Massachusetts Unemployment Base Period

Your base period is the period of time that you worked, prior to losing your job in which you establish the amount of money that you will receive in unemployment. The more money that you made in your base period, the larger the amount that you will recieve every week for unemployment.

The base period is a period of one year, and does not include the most recent quarter (most recent three months).

For example, if you lost your job on April 1 2010, and filed for unemployment that same day -- your base period would be January 1 2009 to December 31 2009. Remember - the base period does not include the most recent three months - so your base period does not include January 1, 2010 to March 30, 2010.

Effect of Base Period on Filing A Second Unemployment Claim, after your unemployment benefits have run out: If you did not work during your base period, you generally are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits. If you only received unemployment income during your base period - there is a big chance you will not receive further unemployment benefits if filing an entirely new claim.

The counselors at your local unemployment office are very knowledgable professionals and can help you understand how to calculate your base period. Also, if your regular or extended unemployment benefits run out, or stop, you should go ahead and file for unemployment again, and talk with an unemployment counselor about your case.

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# Caroline 2011-09-09 12:45

My contract expires at the end of September (I am an hourly employee). I've been working for the employer since April 2010. What would the base period be?
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# Victor 2012-03-21 20:44
If the contract expires 9/30/2011; your base year is as follows:
quarters ending 6/30/2010, 9/30/2010, 3/31/2011 and 6/30/2011.
The law requires the complete quarter immediately proceeding your lay-off to be eliminated from consideration to compute your base period which consists of the 4 quarters which immediately preceed the excluded quarter. Their are special rules which allow an alternate base period to be used to compute your benefit under special narrow circumstances. You should file your claim and allow the MA unemployment specialists help you as they will follow the law and if you fall into narrow special circumstances they will use the alternate base period to compute your benefits.
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# Eilleen 2012-02-22 23:53
After being dismissed from your job, how many days must you wati to apply for unemployment if you are not told of your status?
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# Victor 2012-03-21 20:26
None, file imediately and let the claims specialist do their job. If you are eligible for unemployment benefits you have nothing to gain by waiting and benefitsn to lose as the law does not allow any look back benefits. i.e. no retroactive benefits.
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# Dan 2012-03-14 13:48
I was hired at the end of January 2012 and was told today march 14,2012, that i was being dismissed due to department cut backs. Am i eligible for benefits in MA, I worked in NH for the past six years, and quit that job to work in MA?
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# Andy 2012-12-02 08:30
If I started work June 1, 2012 and I am laid off Dec. 1, 2012, can I collect because what I have read says a base period is one year. However I have made $25,000 the amount stated $3,000. Do I have to fit under both conditions?
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# DES 2013-07-25 08:45
had wages totaling 40k in July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov 2012 - filed in MA and received UI - ran out and trying to file for extended benefits - I am eligible based on what I believe to be the filing criteria - but the system says no -

I am wondering if it is because of what you say above about most recent quarter NOT being included - i find that NO WHERE on the state UI site -

Are we sure that's the case, and if so, then why was I able to receive what I did (max) during regular UI??
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