1. i am trying to figure out if i will be eligable to collect unemployment this winter,i work part time,i get 8.50 per hour.i started the end of may and will be working until mid october. can you help me out with this? thanks.

    • I work in a Dr.s office 40+ hours a week (have been for the last 2 1/2 years. We were just bought by a new owner and one of the new providers recently quit due to the new owner not paying them since they started here a couple months ago. The new owner is cutting me down to 16 hrs per week due to having no provider now for three days a week. I would like to quit and draw full unemployment till I find something else, can I do this or do I have to file for partial unemployment?

  2. I’m not sure I understand your situation.

    How do you know you’ll only be working until mid-October? Will you get laid-off then? Are you planning to quit?

    In most cases, you will be ineligible to receive unemployment if you quit.

    Also, if your job is seasonal – you may be ineligible to receive unemployment if each of the following conditions is met by your employer:

    1. When the employer chooses to apply to the UA to be a seasonal employer, and posts a copy of the application form for all workers to see;

    2. When the UA decides the employer is a “seasonal employer”;

    3. When the employer posts a Notice telling workers that the UA has decided the employer is a “seasonal employer.” The employer must post the Notice in a place whereworkers will easily see it. The Notice must tell workers the period the UA says is the employer’s “normal seasonal work period,” a period of up to 26weeks. The UA will not deny benefits to a worker whose employer has not posted this Notice.

    4. When workers receive written notice that they are seasonal. When workers are hired, the employer must inform them, in writing, that they are being hired asseasonal. The UA will not deny benefits to a worker who does not receive this written notice.

    5. When the employer has given the worker “reasonable assurance” of returning to worknext season. The employer must give a worker “reasonable assurance” of returning to work next season. Reasonable assurance is not a guarantee of work. It is an employer’s honest belief that there will be work for next season. The work should be about the same as the worker’s last job as far as skills needed,location, wages and benefits. If it turns out that a worker who had reasonable assurance for the next season is not actually given the job in the new season, that worker could receive the benefits denied before. However, to get these “back benefits,” the worker must file a claim at the end of the old season, and must continue to report by mail or telephone between seasons, as directed by the UA.

    6. When the person works only during the employer’s “normal seasonal work period.” If a worker begins work before the start of theemployer’s normal seasonal work period, or continues working past the end of the period, the worker will not be denied benefits when the season ends.

    Source: Denial of Unemployment Benefits to Seasonal Workers
    Link: [url][/url]

  3. With possible layoff looming, I am trying to figure out how much I would draw (ie: will I be able to handle my mortgage and other expenses?)
    take home is roughly $1400 bi-weekly, live in MI, HELP! I want to be prepared, if that is at all possible.

    • well i can tell you what i do know is when i applied the most you can get is roughly 400 dollars a week depends on how meny kids and stuff but thats about it it tops out at like 375 but i think our president added 25 more dollars to that

  4. Can you apply for and receive unemployment benefits, and also pursue educational classes (such as GED or high school courses)?

  5. I work as a server in a resturant, full time untill recently. my hours have been severly reduced, and I was wondering if there is a way to get partial unemployment? I went from 40+ hours a week, to less then 20.

    • yes, its called “under employment” assuming you were full time and now are not.

      although as a server it may be hard to collect due to the way you are paid…. file an app, report your wages when u certify with marvin.

  6. my husband owns his own professional painting company, which is a L.L.C. around this time of year things get slow and they don’t have worked scheduled. Would he be eligable for filing unemployment? has many years of working. would be the first time in about ten years.

    • [quote name=”aaron”]How Can I Find Out. When Am I Gonna Start Getting My Check ???????[/]
      [quote name=”aaron.”]I have been trying to call for two days straight and cannot get through. Please help.[/]

  7. I was hired on 11-15-2010 at Xxxx Xxxxxxx.Last month of December 27-31 I didn’t work since Delphi were i was working was shut down for the week and my company i was working for says you can file for Unemployment for that week.It’s been 2 weeks and i havnt heard anything.Here is my Claim # XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please let me know what the status is thanks!!!!!!!

    [ADMIN NOTE: Please don’t post any personal information here.]


  9. Hello! I started working in the beginning of January. I make $9.00 an hr, and will only work until April, because it is a seasonal job (Ski Resort). Will I be able to collect unemployment after April? Please let me know.


  11. i filed for unemployement last oct 2010 and havent heard how my case is going.i call marivn on my days im suppose to . how can i find out were im at.can you please help me find out.

  12. Two months ago I was laid off from a company that I worked at for 12 years and was granted 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. I just came across a new job offer from a company that wants me to work in a temp position. Basically, I work there for 3 months and if they like me, they’ll hire me on a permanent basis. But my question is: If they were to let me go after the 3 months, will I still be able to collect unemployment benefits? And will I also be eligible for extensions if offered?

  13. ive been working for 5 years at a store ive worked from seasonal all the way up to asst store manager….during the time ive gained write ups some deserved some not and recently ive gained my final on “punching” the time clock and “edits” yesterday i got called to help a cashier get change while i was on break (happens daily) and it made me miss my punch in from break which means ill be up for termination if they terminate me will i be able to collect unemployment seeing as i have a good work history and i have been getting taxes taken out ?

  14. I have been receiving extended benefits for a couple weeks but my benefit year ended 2/26 and the last time I did Marvin online was 2/23, which means I still have the week ending 2/26 to claim. Now my question is, do I wait and and file a new claim after my next Marvin appointment of 3/9, or do I have to file a new claim now? I have been trying to call them, but they NEVER answer the phone. They won’t even let you stay on hold until someone can answer. Also, do they have a number that they do answer?


  15. good evening first and foremost. Have a question that is easy and hard at same time. My wife was laid off from her full time job back in late 2008 do to a corporate closer of whitehall jewelers. she was working part time at fredricks of hollywood. When i say part time I use that really loosely. Like 5-8 hrs every couple weeks. This past year in november we had been blessed with our first daughter. Unemployment was still working and taking care of. she let fredricks know about she would be out for a while do to maternity leave. When she went back to work in january she gave them new availablity do to the job only paid minimum wage and I would have to watch my daughter when I get out of work. She gave them availablity of anytime after 6-cl which is 9 all days except sunday and tuesday in which she was full available. They ended up laying her off do to availability saying wont work. Got a letter in the mail today saying that she intentionaly got laid off do to availability. But it is not worth doing day care for the pay and amount of time. Now Unemployment is researching and possible cancelling and looking for overpayment options.

    Mainly comes down to unemployment was not over this part time job. She has full availability for a full time job but not a part time job that doesnt pay to cover day care. Why would this stop unemployment. This job only paid out 1457 dollars last year to her on w2s. year before was not much different.

    Any help with answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Chris K

  16. If you turn down a job offer that pays less than 70% of your previous jobs gross pay, are you required to tell MARVIN you turned down a job off?

  17. I have worked at my part time job for the same company for over 7 years now. I found out that I will be getting “let go” in August (after the “busy season” is over).
    If I leave now, would I be able to collect unemployment since I will be getting it eventually anyways?

  18. Also can you collect unemployment if you have 2 part time jobs, one of witch is only 9-10 hrs a week and the other 25-30 (witch I have told I will be getting “let go” or laid off in August) witch is my primary source of income. at $10.50hr. How will unemployment work if I have my 9-10 job still?

  19. I was laid off from my job as a tug capt and collected for two months. I had an offer to try a job in Alaska and flew up there. I was there ten days. I tried the job but was unable to operate the boat in a safe manner due to the unfamiliar conditions and currents so I came back. I wonder if I can still draw unemployment. I was not fired but left because I did not feel I could do the job in a safe manner. I was paid for 7 days.

  20. I’m currently collecting unemployment can I continue to collect unemployment if I get a part time job?

  21. After I was laid off of a contract assignment, I did not file for UIA until 2 weeks later. Can I get UI for the 2 weeks before I filed?

  22. I’m getting laid off Sept 2nd and I chose the option to have my money direct deposited but every time I enter my bank routing number it omits the first zero only letting me enter 8 of the nine digits. Should I be concerned? I don’t want my money going into someone elses account.

  23. I work at a retail store and its combined with a pharmacy, I’ve been here for 10 years. The crime is getting worst, we don’t have any security!!! People keep coming in robbing us at gun point & corporate isn’t doing anything about it!!! I RAN OUT OF MY JOB YESTERDAY WITH CUSTOMERS SCARED FOR MY LIFE BECAUSE THEY WERE ROBBING US IN THE FRONT OF THE STORE!!! I have anxiety about going in to work wondering if they are gonna robb us again & possibly kill someone this time!!! I need my job but I’m scared for my safety!!! I WANT TO QUIT!!! Would I be able to collect unemployment if I do?

  24. i heard something about you can turn down a job that you make 30% less than your last job or 50miles away…is the 50 miles away one way or round trip? any help would be nice thanks

  25. I have worked for an Investment company for 5 1/2 yrs. I had an Outstanding Review for 5 yrs and never an issue with performance. My former FA resigned and I’ve had a new FA for 10 mo’s. She has had some issue with me for a while and has made up lies to HR about my performance,none that were validated. I went to work Monday and she told me I was fired, asked for my key and said HR would call me. HR is saying they are not firing me based on what she is saying but I can’t return to work because the environment with her is not workable. They said they would pay me for my 2 wks notice and it would not be listed as I was fired. I think they are doing this so I can’t get unemployment. If I say no I am not quitting and they say I am fired, can I then get unemployment?

    • michigan is a right to work state. That means that an employer can let you go for any reason at any time. If a company gives you or anyone else a reason for termination they are then open to “wrongful termination” law suits…. As such it is fairly uncommon for a company to give a reason for separation. (Im sure this FA did you get fired, but they can’t tell you that on the record with out being open to legal issues)

      That being said, you can apply for UIA benefits. If you mark your reason as laid off (sorta sounds like that’s what happened, they just could justify your position anymore for whatever the reason) there is generally not a investigation unless the employer fights the UIA benefits.

      If you make it as fired, they look into it, there are termination reasons that can prohibit the collection of UIA but the employer has to give a reason to UIA to stop your collection of benefits, it seems this employer won’t be giving them an “on the record reason” so you should be fine.

  26. My husband’s work hours (for permanent/full time/non-seasonal work) are being cut down substantially from now until end of December due to lack of work, and then the company will close between Xmas and NY. Can he and his colleagues file for unemployment having been cut from 50 hours down to 20-30, and then down to 0 for week between the holidays? Additionally, the workers are expected to be “on call” during this time – if some work comes in, they are expected to show up and do the work, then immediately be sent home again when the work is complete. Boss is also trying to get out of paying for insurance since he considers everyone ‘part time’ right now having just started cutting their hours this week. Can he do that?

  27. I have a pretty simple question: I was laid off from a full-time staff position a few years back and collected unemployment benefits for a while until I found a new full-time staff position. I voluntarily left that new position a bit later to take on a freelance/contract non-staff position that I’ve been doing since. I learned that this new contract position may be ending soon. So, I didn’t expect to be able to apply for unemployment benefits again, but someone told me that I am eligible to collect the remainder of “back unemployment benefits” back from the first layoff that I didn’t collect because I was back to work in a full-time position. Is that person correct, or am I right in thinking that those past benefits ended for good once I accepted the new full-time work?

  28. I have been trying to reach UIZ via phone for a month now. I get one of three messages: “Cannot complete your call at this time”, “Unemployment benefits will discontinue on December 31, 2011….” or Thank you for calling, please wait on the line for the next available customer service rep (music on hold) I am sorry, there are currently no representatives to assist you, please try your call again later”. This has been happening since November 23, 2011 when I checked in online and received this message: Your certification is accepted. If you are eligible and qualified, your payment will be issued as soon as possible. You may inquire on line or by calling Marvin at 866-638-3993 and select option 2. If you do not receive a payment within 10 days, call 1-866-500-0017 and choose the inquiry option”. Online, my account shows that I should have had 6 more weeks at the November 23rd filing of EUC. I also received a call from Lansing on December 30th, 2011 from someone who left a message to call the UIA on Tuesday January 3, 2012 stating I haven’t filed in a couple of weeks……which I did. Now I can’t reach anyone and am wondering what to do! I really need the remaining assistance of my Unemployment benefits. Please contact me emal. Thank you,


    • I’m having the same problem, Linda. And they aren’t answering my questions on the UIA site either.
      I am eligible for unemployment and certified through MARVIN yesterday but they are only stating I am getting one week. When it asked if I worked during the one week, I stated yes because I did work a 10 hour shift for a contract. Should I have stated no? I didn’t return to work…just worked for someone else and it won’t be paid for another 3 weeks. GRRRR. I already lost two weeks worth of benefits due to the confusing Michigan Works statement. I didn’t add my resume to the Talent Bank until the evening I called MARVIN. I’m tired of jumping through hoops when trying to get what is rightfully mine under the law!

    • I have been trying to get my benefits since Mid November. Finally my information was accepted the end of December. Does anyone know why they aren’t answering their phone?? I live at least 50 miles from the nearest Office. Michigan Works isn’t able to help. Out of savings and at my wits end! I really hope I get a check soon, and that I can have my benefits back dated to November since I have been laid off since October 28th!!

  29. I filed for unemployment in october recieved 2 payments then started working again and got laid of, so i reapplied and called marvin when i was supposd to but have not recieved my payment yet. how do i fix this problem?

  30. My husband was laid off from a job of 15 years in April 2009. He started receiving state unemployment, and then the federal extensions (Michigan). He was employed from 11/2010 thru April 2011, when he got laid off again. He then re-opened his previous claim and continued receiving the federal extensions thru the 99-weeks allowed. He then worked again 10/2011 thru 12/2011 and got laid off again at the end of the year. My question – can he file a NEW CLAIM for state unemployment and start over again? Does he have enough weeks of income from Nov. 2010 thru Dec. 2011 in order to qualify for a brand new 20-week state claim? (Snyder changed the Michigan unemployment period from 26 weeks to 20 weeks this past January.)

  31. Migraine headaches cause me to miss important dates. Can someone help me when I make my weekly claim? I’ve run into difficaulty online and by phone. Very anxious about the process. Just need a little help.

  32. Filed for underemployment in Michigan. If I accept a few hours with another/different company what happens?

    Is the second company penalized or will have to pay benefits?

  33. I am currently a college student, an intern, and I was working at the time. I have been let go, as of March 02 ,2012 because of my conflicting schedule. My manager told me that I have a good work ethic and that she was not firing me because of any fault of my own. She even said if I wish to reapply for the job once my internship ends I could and that I would probably get the job. As it stands am I considered permanently laid off? Could I still file for unemployment? Oh I currently make $8.00/ hour and on average I worked 15.5 hours a week. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

  34. I have worked at a place for three years and just found out that the last quarter they have paid in for unemployment tax was the 1st quarter of 2010. It is May of 2012! What can I do? Please help so this can get resolved before something happens for our employees can receive benefits when needed.

  35. If I am recieving unemployment and I take a training class at night that is 2 days a week and does not affect my availability to work do will it affect my benefits? I am still looking for work and everything

  36. I believe I am going to be severanced at my job of 11 years. I am 64 and still want to be employed. They will pay me about 11 weeks of severance one week for every year of employment. Will that affect my unemployment benefit. Also, I am collecting a small pension from a previous employer from about 14 years ago. Will that affect my benefits?

    • [quote name=”dan”]I believe I am going to be severanced at my job of 11 years. I am 64 and still want to be employed. They will pay me about 11 weeks of severance one week for every year of employment. Will that affect my unemployment benefit. Also, I am collecting a small pension from a previous employer from about 14 years ago. Will that affect my benefits?[/quote]
      [quote name=”dan”]I believe I am going to be severanced at my job of 11 years. I am 64 and still want to be employed. They will pay me about 11 weeks of severance one week for every year of employment. Will that affect my unemployment benefit. Also, I am collecting a small pension from a previous employer from about 14 years ago. Will that affect my benefits?[/quote]
      I am in the exact same position almost identical, same age, same severance, and even same name only I am collecting a pension from a previous employer from 20 years ago. Did you find out anything regarding the collecting of unemployment benefits?

    • I am in the same exact situation. Same age, same severance for 11 weeks, collecting a pension from 20 years ago though and even the same name. Did you find out anything regarding collection of unemployment?

  37. it says “Social Security number not found” when trying to start a new claim. i have typed it correctly several times with the same result.

  38. I am currently employed but am looking to better myself by taking another job, however there is a chance I may get laid off 2-3 months after I start due to winter for about 1 month. Would I be able to collect?

  39. I have been trying the EUC phone numbers 800-500-0017 and 866-500-0017 for constantly for the last 2 days. I either get a busy signal or a recording stating the call volume is too high and to call later. Is the system down? The state clearly states that I must call on specific days, but if I can’t get in and even leave a message, I have no proof I called in. Can you provide me with additional numbers please?

  40. Same here.

    I have been trying the EUC phone numbers 800-500-0017 and 866-500-0017 for constantly for the last 2 days. I either get a busy signal or a recording stating the call volume is too high and to call later. Is the system down? The state clearly states that I must call on specific days, but if I can’t get in and even leave a message, I have no proof I called in. Can you provide me with additional numbers please?

  41. Seriously this is a joke I’ve been callin trying to talk to someone for 2 weeks now but like always call volume too high bs. It isn’t right for ppl to be treated like this. It’s doesn’t make sense to me how hard it is to receive the money that I earned.

  42. I have been calling non stop for three weeks, and I am consistently met with an error message saying the call volume is too high. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

  43. Collecting unemployment -called MARVIN at the end of the call said my EUC was up and to fill a new claim after that said that my check will be sent out the next business day. I havent recieved that check am I getting paid?

  44. My previous employer and I parted on bad terms. As a result they fought my unemployment… I filed the appropriate protest 10 weeks ago. I followed up on my protest the next day and received confirmation that it was received. They told me wait 4-6 weeks and keep certifying… 7 weeks later I submitted another web inquiry (which has typically been the best course of action) and it was ignored 2 weeks after that I submitted another web inquiry also ignored by UIA. Today I have called 38 times and still haven’t been allowed to hold for an operator…

    Any tips?

  45. I have been working for the same company for a lengthy period of time, (15 years) The business is not doing well can you tell me if i am eligable for unemployment benefits if the business closes?

  46. I worked for a company for 12yrs and resigned my position with a 2 week notice to stay on good terms. After a couple of months I applied with the company but they would not rehire me. I went to our main company and they said they would hire me when a position came up. I have tried other jobs but they only last short term, so i called the hr rep to put in a good word for me and now all the sudden I am not eligble for rehire. I am sure this is discrimatory for more than one reason. I have been trying to fufill the money requirement but it is difficult. What can I do? I paid into the system so why doesn’t it help me?

  47. I work in a full time slot, but I have the title of part time. I have made before taxes over 32,000 dollars year to date at a rate of 8.56 per hour. I am pregnant and will not qualify for disability through my work due to my part time title. Eventually I will not be able to do my job because of the type of work I do and they will replace me. Do I qualify for unemployment?

  48. I’m going to have my hours cut from my full time job of 15 years.I think that i will only have about 5-8 hours a week. How will that effect my unemployment. and how can I figure that amount ?
    Once I file how long will it take to start receiving benefits

  49. my wife took a forced work force redution from H/P and she is collecting unemployment in Michigan. She got a payment that we signed a letter to say it was for a investment and we we not cashing it in for money. we ran into some problems and now need the monsy to pay off a lien on our house or lose it. Wil she stop getting payments if we do this?

  50. I was wondering if they tell you if you’re approved or denied right away? I filed a claim for Unenjoyment (unemployment) in Michigan and this is my first time doing so. I got my Marvin appointment, went to certify online and it went through.. however, I received no dollar amount or anything like that. But, I am entitled to “16.5” weeks. That’s all I could find out. I tried calling that stupid 500 number and I couldn’t get through..

  51. If one is salaried, can he/she receive unemployment and what would it be based on? Is it a certain percentage or what? Thank you very much.

  52. I haven’t been paid in weeks. The store owes me $650 in back pay. My hours have been cut from 35 down to 20. I can’t live on no paycheck and these hours. They are now saying I have performance issues, which I’ve never had before. I think they are looking for reasons to fire me, and not pay me, and not give me unemployment because the business is struggling. It’s a very toxic situation. Technically I’m working, but not getting paid. Would this be a case where I could quit and collect unemployment?

  53. I have a job where layoffs are frequent. During these times, I utilize my supplemental unemployment insurance. I want to start a limited liability company (LLC) for purchasing property. If I form an LLC, will I still be eligible to collect unemployment benefits arising from being laid off in my primary employment? How will collecting unemployment benefits change for me? Is there anything in this domain of unemployment of which I should remain aware while proceeding with my plans?

  54. Hello, I live and work in Michigan. I just found out I will be laid off on June 27 2013 from my full time employer. I have an LLC that I used to run Online sales like eBay. I have not sold anything in awhile.. Is this going to effect my Unemployment? Any information would be great.

  55. My wife’s teaching position was cut and she accepted a teaching position in Nevada…If I quit my job to move out there with her can I still collect unemployment benefits?

  56. I filed for benefits a few years ago and I remember having a PIN number, but I don’t remember what it was. Now, I’m laid off for a couple weeks and in order to file a claim, I need that PIN number that I do not remember. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve my PIN? Thanks

  57. Has anyone received unemployment after receiving a”REASONABLE ASSURANCE NOTICE” I’m gonna be homeless have been waiting 4 Weeks with No response.

  58. Why won’t they ever answer this phone number, i.e., Phone: 1-866-500-0017? – no matter how early or late, the voicemail says, “due to heavy call vol, unable to take your call” and they don’t give any options (other than the web) and it hangs up; it is obvious that the calls are going straight to this voicemail. Some people need a direct response for something quick, and cannot drive miles-and-miles for, say, a letter saying that “I’m getting ui benefits.”

  59. I worked for an at will employer. They terminated my employment and gave me a severance. I also have the option to give a resignation letter in lieu of termination. The employer said that I will be eligible for unemployment benefits after the severance. I just want to verify that I would qualify for unemployment if I give a resignation letter. Thanks

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