Colorado Unemployment Rules

In order to receive unemployment benefits in Colorado you must follow these rules:

1. You must be able to work, and are not disabled.
2. You must be actively looking for a job, and keeping a record of your job search.
3. You must file a weekly certification.
4. You must not make more than your weekly wage allowance. In some cases, you will be able to work while collecting unemployment - but only so much per week. Make sure when you apply for unemployment that you are very clear about how much you are able to earn each week. Your unemployment counselor will be able to tell you how much this is.

As long as you follow these Colorado unemployment rules, you will continue to receive your unemployment benefits.

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# Nancy 2011-02-04 12:30
My boss told me he is thinking about eliminating my part time position in his dental office. I have been there 2 years working part time during the school season and full time during the summers. If I should lose my job before I am able to find another do I qualify for unemployment because of my part time position 8 months of the year. I do receive full time benefits from him when I and working full time in the summers.
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# David 2011-04-26 06:19
I recently got a job. After working for the employer for 1 week the office I'm at is a mess. I do ultrasound exams and there US machines don't work properly, they don't have proper space so every day is chaotic, I'm on salary and suppose to be working close to an 8 hour shift but after 1 week we have been putting 10-12 hour shifts,with no compensation. I have actually started to get sick(sore throat). This isn't a healthy work environment. I have to drive 100 miles for the work so I've been staying in motels during the week to make this work but because of the above issues and some others this isn't working for me.

Is there a trial period which allows a new hire to op out of a job that isn't going to work out and go back on Unemployment and pursue? another job
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# Francine 2011-08-25 16:40
If a colorado employee is given a retenion dollar amount to stay on board until the end, would that prolong the date that they could start collecting umemployment benefits? Meaning for example they are giving an amount of $50,000 as a rentention will unemployment use that first, then start there unemployment payments once the %50,000 runs out???
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# Kelly 2011-11-09 10:40
I have been working for my spouse in the past and recently I had to be relaced by someone with the proper experience. For the business it was the right decision. My husband and I pay ourselves and are currently not on the payroll. We just purchased this dental office this year after my husband was on disability. I am trying to get back into the workforce with my skills and am struggling. Can I file for unemployment?
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# Sarai 2012-04-23 19:29
My boss went behind my back to the board of directors and made up total lies about me. They fired another employee who was there for 6 years and wrote me up after being there for 5 years and even the other employees agree the stuff they accused me of was bogus. I feel this is a personal matter, my boss had even requested "my immediate dismissal". I cannot work in this hostile environment and might be relocating across the country for a new job, Part of me wants to fight the discrimination and another just wants to move on, but i really need unemployment. How should I leave?
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# Gabriela 2012-04-28 09:46
My mother had been working 40hrs per week then was cut down to less than 20 hours a week. She obtained partial unemployment benefits to even out the hours that had been cut but now her employer is sueing for more than she even collected from partial benefits. Is this legal?
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# Bobbie 2012-07-30 16:09
Do you have to claim rent received from room mates while being on unemployment? If so, what are the consequences if you don't?
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# Janice 2012-10-17 10:26
I am currently receiving severance pay that is ending in December,2012.When should I file for uneployment benefits. Can I file before my payments run oy?
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# chris 2012-12-08 00:48
I have had issues with my manager for 15 years. It has never been over the quality or quantity of my work. I use the time I have earned via normal accruals and/or overtime. Every bit of it has been approved by my supervisor. This last year I have been removed from special projects, committees and OT opportunities due to this manager saying I am of little value to the dept. due to my taking time off. Time I earned and have been approved to take off. No limit is in company R's & P's or in our dept rules. even when I asked , nothing was set. I know they are doing what they can to fire me, I was given the choice of voluntarily resigning in exchange for no contest on their part for unemployment benefits.
My question is will I be able to get them?? as their record will show a voluntary resignation. Even though I am leaving due to the hostile work environment?? second - due I have a case ??? If I ask to take back my resignation and they refuse due I have a case??
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# audrey 2013-01-30 11:40
I currently am employed thru a temp agency in a position, 40+ hrs a week. I also have another contract thru the same temp agency, only working 2-4 hrs per month; 2 separate companyies; my question is, if I am laid off from my 40 hr a week position, but still have the other 2-4 hr per month position with the same agaency, will I be able to collect unemployment? I really do not understand how the unemployement compensation works- I have never filed a claim before.
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# Marie 2013-07-22 16:30
I've been working at a place 6months 90-95+ hours biweekly my hours are now cut to 60biweekly. Can I collect partial unemployment? Never set up benefit or gave over time for hours in past
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# Marie 2013-07-23 16:04
Now I'm being sent home I everyday early doing a total of (3hrs)15 hour maybe this week if that. What can I do?
I use to work min 40- most of the time 45
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# Jeremy 2013-09-09 02:12
I recently bought a business and the previous owner is trying to collect unemployment. The previous owner was unable to make the payments on the business and asked the previous owner if he would take it back. That individual said he didn't want it but would try to find someone who would be interested as to not lose anymore money he was owed from his sale. This is where i come in, I bought the business and it was a transfer of ownership directly from the guy who was going under, and the original owner oversaw the sale and agreed upon the terms. Since we bought the business from someone who willingly sold it does he have any right to collect unemployment from us? Our public hearing is in a couple days, and our accountant assured us he will not qualify for anything, I am assuming she will help with the neccesary paperwork to prove this. But i would like to know what else i might need to prepare to prove he is not eligible.
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