Colorado Unemployment If You Get Fired

Generally, in Colorado you have to have lost your job through no fault of your own in order to collect unemployment.

In most cases, this means that if you get fired, you cannot collect unemployment benefits.

If you get fired from your job, you should go ahead and apply for unemployment benefits, because there are some cases where you can be fired from your job and still get benefits.

If you feel like you were fired unfairly, or there were extenuating circumstances, be sure to tell you unemployment counselor about them. If your unemployment application is denied because you were fired, you also have the right to appeal the decision.

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# Michelle 2011-04-29 15:36
I was a nurse in Skilled nursing facility this was my first nursing job after working there for 11 months with just one job performance write up I was fired for making one medication error. The patirnt was not injured and it was a mistake on my part for the medication error however I was fired. Can I collect employment benfits Since I don't think this is misconduct,.. just an accident.
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# juan 2011-08-29 03:48
I want know if I can get unemployment because I get fired for many a absences even if l have reasons
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# wayne 2011-10-04 16:48
Can I collect unemployment if I was injured on the job and Iam unable to return due to disability that my employer can not make a resonable accommodaation for and terminates me?
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# saray 2012-03-15 19:10
My husband was fired for having to many absences because of me. I've had a high risk pregnancy and its required him to miss work often. Can he apply ?
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# mrs H 2012-09-20 19:06
resigned from previous job to better provide for my family at new employment, however, i was terminated with not enough time in....i was denied my UI and currently attempting to appeal. how is it that i was out right denied, perhaps penalized but outright denied???
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# Cindy 2012-10-06 10:27
I received a "Notice of Decision" and cannot for the life of me figure out what it means. Under the "Section of Law used: Colorado Employment Security Act 8-73-107 (1) (C) (I)": Under "Decision ; A person must be able and available for suitable work during any period for which benefits are claimed or received. Medical information received establishes that you are able and available for work.
Your claim is allowed provided that you meet the eligibility requirements of the law"....Does that mean I will get the benefits or not?
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# Amarilis 2012-11-09 09:28
I am a single mother my daughter is 3mos old and I have now missed work for about 2 weeks due to the fact that I can't find a reliable sitter for my daughter. I don't qualify for childcare assistance and i can not afford daycare. At this point im sure if i do find a sitter and return to work i will get fired. Would this be a good reason to qualify for unemployment?
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# James 2012-12-30 18:22
I visited the COUnemployment office shortly after being fired from a job. I was told by Chris, an unemployment counselor, that if I had a day-job that I completed (_i.e._ did not quit or was fired from), prior to the adjudication of my firing (for which I had admitted I was to blame), that I would not face a 10 week unemployment benefits penalty. I did, in fact, get a 3 day temp assignment that ended on the day of the adjudication of my termination at the previous job. Should I face a denial of 10wks of benefits?
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# Tami 2013-01-08 14:38
I was fired from my job because i was late alot in a two week period due to my exhusband who is abusive showing up daily as i was leaving for work and harassing me. My employer denied me the right to take time off and get a restraining order. I explained all this to UI and my case was pending review and today said resolved. It read as if i would get a notice of decision. Does getting the notice of decision mean I was denied? If so, do I have any ground to appeal?
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# Judy 2013-02-02 09:20
Can I collect unemployment in Colorado if I am fired from my job for not meeting sales goals? Worked in this job for many years and in last year they made goals and not provided training for workers on doing sales.
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# Sandra 2013-02-14 13:07
Re: Pension and retirement questionaire I do not intend to use money invested by Rocky Mountain Primary Care or monies invested by myself I would want to roll over these funds once I find new employment I am confused over the form So, if I do not roll over it can affect my payments? Please contact me via this email or phone number ob file
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# Brianna 2013-02-27 15:42
I have been at my job for almost 3 months and I have been missing a lot of work due to medical issues, stomach flu, the flu, and I also have ploycystic ovarian syndrome which causes a lot of pain and I may get fired for missing work. Would I qualify for unemployment?!
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