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The official name for it is the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation website.

This is the only official Florida unemployment site, and the only one that you should submit your application to. UnemploymentHandbook.com has lots of great information, so be sure to click around to get lots of great tips on getting a job, and figuring out FL unemployment, but we are not affiliated with the state of Florida, and UnemploymentHandbook.com is not the official Florida unemployment website.

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# Gina 2012-01-24 21:25
I live in Florida. Can I collect unemployment benefits if my employer change my full time job to a part time.
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# Robert 2012-03-08 05:21
I am returning back to work. If I return back to work on a Monday at the start of another 2 week cycle, do i still get one more check being that I won't get any compensation from the job for at least 2 weeks after starting? Also what happens to the waiting period from the beginning of unemployment, do I get compensation for that?

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# selena 2012-07-12 02:32
U live in delaware and i wana moved to florida can i change my unenployment from delaware to florida and still recive the same amout? N wat do i need to do to change it if i can?
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# CB 2012-10-03 07:38
As of Sept 1st 2012 my full time job (hotel) got sold to a private owner. We all received letters stating we can either file for unemployment or transfer to the new compy were we would be on a 90 day evaluation. I chose to transfer over and have now been with the company for 1 month and 3 days. Within this month I had a medical procedure done (IVF) and gotten really sick from it, nothing permanent but it caused me to miss work. I have no more sick time left and they will not approve any more time off so if I quit will I be eligible to receive unemployment?
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# Tiim C 2013-02-14 18:46
If i voluntarily resign from a job in florida in order to move me and my family to north carolina, will i be able to apply for unemployment?
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# Dale 2013-02-23 08:45
I know for a fact that a coworker of mine is collecting unemployment benifits while working at company our full time.He asked he asked to be paid under the table si that he can continue to collec the unemployment at the same time, I might add that I find it absolutly sickening that he finds the situation worthy of braging about.

Why is this allowed to happen? Why is it so easy to get over on this agency. So many people out of work yet this goverment agency is allowing the funds they are in charge of to be stolen in plain site. Who do I report thisfraud to and what will happen. I don't want him to get in trouble but come on!This is theft of hard earned, honest working peoples wages!!!
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# David 2013-02-25 16:20
I am currently recieving unemployment benefits from Arizona but my benefits in Arizona will be exhausted after next week. What am I required to do( and when) to begin recieving my unemployment benefits from florida
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# Kim 2017-09-14 10:03
Can you file for unemployment due to loss of power at your business due to Hurricane Irma? Is their a minimum loss of days or waiting period before you can file?
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