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When you’re unemployed two huge concerns remain uppermost in your mind: when will you get your unemployment checks and how can you find a job quickly?

Well, we can help with the second stressor—finding a job. Besides the resume resources, interview tips, and other job related strategies we’ve given you, here is our massive list of online job search engines, employment websites, sites for freelancers and even a number of popular regional job sites. Sites are free to use unless otherwise noted.

Employment Search Engines and Jobs Databases

AARP Jobs – safe place for 50+ job seekers – large and very popular job search engine; search by location, company, job title; register an account, upload resumes, cover letters, track jobs, get job alerts, apply for jobs online – search job listings from all over the world; a search engine for the jobs search engines. – search job listings; sponsored by AIM Institute. – a job bank sponsored by the Department of Labor – jobs classifieds searchable by geographic location – search top tech jobs by geographic location, job title, and/or company. – (Paid Subscription) Job search database that allows you to target your industry; job listings are reportedly exclusive and not available on free job boards. – collates open job listings from other databases, job websites, newspapers, and even company announcements; also covers select international sites (see Regional below) – search for jobs based on points on a map. – one of the first job search sites. Registration is not necessary to search for and apply for jobs. But create an account for free and you can upload 10 resumes, save job searches, create a search filter and get email job alerts. – job search engine that boasts better job finding tools and more relevant search results. – yes, it’s social media network, “network” being the operative word. You CAN use LinkedIn to locate work. You just need to leverage your connections. – one of the top job search sites in the world. Huge assortment of job finding tools and tips; create an account, upload multiple resumes and cover letters, create multiple job search filters and get alerts sent to your email. – big job search engine lists over 2.5 million jobs gathered from other sites, company job boards, and classifieds. – jobs board for “independent” employees, or freelancers, contract workers and consultants. – search for government jobs, solid resource for veterans

Yahoo! Hot Jobs – get the plug-in for your Yahoo! toolbar and you can get instant job alerts based on your job filters; search jobs by location, “hot jobs,” industry, job title and more.

Find Freelancing Jobs – (Free and paid subscriptions) Create an online profile, manage a portfolio, connect with buyers, advertise your services and bid for freelance jobs. – (Free and paid subscriptions) Create on online profile, upload a portfolio of work and bid for jobs. – designed to connect consultants, freelancers and contract workers with targeted jobs.

Regional Job Search Services – serving CT, NY, MA, and RI – all of Ohio, and Indianapolis, Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Dallas – besides the huge U.S. database, you can search Indeed for Canada, Germany, Spain, India, and UK jobs.

Jobdango – targeted job search for Oregon and Washington


# Angela 2012-10-22 11:03
I am currently employed full-time. I LOVE that I can say that but I really can't take my job anymore. I am a single parent and this job is not accomodating. My responsibilitie s have changed completely and I was forced into this new position or I would be fired for misconduct. Since my new "promotion" I have been so stressed out from this job that I have been waking up at 3am every morning with anxiety attacks and throwing up. I've been sick for almost 2 months. I have tried for over 6 months to get an extra day a week off to care for the things that I have to do around the house and for my child and they refuse to let me work 32 hours a week. Also, I have been trying to work Mon-Fri for a year and they wont allow that either, even though others have the weekends off. It's INCREDIBLY hard to find child-care on the weekends that doesn't COST my check. What are my options? I have been looking for other jobs for 2 months now but haven't found one yet that I can get to (I don't have a car) I have been trying to stay here as long as I can to get enough money for a car so I can expand my search but I dont know how much more I can take. I have already missed 2 weeks of work this month because every time I start to feel better I spend 40 hours here and am so frenzied and stressed and miserable I get physically ill again. I have tried everything, I tried pretending I love it, I've even tried anti-depressants to see if it was just me... it's not me. WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? At this point it would be cheaper to work a job that pays less. If I quit this job would I be able to collect? I heard you can't collect if you quit but then I heard you CAN if it is detrimental to your health (which it obviously is) and it makes a pre-existing condition worse (which it has been doing and my doctor is aware of) but you have to prove it... how do I prove that? For now I keep looking but I really don't know how much longer I can take this and I'm afraid I'm going to SNAP and get fired for something ridiculous and then be screwed. Any advice would be helpful.
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