $25 ticket. RATS. There was also a pay lot close by that was $10 all day. The 2-hour parking would be fine if you are 20th in line or less. Otherwise, try the pay lot or take the bus. There were stops on 12th and northbound at Lincoln & 12th (then walk the 2 blocks).

    • Dennis S,
      A huge thank you for posting such detail about your visit to CDLE! This kind of information is invaluable to folks going into the office!

      You are so right about the folks who work at CDLE – they are incredible people who are working hard to make sure they help everyone they possibly can, as fast as they can.

      We all know that everyone who is unemployed is in a bad situation and it is really frustrating to listen to busy signals or recordings for hours on end – but I really hope that people realize that when you do get through to a live person on the phone, or get to see someone in the office – that you don’t take your frustrations out on them because they are doing everything they can to help, and that it is not their fault that the system is overloaded.

      I am curious about the “airport-like screening”. Did you have to walk through a metal detector or put your bag through a x-ray machine? Please tell us a little more about that if you can.

      Thanks again for your report.

      Site Admin

      • The airport-like screening was the process of walking through a metal detector and the security personal took a look at what was being carried into the office. No big deal.

        The physical address is 251 E 12th Ave, Denver.

  86. So I’ve contacted the UI office and know I need to speak to a benefits agent about my pending claim. I am willing to do that and will sit on hold in the queue for however many hours it takes. Sadly, no matter how many times I dial the self-help menu it tells me I need to speak to an agent then hangs up on me. Exactly how does one get into the waiting in line for an agent queue? I can hold for hours if need be, but I keep getting hung up on. Driving to Denver is not an option since I have no gas due to being unemployed and having no money!

    • This is super annoying. You literally have to dial, and hang up if you hear “welcome to the self service menu” if you hear that as the first sentence hang up and redial. The first sentence should be something about Unemployment Service Representatives. It is a different message. I had to dial 31 times on friday to get the right one and over 100 times today.

      • THIS WORKS!!! THANK YOU!!!

        Call 303.318.9000. If you hear the “Self Service” dialog, HANG UP AND CALL RIGHT BACK. If you are asked to “press one for English” you are on the right number. If you hear anything else, HANG UP AND CALL RIGHT BACK.

        As soon as the voice says “Listen for the following options” say “AGENT” and keep clearly saying “AGENT” until the system puts you on hold to speak to an agent.

        • I get through and it kicks me off when i enter my social security number.. it tells me it hasnt yet been processed, and then i get the self servicew menu.. kicked off in other words.

    • on the phone it said “your claim for week ending oct. 27th was not paid due to the processing of your claim not being complete.. the balance is..”

  87. Hello, I have won my appeal for my unemployment benefits denial. I received the notice on December 29th that I won. I have been filing for payments every week. When I check my Cubline it says my Claim Status is: Approved. There is no date for when I should file my next payment. I have yet to receive any payment for any past claim. It says I was paid my benefits on 1/13/12 but when I check the Chase account here is no history of transactions, and my Wells Fargo account, that is setup for Direct Deposit also has no recent transactions. Then, down at the bottom of the page it says “Reason not paid: Withholding” Why does it say I was paid on the 13th and then say it is withholding. I have a transaction number and everything, the money just won’t show up in any of my accounts. I actually got through to someone at UI office at the 9000 number today, but they said “yep we sent your money on the 13th.” And that my claim is active and good to go. Then why haven’t I received payment or have the ability to file for my next claim??? I’m so frustrated. I am late on bills and will not have money for rent next month if I do not receive the benefits I have earned.

    • Don, I am getting the same, Reason Not Paid: Withholding. I have not seen anything hit my bank account and I’ve selected direct deposit, however the date paid was very recently. I was wondering if you ever saw your benefits or if it’s still in limbo?

      • Did you ever find out what this means? My boyfriend is getting the same…trying to figure it out. Thank you.

    • Hi Don,

      Did this ever get resolved? I thought withholding meant you are withholding taxes from you UI checks. Yes?

  88. HOW CAN THIS BE? I have both appearing on my CUBLINE ONLINE.
    Your claim status is APPROVED.
    Reason Not Paid:Disqualified

  89. I am horribly confused i have been approved for the last month and have recieved one payment and after that nothing. reason not paid says benefits exhausted but wait i just started so i wait keep filing then nothing. so i file an extension mind you this is the first time im doing all of this and boom two weeks later i have 4000 in my balance it says im approved my next file date is the 15th so i file on the 15th and now stil nothing ive been broke for 2 months broke broke broke dude this sucks ive done everything they asked of me and still nothing and to call what the frak is up with the having to call and hang up call and hang up seriously give me the job and ill come up with a much better way for you to waste your time that could actually make you feel better about getting unemployment rather than feeling like a jerk without a job whos friends probably get sick of paying for and your girlfriend dumps you cause you have no money which didnt seem like it would happen when your a kid you think oh ya im so gunna be in love and stuff and shes a actually no your stupid and poor and i dont love you cacao

  90. I was approved to receive unemployment benefits in December. I have not yet been paid for the week ending on December 31, 2011 or any weeks following because of an active issue that is pending review. I call the office everyday non-stop from 7am to 12pm and I have yet to reach anyone regarding my concern. Who can I call to resolve this active issue?

  91. I applied for UI 11/28/11. I didn’t get my first check till 1/17/12. I got only ONE check and now my benefits are exhausted! How can this be? I expected a few months at least not one check. And forget about getting someone on the phone! I might have to suck it up and drive to denver, which is a 2 hour drive. It will hurt to spend money on gas when I should use it for food. Dark days…..

  92. Since I’m currently not in the state of Colorado, I refilled for my next two weeks of unemployement and filled it an hour early! So now I’m asked to talk to someone about resolving the problem so my benefits will continue. Of course I can’t get ahold of anyone nor am I able to hop on a plane to complete what I need in person! Is there an extension that helps reach someone to resolve my issue?

  93. I had to quit my job because my husband & I are caring for his great nephew, and for the child’s well-being it was best for me to quit & be at home more to take care of things. Am I eligible for unemployment in colorado?

  94. Hi,
    Cubline states that a payment was released on 1-17-12 yet it has not been deposited into my cap account….I would like to set up direct deposit but am unable to access the myui claimant site to do so….I registared and never got a confirmation email and when I enter my info on the site it says invalid entry….yet if i try to registar it tells me I have already done so…. Please Help!!

    • I am having this same problem. Can someone please help

      [quote name=”Shane”]Hi,
      Cubline states that a payment was released on 1-17-12 yet it has not been deposited into my cap account….I would like to set up direct deposit but am unable to access the myui claimant site to do so….I registared and never got a confirmation email and when I enter my info on the site it says invalid entry….yet if i try to registar it tells me I have already done so…. Please Help!![/quote]

  95. I filed for unemployment 12/04/2011 and it still says “pending review” and under issues tab the reason in job separation. How long exactly do my employers have to respond to my claim and when should I expect a Notice Of Decision? The hotline is hopeless, I try about 100+ times a day. I’m not in Colorado so I can’t just go into the unemployment office. Please help!

    • Jenel, Call in later in the week and start dialing right at 0730 Colorado time. I can usually get through with about 10 – 20 redials on Thursday mornings.

    • Jenel, I just read your post on this blog site – how long did it take UI to approve or deny your claim? I am in the same boat as you were when you posted back in January and was just curious what I should expect?

  96. I want to say that I just had a great conversation with Ernie at CO Unemployment call center and found out some great information to pass on. I turned down a job offer that would have paid me less than I was making on UI. MyUI showed my claim to be under review and I received no check. According to Ernie it was NOT under review till I called in and gave him some additional information. So if you have anything showing under review call!. I will compliment Ernie, we were having trouble with my cell phone, he took my number and called me back when the call dropped! There are agents there who do care about the unemployed who care!

    • How did you get through!? My girlfriend and I call and call on different times and days and cannot get through. My claim is listed as “not active” and I have no idea why as I was applying on time and actively looking for work.

      It is so ridiculous that there is no way to hold and you just have to keep calling. I have dealt with a lot of government entities, and this is by far the worst.

  97. Hello – I called into the CUB line on Sunday as I do every 2 weeks and filed for a 2 week period. I waited my customary 2 days after calling and when I checked my account, I only had 1 week of benefits in my account. Come to find out, I have exhausted my 26 weeks of benefits. I have not been able to find a job in my field. Is there any way to file an extension to my benefits or is it after 26 weeks, I am on my own now? Please reply…

    • You my friend need to apply for EUC. Here’s a link that may answer your question about benefit extension to some degree.

      Unfortunately there’s not much else available online, that I could find, on how to proceed from this point. I’m in the same boat and am not getting anywhere on my own. My benefits run dry this coming Sunday! Trying to avoid the time wasted phone contact attempt to “Customer Service”, but that’s about the only alternative left for real answers from real people. Praying I get someone knowledgeable that can actually offer some worthwhile assistance after countless hours on hold. Good luck! BH

  98. Requesting more detailed information on where to find forms or specific instructions on completing the EUC request form correctly. The EUC link offers only a brief explanation of Congressional approval, the tier system, etc., but no significant instruction on how to actually proceed. Additional information available online states: “You must sign up for federal extended benefits no later than February 29, 2012”. However there are no forms or directions available to do so. The EUC FAQ page contains no postings or info of any kind to date. As a result, other than the hours on hold for customer service routine we all know and love, there doesn’t appear to be any real help which claimant’s specifically need to properly complete and submit the required EUC forms on time? I’m now attempting to use this forum for answers, however there doesn’t appear to be more than one reply from the admin for every 20 or so inquiries in the last several months. We’re all doing our best to be self sufficient under the circumstances without a lot of support from CDLE. Please advise at your earliest opportunity! Many of us would like to simply get the job done & go back to looking for work! Thank you.

    • Billy – Try this link. This is what I was able to find and sent it. It says it takes 4-6 to process and get approved (or not)

      then on the left click on “apply for extended benefits”

      I did mine and received my “confirmation number” We shall see what happens…

      Yes sir, the customer service line is NOT fun. I called at EXACTLY 7:30 am on Monday – and got through, but was ON HOLD. Basically said I was IN LINE and my call would be answered in the order it was received. Well 2 hours and 20 minutes later ON HOLD the whole time, I finally gave up.

      Good luck man!

  99. hello my name is scott i worked almost all year and now im on Unemployment so when i go to club line to file a Continued Claim and they ask me if i got any payment and i have received my income tax’s back do i mark yes ?

  100. Ran into a problem and I cannot figure it out.
    I moved from Tier 1 to Tier 2 Extended Benefits.

    When I last requested payment, I received one week only, the last week of Tier 1. The last week of Tier 1 which I was paid for was the week ended Jan 21. Since then, it tells we I have no weeks to claim, even trying today. Any ideas?

    I was approved for Tier 2 and MyUI even says that. BUT, it does not say when I can request payments. It says something like this “You may file no earlier than for your next …” No dates! Blanks.

    Still cannot get through on the phone and yesterday was on hold for over 100 minutes and the office closed and I was cut off. Been trying every day for hours this week.

    Does anyone know when to request Tier 2 payments. I was accepted and approved. I am worried that I requested too early – on Jan 28. That was 7 days after the week-ending Jan 21 (last week of Tier 1) and was a Saturday. Did something go wrong since I requested on Saturday and not Sunday?

    I’m at a loss and need help.

  101. [quote name=”Scootin”]hello my name is Scott i worked almost all year and now im on Unemployment so when i go to club line to file a Continued Claim and they ask me if i got any payment and i have received my income tax’s back do i mark yes ?[/quote] do i need to report my refund on my weekly Continued Claim form at club line ? thank you Scootin

  102. Postponed means that your account has to be approved. It takes up to SIX WEEKS for your money to be approved to your account. This includes everything from Regular benefits to Emergency benefits.

    • it’s been since may 22nd that they have paid me, they said i have 10k in one acct and 8k in another. and my acct is postponed till they decide which one to pay me from…doesn’t make sense. did you get all you money on that 6th week??

  103. I was laid off in late December. I filed on the phone 5 weeks ago and still have not received my PIN#, should I file again online. I have called weeks on end and cannot get through to talk to anyone.

    If someone files 5 weeks after they were laid off, does that mean they do not get their UI benefits for those weeks before filing?

  104. I went to the office at 251 e 12th ave and it’s not there? they must have moved. Should I try the one on 17th ave? I want to go in person I just don’t know where the main unemployment office is HELP please please πŸ™

    • Its still there at 251 E 12th Avenue.

      But you need to arrive before 6:30AM to be one of the 70 people they hand out numbers to for that day.

      Otherwise don’t bother to show up.

  105. So my wife filed a claim on January 2. She received a card and some information within the first week and we have no heard a single thing since. She checks her account constantly but it just says her claim is pending. How long does it normally take? This is week 8. I work and she takes care of our 3 month old so neither of us can stand in a line and of course calling is virtually pointless. How can we find we get any kind of update? Any help is hugely appreciated.

  106. Does anybody know if it is possible to reopen a claim online/fax/email? My claim was closed due to a hearing I attended and won but since calling them is next to impossible I was wondering if there are any other way to reopen other than calling?

    • [quote name=”MichaelF”]Does anybody know if it is possible to reopen a claim online/fax/email? My claim was closed due to a hearing I attended and won but since calling them is next to impossible I was wondering if there are any other way to reopen other than calling?[/quote]

      Hi Michael,

      Call the appeals hotline.. If you had an active appeal, they most times will help you there

  107. I’d also like to say it is possible to get unemployment if you quit to move to take care of a loved one. In Oct my mom became deathly ill, and I made the instant decision to move to assist in taking care of her. I returned to Colorado, informed my employer of the move. I even offered to take the position with me since I worked from home for the company. They denied my request, however they referred me to a recruiter to see if they had any positions open in the new area I was moving to, and they did not. It’s taken approximately 3 months to go through the whole process. I won my appeal with just my word, and documents showing her illness. Also, it may help some to know that if you do quit. You don’t neccesarily get denied. There are 10 penaty weeks that they do not pay you, and if the end result is that you still aren’t working, they will pay you benefits. I hope this helps someone if they run into this issue. I did a lot of research, and couldn’t find any answers to ease my mind during the wait.

  108. My claim has suddenly gone from approved to “not active” for no apparent reason. It’s effective from 1-2012 to 1-2013 so it’s not a time expiration issue and there are $$ in the account. I am only in tier 1. I haven’t turned down any jobs. I am stumped!

    The last 2 times I had to wait on hold for UI the hold time was 4 hours. I don’t mind, but I went over my cell phone minutes. My cell company waived it as a ONE TIME courtesy so I can’t do it again. Any suggestions. I don’t have a land line.


  110. My husband filed a claim 6 weeks ago, still have not heard anything. when we go online it still says “pending approval”. He makes tthe cubline call every two weeks. We have called and after many attempts we were able to talk to a live person. Both times both agents has said the same thing; it’ll be anyday now that he’s on the last week they have to prcess his claim (6 weeks). Well we finally was able to get through to an agent today and the guy said something different, they have up to 8 weeks to precess a claim, and everything we have read stated that it could take 4-6 weeks not 8 to file a claim..He already got his chase card and pin, that came within the first week of filing…..can they do that, take 8 weeks?

    • Ron, just curious if you have received payment yet. If I go back in time from your post, 6 weeks form that date means the claim was filed approximately Jan 22 or so. If it was Jan 22(ish), the claim is now at 13 weeks. If you could answer the following I would appreciate it as I put in a claim about exactly 1 month after you. So…1. Are you now receiving payments? 2. Do you remember the date you first got payment? 3. Was your first payment a bulk payment catching you up in time, or was it simply a first payment and they are simply way behind Any info would be helpful. I have never been able to get through.

  111. I am legally blind and have been receiving Social Security Disability benefits for several years (SSDI not SSI). Social Security allows me to work part-time up to a certain limit and I have been working 20 hours a week for the same company for over 6 years. I am getting laid off on June 30th. Would I be eligible for unemployment benefits in Colorado while I am trying to find another part-time job? Thank you.

  112. Reason Not Paid: Withholding
    What does this mean, I have researched and this is not even one of their reason terms listed. I have checked issues, nothing and it even shows the amount was paid. My method of payment is the CAP Card and I have checked all day and it indicates a zero balance. Please share any knowledge or experience you may have regarding this issue.

    • Bella, I am getting the same, Reason Not Paid: Withholding. I have not seen anything hit my bank account and I’ve selected direct deposit, however the date paid was very recently. I was wondering if you ever saw your benefits or if it’s still in limbo?

  113. my problem is last year i filed unemployment and was denied found job but was layed off in march filed for unemployment again in april
    got my pin number and a paper i signed for my id but nothing eslse checked my uiclamit unline and my new employer never showed up
    i was aproved on my old employer for 500 and it told me when to file for it i tryed to call to find out what to do and cant get through to anyone
    so i went ahead and filed check ui online now beifits exhausted need to know what to do i filed a new cliam which i think open the old cliam
    but why no new cliam why no paperwork from ui

  114. I applied for unemployment on 3/18, received everything in the mail and faxed the requested signed form, but still have yet to receive any notification as to approved or denied. My UI states ” pending review” and I’m on week seven. Does this actually mean they haven’t even looked at my case yet or what? Just want to know when I should expect to receive benefits.

  115. I need to know how to get a print out confirmation of my claim. I have my confirmation # and need the printed form to prove that I am on UI for my student loans deferment request with Sallie Mae. Can anyone help?

  116. Has anyone had their benefits postponed due to “Separation-Related Payment?” My claim is pending review and can see that this is due to my company paying out my vacation to me upon my layoff. While my company issued a check for my built up vacation days, they deducted the value of my laptop and other equipment from my final paycheck which made the check negative! I feel like I am getting kicked from both sides here in that my final check was $0 meaning I wasn’t paid for vacation or my last week of work and because I was paid $0 Unemployment is postponing my benefits. Going broke!! Does anyone know how long these “Pending Review” cases typically take?? Thanks Everyone!

    • John, I filed on 04/01. Just 2 days ago, my file was updated from the “pending state.” It updated only to let me know that I will not receive any compensation for quite some time. I had received a “separation bonus” along with unused vacation pay on my last paycheck. Since my separation pay would equate to 6 months of pay, and I had 1 week of unused vacation pay, my eligibility for my first payment is delayed until that 27 weeks (along with 1 waiting week) has passed. Any compensation whatsoever will delay your receiving unemployment. They will divide up the total amount to equate a number in full weeks. The full weeks + your waiting week will be your delay. This includes your laptop. The govt does not look at your net paycheck. They look only at the gross amounts of all compensations.

      As a sideline, the charge for the laptop and other items should have been avoided by your returning all of their equipment to your employer on your last day. You cannot be forced to keep their equipment upon dismissal. However, if you select to keep any equipment that was not “gifted” it to you, you will most certainly be charged for the “stolen” equipment.

  117. Hi,
    I had received an amount of roughly $12,000 in benefits paying $454 per week. Now that I have hit roughly $3,100 it says that my benefits have been exhausted as if they lowered it. Is this common? Would they be able to do anything for me if I went into the office? Thank you

  118. Hi, I’m new here in h3ll, glad to meet everyone.
    Can anyone address this issue:
    Everything looked in order and even got 1 check. Next week nothing. My online file says “No issues associated with claim”
    Yet on the Benefits Tab it states “We have no record of wages to qualify you for Unemployment benefits” Please review the Statement of Wages. And on it it clearly states DO NOT RETURN IF THIS FORM IS CORRECT. So I didn’t
    Anyone get that resolved, maybe just wait it out?????

    • [quote name=”LoriM”]reason not paid: withholding[/quote]
      What does this mean?
      Where did my money go?
      What needs to happen to get this fixed?
      Any one have this resolved?

      Reposting as the rest of my question was dropped.

      • Update: I posted my question on the CO Dept. of Labor facebook page and got a call within 30 minutes. The gal had never seen or heard of that status but with further investigating found that a change was requested by the bank (Chase). She is looking into this issue and will call me back in the next 2 days when she has an answer.

      • I’m not an administrator here but from what I been told is that “withholding” means there is an issue that is prohibiting them from making payments. It seems like it is just time, they need time to verify and then proceed with payments. I’m told to keep calling in at your regular time for payments and if too much time passes you’ll have to go into the office or call. Most people say it can take up to 5 weeks to get on the regular payment schedule. FYI Colorado is ranked 2nd to worst in terms of helping people with UI.

      • Update: The gal called me back that day and said I needed to call my bank (not Chase) to find out what was wrong and she would call me back the next day. To make a long story short – It appears that my account information did not update when I filed for unemployment this time. My account said no changes had been made since 2009. Wrong account information is what is holding up my payments. I updated my account information yesterday and called a specific number to report it was updated. I will find out today if it worked.

        If anyone else gets “Reason not paid: Withholding” they should call UI or post on their Facebook page and not just wait for it to clear up on its own. Thank you for replying #jilly and I hope this helps others in the same boat!

        • Wow, thanks, I have the same issue and will try your suggestion! Yea! Facebook, Sometimes it is helpful!

  119. I’m confused my UI claimant says postponed when I called 3 weeks ago they said it was because they had to pay out my emergency benifits from a claim in 2008. When I called today to try to reach someone the cub line says denied for disqualifying reasons, on letter I have gotten said all issues were resolved. UI still says postponed been on hold for 1 hour 20 mins so far any one else having problems with there ter1 or ter2.

    • did they pay you? I ahve been waiting three weeks too.. it now says pending review and on cubline it says not yet processed>

  120. Have been on hold all morning.I did finally get through only to be hung up on by the operator. I am on hold again..UGHH. I am hoping you guys can help. I do not live in CO as military we have moved to another state.I was lucky enough to get on CI, I filed my 2 weeks and only have enough benefits for one week. So in my pay it is paid for week one and 0 payment for week 2. My question is do they automatically put you on Tier 2? If so why did I not get paid for both weeks? Is there a waiting period for Tier 2?

  121. Today my claim status said EXAUSTED, but I have not recieved a payment, and I hgave been waiting literally 5 hours on hold. Does anyone know what this means?

    • Jeannine, mine said this today and I am scheduled to receive my first payment ever. Did this every get resolved for you? I, of course, can’t get through to anyone on the phone.

  122. My status went from active to “not active” and now it says I am not eligible for any unemployment benefits. Is there anyway to change or address this online? Is there something that I did wrong? I have only been collecting unemployment for a month or so. Thanks for any advice.

  123. Does anyone know if we are disallowed Federal Emergency Unemployment if this is our seconc claim? Was on unemployment before, finally found work that lasted for a little over a year. Now I’m back on unemployment, but when my initial benefits were exhausted I was not able to go directly to EUC because of the previous claim. Will I be denied for EUC?

  124. What is the address of the Jefferson County unemployment office so I can go see someone in person regarding follow up on my unemployment. I have called the number provided for 3 weeks and have yet to get through to an actual person.

  125. I terminated from my employer for absences related to medical resons. I received a “Notice of Decision” letter citing Colorado Employment Security Act 8-72-108 (5) (E) (XX) and it stateing that “it is determined that you are responsible for the separation and a disqualificaion is being imposed.” Then the final paragraph of the letter reads “Total available benefits remaining based on wages paid by all other employers, if any, on your claim as of this mailing date are $xxx.xx…”

    I’m confused…Am I being denied? Is the amount listed the amount of WEEKLY payments I will receive or is it the TOTAL amount period that I will receive?


  126. What a unbeliebable crock of **** this government entity is. It is absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable
    1) how many hoops you have to jump through to get something that we are entitled too when we are layed off(5 times in the last 4 years)
    2) that this office does EVERYTHING to block and challenge you to receiveing benefits
    3) that there is not a real person to deal with when you do need help in guidance, not even on this stie except randomly by the #siteadministrator
    4) that we can become homeless within the amount of postponed’s, disqualifications and pendings during every step of the way…even when you have provided every stitch of information required.
    5) According to media, unemployment has dropped, yet when you call the Unemployment Office, they state that “due to increase in claims, payment claims have been delayed. We are working on hiring more peoople in order to keep up.”
    6) Our gas in our house has been shut off, I was unable to make my rent this month, my phone was shut off 3 days ago(that will be awesome for potential employers to get a hold of me) all because state benefits ran out on my claim within 6 months(which took 3 months to get the first payment) and I applied for Federal Extension Funds and have been told its posponed but there are no issues. THANK YOU f******* government, you are awesome!!!!
    What a flippin JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. I have believe I have done everything right within the system. However, when I try file my bi-weekly claim the system always rejects my PIN #. I have called the office several time and have received differnet PIN #’s and none of them seem to work. Can anyone give me a simple explanation for this

  128. Won my appeal with the company that discharged me, then the following day they mailed a notice of decision denying me for not sending in my 401k info in time. Appealed that and won, with the status resolved. However, it still says my account is postponed. Going on 12 weeks with no support. Forget about calling, guess I have to waste time and resources to get my questions answered in person. Anyone else show postponed with no reason as to why it is postponed including no notice of decision?

  129. All of the links for the veterans affairs office do not work, I can not get a hold of anyone to make sure my DD-214 was received, or for any answers as to when my benifits might start. Can someone help me please?!?

  130. I was told my claim was denied because of the time it takes to file the paperwork through the workforce center for my schooling even though I was told that I can continue to do the standard Job search and CUBline untill i get it, then have my claim reviewed. how do I file a complaint against the parties involved in lying about this and calling when they know I would not beable to answer the phone, due to dropping off and picking up my children from school, and not leaving me a contact number then claiming they could not reach me, and denying my claim?

  131. I filed a claim on dec 4 th and still have not received a payment. the status on my claim says there is a “issue”. it says that my previous employers are under “pending review” I have tried to call the contact numbers but I always get a message saying that they are all busy and to call back later. I dont know what to do…

  132. How do I reverse the “not active” status on my claim? I have tried to call several times but the always get the message that there is a high volume of calls and to call back later. Is there a way to re-activate my claim online?

  133. Unemployment office says that my credit union has received and accepted my first payment (as of 1/23) but my credit union says they can see anything that is trying to come through for me…. I’m so frustrated. I have done everything!

    Does anyone have a fax number for the Unemployment office? I’m trying to contact someone today about this and I think fax is my best bet. Too late to call and get through to anyone and too late to go down there. Thanks for advise you have.

  134. I missed my call to the cub line. It states to call Customer Service which I can’t get through. Do I have to re-open the claim.

    I have dialed over 50 times.

  135. I applied for benefits a few days ago. I’ve started an account on Work Force. Trying to set up an account on MyUI Claimant but it won’t let me. Won’t take my email address, won’t send me my password…can’t get anywhere. Thank you.

  136. Colorado UI is the biggest joke I have ever seen. You have to go down to the office at 7:00 AM and wait in line. Good luck getting anyone on the phone or via email, you will have better luck winning a lottery. Let me know if anyone is able to get direct numbers or extensions besides the 318-9000 number.


  137. Hello.. does anyone know what to do it the 1099 g form has not been sent… I still haven’t received it and don’t know what to do?

  138. I’m very frustrated & I feel extremely bad for those less fortunate than I in trying to maneuver through this maze of complexity and roadblocks. This is in my top 5 of the most inefficient, ineffective, bureaucratic processes I have encountered in my life and unfortunately PEOPLE’S LIVES and SAFETY depend on this process to work! And it is very, very broken in the State of Colorado.

    My first time having to file unemployment and I did so on 11/3/12. I was under contract and my contract ended 10/10/12. The first major injustice occurred when my previous contracting firm blatantly lied to UI and stated I had left employment without notice and without cause hence delaying my benefits to move forward into the next black hole by about 6 weeks while I spent countless hours gathering required information necessary to provide the proof necessary to show that I had NOT left in such a manner. My claim was finally approved on 12/18/12. But, immediately the system updated and reflects 0.00 payable and the status is BENEFITS EXHAUSTED.

    For some reason unknown to me, my wages from that same employer for the time period necessary to determine the benefit amount was not accessible and reflects zero dollars earned during the Standard Base Period. I immediately (11/12) filled out and sent into the UI office documentation (check stubs) of my wages which were a significant dollar amount. That info has never been updated. I resent this information again on 12/5 and again on 1/9. To date, this info has still not been updated.

    I have tried to navigate my way around in not-very-helpful phone system so that I could talk to no avail. I composed a letter to my original caseworker with all the information attached and faxed to her on January 9th asking if there were other steps that needed to be done, or if I was missing something and have never received a response from anyone on any of this. I am currently on the phone (again) “filing a new claim” voice options and have been waiting on hold for 1 hour and 15 minutes. And who knows if I will get to talk to someone or not…,and if that person will put me on hold and “accidentally” lose the connection as has happened just last week.

    The hours spent on trying to get my UI is insane. I NEED to be spending these countless hours looking for work. It’s not only insane, its not humane….it’s terribly tough on a persons psyche and wears and tears you down..which is not where you need to be at a terribly stressful time like this. It’s just wrong in so many ways.

    The net of this is that I am owed a benefit, I can’t get it, I have no income since October, I can’t get help from the one agency that is suppose to help me. I’m running out of options. I can’t pay rent and will be evicted in a couple of weeks and this agency could help but won’t.

    My question is how do I get help?

  139. If I was awarded one of my jobs but wasn’t awarded from my second job due that I had to quit from an injury, now that I can work they told me I have to wait 10 weeks because I resigned from my second job.. They told me at the end of my 10 weeks I can get my benifets from my first job, will I get the 10 weeks I wasn’t getting paid? Do I continue to call the cubline? After my 10 weeks when will I get paid?

  140. I put in for benefits back in Sept of 2012. I was excepted and rec’d a Cub card. Since then I have not been able to get request payment online, nor get a hold of anyone online. I have tried many times over the last 6 months (no phone for two of the mths). I look up me info and it says that I am inactive. How do I get “active”. HELP PLEASE!

  141. I appilied for unemployment in December 2012. I gave all information to the intake person. I did not hear back but I kept calling cubline. The recording kept telling me they had no claim on file. In February 2013 I had a bank issue and contacted my bank. Come to find out unemployment had sent me a check. I called unemployment and was to I was getting emergency unemployment. I asked why and was told that unemployment said that the job I had I quit it on my own without cause. I asked whose decision was that and was told it was their (unemployment) decision. I asked what I could do about it and was told nothing that it was to late to file an appeal. I never received anything in the mail to tell me of their decision so there was nothing I could do. Now I find out that I am not getting my benefits for two weeks because I did not fill out some kind of paperwork. I did not know about the paperwork until I went on MyUI and saw my benefits were postponed. I called unemployment was on hold 2 hours and 47 min. The gentleman told me that I had to fill out a form and list my job contacts and that i would be getting a new form. I got the form and filled it out and sent it back. I received a phone call from unemployment but missed the call. The woman left a message which gave me her phone number and asked me to answer some questions. I did and had to call back to make sure she understood what I was saying because I had just had surgery on my mouth. I filed with cubeline for my 2 weeks of payment and found out that I had been disqualified. How serious are they I’m not knowing to do at this point.

  142. This process, beginning to end, feels like planned obtuseness. The more confusing, the more mistakes people will make, meaning less money being paid out and/or claims expiring with money left for the claimant. So far, I think I understand what’s going on with mine, but I hesitate to ask ANY questions for fear I’d stumble into the Black UI Hole. They could cure all Colorado unemployment if they gave half of us jobs ANSWERING THE PHONES AT THE HELP LINE!!!! I find it absurd for the message to say that call wait times “may be in excess of 120 minutes”. Really. That’s all. I feel better under my rock now.

  143. Since I initially filed my unemployment claim, the status was pending for over a month. I checked again this morning and now it says it is postponed. It also shows my previous employer status as being “resolved” which I also am not sure what this means about my claim. Why is my claim postponed and how much longer will it be before I receive any benefits?

  144. I filed for benefits on sat 8/3/17 which is Labor weekend my payment shows it has gone through but I have yet to receive it as of today sept 5th. Is there some reason when the bank doesn’t direct deposit the day after holidays. If so this problem needs to be corrected ASAP

  145. I have been trying to request payment online today – this is my first request on my claim. Every time I try to login, I get the following error message – also, there should be some place to report erequest problems online – yes, that was erequest:

    [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.]
    CDLE.MyUi.Web.Controllers.LogInController.Index(LogInPageModel model) +658
    lambda_method(Closure , ControllerBase , Object[] ) +126
    System.Web.Mvc.ReflectedActionDescriptor.Execute(ControllerContext controllerContext, IDictionary`2 parameters) +260
    System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActionMethod(ControllerContext controllerContext, ActionDescriptor actionDescriptor, IDictionary`2 parameters) +38
    System.Web.Mvc.c__DisplayClass15.b__12() +123
    System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActionMethodFilter(IActionFilter filter, ActionExecutingContext preContext, Func`1 continuation) +681850
    System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActionMethodFilter(IActionFilter filter, ActionExecutingContext preContext, Func`1 continuation) +681850
    System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActionMethodFilter(IActionFilter filter, ActionExecutingContext preContext, Func`1 continuation) +681850
    System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActionMethodWithFilters(ControllerContext controllerContext, IList`1 filters, ActionDescriptor actionDescriptor, IDictionary`2 parameters) +307
    System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeAction(ControllerContext controllerContext, String actionName) +681916
    System.Web.Mvc.Controller.ExecuteCore() +159
    System.Web.Mvc.ControllerBase.Execute(RequestContext requestContext) +332
    System.Web.Mvc.c__DisplayClassb.b__5() +62
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.c__DisplayClass1.b__0() +15
    System.Web.Mvc.c__DisplayClasse.b__d() +52
    System.Web.CallHandlerExecutionStep.System.Web.HttpApplication.IExecutionStep.Execute() +606
    System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionStep step, Boolean& completedSynchronously) +288

    Whew…I need help!

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