Colorado Unemployment Application

When you get ready to fill out the CO unemployment application you need to make sure you have set aside plenty of time to complete the application, and you need to be sure that you have all of the information ready that may be requested of you.

You need to know:

1. Your social security number.
2. Your driver's license number.
3. Your last employer's name and address.
4. The dates that you worked at your last employer.
5. The dates of all of the jobs that you have held in the past (This is not always required, but is very helpful to have).

If you are filling out a Colorado unemployment application in person, you will need to take the following items with you:

1. Your social security card.
2. Your driver's license.
3. Last paystub from your previous employer.
4. Any layoff documents your previous employer may have given you.

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# Ana 2011-07-25 08:14
so my employer noticed I was making some tables I was counting some tables as "to go orders" only the tables that did not leave any tip, so I did not have tip out the sushi bar on that specific table. I did that so I didnt pay to take a table. they did not fire me then, I wrkd for at least 5 more days, if not more & yesterday evening I was let go for absolutely no reason. can I still get unemployment? I technically only have been wrking there for approximently 2 months? please let me know if I could go through with the application soon as possible thank you.
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# Alisa 2011-07-25 09:53
I turned in my unemployment application on July 1, and it was activated on July 3. I still have not received a determination. How long does it typically take for a determination? Thank you.
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# Alicia 2011-09-20 13:46
I was laid off from my last job on October 22, 2010 after working for the company for nearly 2 1/2 years. During my last year of employment with them, my net pay including bonuses was about $44k. I was out of work until January 3, 2011 when I accepted an internship position which pays $12/hr without any additional benefits or compensation including sick time, health insurance, etc. I know of a former colleague who was approved for an unemployment claim even though he is actually employed because his pay rate with the new job is so much lower than he was previously making. I didn't know that was possible. Would it be worth my while to attempt to file a claim now and would I get any retroactive benefits from it?
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# tammy 2012-07-12 11:22
I need to apply for benefits but had a work comp claim and I can't do it on line any suggestions on what to do now
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# Deborah 2012-08-30 16:39
I was fired from my employer that I worked with for 2 years today. I had submitted my resignation due to being hired at another employer, but the other employer fell through and I asked to return to my previous employer. My previous employer told me I could come back and recended my resignation. Today he called me in and fired me but told me he was going to put it in as a resignation instead of a fire, even though he is considering it a fire. Are there any recourses that I can pursue regarding this situation, or is it legal? Thanks for your help
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# Ardie 2012-09-26 15:04
I worked and lived in Colorado 2001-2011 then moved to Illinois. My job was not renewed and I moved to IL to find employment. I have yet to get a job in IL. Do I apply for enemployment in colorado since that is where my last job was OR do I apply in IL?
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# Kacee 2013-03-19 13:57
I filed my first time claim March 10, signed , submitted all required documents. How long does it take for the claim to be approved or not, from when you first file? Thank you.
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# Irmgard 2013-04-08 16:28
I have worked for walmart for the last 13 years. I worked in the cash office, they call it accounting, but it is not. We count cash no real accounting is done there. Last October, I had to have surgery for my left thumb due to the repetitive movement of counting money. I took all my sick leave and two weeks vacation time to have it done. Now my right hand needs surgery, but I don't want it done yet. The left hand never recuperated and the thumb still hurts do to the same motion I have to do when counting money. I put in my 2 weeks notice. My supervisor never asked me why I am leaving because walmart does not care about any associates. I would like to know, if I can claim some unemployment benefits. Thank you!! They never offered me any other position. They just ignore me and look the other way like I committed a crime. I need some answers!
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# john 2013-05-08 10:20
I am currently collecting unemployment because I was fired (ruled without cause) for a company (not my own) in October 2012. I had the opportunity to perform work immediately after being fired, but I had to spend much more than I earned form the client to buy the software and other equipment to perform the work so there was no profit, in fact I lost money. I reported all of this to the Colorado unemployment office and they ruled the "work" I was performing as "voluntary" and that I could collect unemployment. I have been able willing and looking for full time work, attending employment seminars etc. so fulfilling all of the requirements to collect unemployment.

Question: if I become profitable, and go off of unemployment because I can start drawing a salary, and I set myself up as a business and pay myself as an employee, paying unemployment insurance, etc., can I restart unemployment if I stop being profitable? I am leary of becoming self employed because I might loose the safety net of unemployment - but I want to support myself and get off of unemployment as I can.

What happens to your claim when you get employment - if it is short term or your "own business"

IS there some test or qualification for small business owners so that if through no fault of their own they dont have income and cant pay themselves and have to lay themselves off?

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