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The Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Unemployment Insurance Division's Unemployment Insurance For You (UI4U) service allows you to 'File New Claim', 'Reactivate Your Claim', 'View Claim Information', 'View and Print Your 1099-G', 'Change Personal Information', and 'Change Personal Identification Number (PIN)'. The on-line service is a secure, simple and efficient way to file your Unemployment Insurance claim.

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Not all claims can be completed on-line. Once you have signed into the service, if your claim cannot be completed on-line you will be given instructions to contact the Claims Processing Center for assistance in filing your claim.

Instructions and Important Information are provided throughout the service to explain what is required from you. The progress bar at the top of each page indicates how far you have progressed in filing your claim. There are required fields throughout the service indicated by an asterisk (*) that must be completed before you will be able to continue. It is important your answers to each of the questions are correct. The information you enter on each page will be saved when you click-on the 'Continue' button. You will be able to edit the information on certain pages after continuing, however, on other pages once you have entered the information and clicked-on 'Continue' you must contact the Claims Processing Center to change the answer. If there is no activity for 20 minutes you will be automatically logged out of the service. You will be given an opportunity at the end of the service to review your answers and print a copy of your claim.

If you begin the application, but are unable to complete it at that time, there is a 'logout' link on each page. The information that has already been entered will be saved up to 10 days. During that time you may finish your claim on-line or by contacting the Claims Processing Center. If you do not finish your claim during the 10-day period, your claim information will be deleted. If you have questions concerning filing your claim or about Unemployment Insurance benefits, you may send a message to the Claims Processing Center by clicking-on the 'Ask UI' link located at the top of each page.

If you have questions concerning this on-line service, please feel free to contact Discovering Montana by sending a message via the link 'Contact US' located at the bottom of each page, or by calling 1.406.449.EGOV (1.406.449.3468).


Select 'Start' on the home page to begin your filing.

Getting Started:

Enter your Social Security Number and date of birth and click-on 'Continue'.

Login Information:

If you have not previously established a PIN using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System be prepared to create a four digit PIN when prompted. Your PIN and your Social Security Number are used to identify you whenever you use the service. You will also need to enter your mother's maiden name. This information is used for security purposes.

Enter PIN:

If you have previously created a PIN on our IVR system or on UI4U, then enter that same PIN. If you forgot your PIN, click-on 'Forgot PIN'.

Forgot PIN:

Your mother's maiden name, along with the social security number and birth date previously entered, will be used for your identification. If all the information matches what is on file you will be allowed to enter a new PIN. Once you have entered the new PIN and confirmed it, select 'Continue'.

Main Menu:

Please select the unemployment insurance filing option you would like to complete on-line. The options available in this service are:

File New Claim - start a new Unemployment Insurance claim.

Reactivate Your Claim - reopens an inactive claim.

Request Redetermination - to request a redetermination or appeal regarding a decision you, the claimant, feels was made in error. FYI: If you are an employer and want to request a redetermination, then you will need to contact the Claims Processing Center at either (406) 444-2545 or (406) 247-1000.

View Claim Information - review most recent claim information we have on file for you.

View and Print Your 1099-G - information reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for Unemployment Insurance benefits paid in the previous calendar year.

Change Personal Information - update personal information (i.e. mailing address, phone number, etc.).

Change Personal Identification Number (PIN) - change your personal identification number. If you think someone may know your PIN, contact the Claims Processing Center immediately.

Personal Information:

Enter your name exactly as it is on file with the Social Security Administration. Please provide a telephone number where you can be contacted. If you are not a U.S. Citizen you will be asked to supply your Alien Registration Number and expiration date.

Social Security Validation Error:

This page will only appear if the social security number, date of birth, and name you entered did not pass a validation check with the Social Security Administration. You cannot change the social security number entered, but you may change any of the other information on the page. If the information entered does not validate, you will not be able to file your claim until the matter is resolved with the Social Security Administration.

Initial Filing Questions:

Your answers to questions on this page will help us determine the type of claim you are filing and whether you can continue to file your claim online. You may be prompted to contact the Claims Processing Center for assistance in filing your claim.

Once you click-on the 'Continue' button on this page, you will not be able to return to this page to change your answers.


Please read the 'Important Information' section on the right side of this page. Your answers to questions on this page will assist us in determining your eligibility for benefits. If you are unsure of what is meant by 'seasonal worker', 'self-employment', 'base period', 'job attached', or 'union attached', click-on those words and you will be shown an explanation.

Clicking-on the browser's back button will not take you to the previous page (Initial Filing Questions), since the answers on that page cannot be changed.


Employer(s) you have worked for in the Base Period are shown on this page.

Check to make sure all of the employers you worked for in the base period are listed.

If you did not work for an employer listed, click-on the 'No' radio button beside the employer(s).

If you worked for all the employers listed answer 'No' to the question below the employer list. Then click-on 'Continue'.

If you have worked for other employers not shown answer 'Yes' to the question below the employer list.

If you answer 'Yes' you have worked for employer(s) not listed you will be directed to select or add these employers.

Each time you add an employer you will need to answer the question below the employers list with a 'Yes' if there are more employers you have worked for, or 'No' if all of your employers are now shown.

If you have had Federal employment you will be given 3 choices of how to select your Federal Employer.   Option 1: click-on the 'Select' button and click-on the arrow to bring up a drop down box of most common Federal employers. If your employer is listed click-on that employer and then click-on the 'Add' button.

Option 2: click-on the 'Search' button, enter your employer's name in the search field, and click-on 'Search'. If your employer appears after the search is completed, click-on the radio button next to your employer and click-on the 'Add' button.

Option 3: click-on the 'Manually Enter' button. Complete the employer information requested in the drop down box. Click-on the 'Add' button.

If you have had Military employment select the branch of service from the drop down box listed under 'Military Employers' and click-on the 'Add' button.

To add other employer(s) you have worked for that are not listed select one of the options listed under 'Regular Employers'.   Option 1: Enter the employer's Federal Identification number (FEIN), click-on the 'Search' button, and click-on the 'Add' button if the correct employer is listed. If not click-on the 'Close' button.

Option 2: click-on the 'Search' button, enter your employer's name in the search field, and click-on 'Search'. If your employer appears after the search is completed, click-on the radio button next to your employer and click-on the 'Add' button.

Option 3: click-on the 'Manually Enter' button. Complete the employer information requested in the drop down box. Click-on the 'Add' button.

Last/6-week Employers:

All employers you have worked for in the last 18 months will be listed. If not select the 'Back' button and add any missing employers. Select the last employer for which you worked. You may have more than one last employer, if the last day worked is the same date. Select all other employers you worked for in the last 6 weeks.

Employment Dates:

Enter your first and last day of employment for each employer. There is a calendar symbol you can click-on to help you find the date, or you can type the date.

Additional Employer Information:

A link 'Additional Information Needed' will appear next to each employer requiring additional information. Once you click-on the link, you will be directed to the 'Employer Separation Information' page for that employer. When you have clicked-on all the 'Additional Information Needed' links and completed all separation information, you will be taken to the 'Other Information' page.

Employer Separation Information:

The employer's name you are answering separation questions for will appear at the top of the page. Answer all required questions on this page and select 'Continue' to proceed with filing your claim.

If you answered 'Yes' to receiving separation pay a box will be displayed listing 4 types of separation pay. Please select the type(s) of separation pay you have received, or will receive, from this employer.

Severance - sum of money eligible to receive due to separation.

Vacation - paid for vacation time not taken

Sick - paid for sick time not used.

Other - any other sum of money eligible to receive due to separation.

If you answered 'Yes' to receiving pension or retirement pay, additional questions will be displayed. These are not required responses, but your answers will help us in determining your eligibility for benefits.

If you answered 'Yes' to returning to work 30 or more hours per week, a box will be displayed. Enter a future date in which you will return to work. This will be confirmed with the employer.

Separation Information:

If you indicated you were receiving separation pay, you will be directed to this page asking for the total gross amount and the date paid. If the exact amount and/or the date are unknown please enter your best estimate. If you have selected 'other' please describe the type of separation pay.

Military Employment:

If you selected a military employer, a page will be displayed with questions specific to your military employment. All the questions on this page are required.

Federal Employment:

If you selected a federal employer, a page will be displayed with questions specific to your federal employment. All the questions on this page are required.

Other Information:

Depending on your answers you may be prompted to provide additional information. Please read the Important Information section on the right side of this page. Your answers to questions on this page will assist us in determining your eligibility for benefits.

Work Search:

Please read the 'Important Information' section on the right side of this page and answer all required questions.


This information is used for statistical purposes only. If you are not able to find an exact match, choose one that best represents your occupation for the work you performed in the past 18 months. You must choose an occupation to continue. You may select the first letter of the name of your occupation, or you may enter the word in the field that best describes your occupation and select 'Search'. You will be directed to another 'Occupation' page that will display a list of occupations based on your search. Select your occupation by clicking-on the occupation title. If you would like further information about each title, select 'Details'.


This is the last step before filing your claim. It is important to review the information on this page, and edit your answers if necessary. The 'Edit' button, located at the bottom of each section, will take you to that particular page where you may edit your answers. If you wish to print a copy of this page scroll to the bottom and select the 'Printer-friendly page' button.

File Your Claim:

This page provides some very important information about your unemployment insurance claim. It is important that you read this information before filing. The effective date of your claim is at the top. In the section about your benefit rights and information, there is a link to information you will be required to read. When you are ready, click-on the button 'Yes I Agree - File My Claim'.


There are instructions about responsibilities you need to fulfill in order for us to determine eligibility. Please read through them carefully. You may be instructed to contact our office to provide additional information. Several on-line links are provided to help you.

Your confirmation number will appear on this page. Please print this page for your records by clicking-on the 'Print' button.

From this page, you may select 'View Claim Information', 'Print', 'Main Menu', or 'Logout'.

View Claim Information:

This page provides important information regarding your eligibility for benefits. If you log onto this site at a later date, this page will show status updates and changes. The following is a list of the items you may view on this page.

General Information:

Lists your name, the claim effective date, claim end date, filing date, program type, and overpayment balance due.

View Job or Union Hiring Hall Attachment: Shows the name and date of the employer and/or union hiring hall you will return to work for.

Issues: Situations may impact whether you receive benefits. To view the type and status of issues affecting your eligibility, click-on the 'Issues' link. Each issue will indicate whether a decision is 'pending', or will indicate a date the issue was resolved. Click-on each issue type link and another box is displayed listing additional information which includes, 'Issue Type', 'Employer Name', 'Status', 'Decision', 'Start date of decision', 'End date of decision', 'Date decision made', and 'Requalifying amount'. You will receive a written determination describing the outcome of each issue.

Preliminary Monetary: Lists the amount of benefits you are eligible for based on wages on file for the base period. If you are a school employee an alternate benefit amount will be listed. This is the amount you may be eligible for during school breaks.

View Quarterly Wage Information: To view the wages reported by your employer(s) that were used to determine your benefit amount, click-on the link 'View Quarterly Wage Information'. If you have worked for a school you may see an additional link, 'View Quarterly Wage Information Without School Employment'. The school employment wage information you may draw benefits on, may depend on whether you have reasonable assurance of returning to school employment.

Payment Information: Payment information for specific weeks will be displayed. This includes 'benefit week ending date', 'status', and 'claimant pay amount'. A payment week is from Sunday through Saturday.

View Check Detail: View your benefit check details. Click-on this link and the 'date check mailed', 'check status', and 'check amount' will be displayed.

Reactivate Your Claim:

If you need to reactivate a claim, you will be given this option on the Main Menu. When reactivating a claim, you will complete many of the same steps as for filing an initial claim. It is important if you have worked for any employers since the date listed, to click-on 'Yes' to the question on this page, otherwise click-on 'No'. Complete the following pages to reactivate your claim.

Unemployment Office Contact Information

Helena Telephone Center

Phone:  (406) 444-2545

Fax:  (406) 444-2699  


Billings Telephone Center

Phone:  (406) 247-1000

Fax:  (406) 444-2699


TDD for a person with a hearing impairment (406) 444-0532


Unemployment Insurance Division

Montana Department of Labor and Industry

P.O. Box 8020

Helena MT 59604-8020

(406) 444-3783


Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) 1-800-207-0667 Helena Area 444-9800

Unemployment Fraud Claims Investigator (406) 444-2937

Maybe We Can Help: 

If you can't find the answer to your question, you can fill out the comment form below and I will answer your question ASAP, or you can ask the The Unemployment Expert or you can post your question in the Unemployment Forum


# J. 2010-08-24 19:26
Hi. I got laid off close to three weeks ago now, and Im a little confused as to why I have not recieved any unemployment benefits yet. I knew I was to be laid off about a week or two before it happened, so I decided to get a jump start on the process, and I went ahead and opened my claim online. I was told it was too early and I had to wait and let the claim go inactive, then re open it when i was actually laid off. I then was told I had to wait until the 22nd of this month to file. At this point I have already ran out of money, I can't even put gas in my car and Im out of food. I filed on the 22nd, as I was told to, and here I am, the 24th, still no money. The claim online says there are "issues" with my claim and the opnly reason it gives is "laid off-other" I cant get a hold of the claims processing center, tried for three hours today. I am considering suicide. THANKS UNEMPLOYMENT
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# Site Admin 2010-08-26 14:59
I hear you J. - I've been in your same situation, and I want to help you. I know what it feels like to lose your job, run out of money, and not know what's going on with unemployment.

You said that you are considering suicide. Don't do it. Please don't do it. I know that you're not in a good place right now - but I want to assure you that it will get better, and you can get through this. I promise you that.

One thing that will help you is to talk to someone that you care about and love. You should give your mom or dad a call; call a sibling or other family member; or friend -- someone to talk to. Call them up and tell them what you're thinking; tell them about how you're feeling; tell them what you're going through.

If you don't know who to call; or feel like you don't have anyone to call - you can call this number: 1-800-784-2433; It is a 24-7 suicide hotline & you can talk to them.

Here are some websites you should check out: &

I want to help you. I'm in North Carolina - so I'm not familiar with the intricate details of Montana's unemployment system - but I'll do everything I can to help you.

First of all, know that you're not alone. There are lots of folks out there that want to help you; lots of folks at the unemployment office that want to help you -- it's just that their phone lines are jammed up and its hard to get through to someone.

There are lots of people out there that are unemployed and going through the same difficult time that you are - and it is by helping each other, and supporting each other, and listening, sharing & talking with each other, and being there for each other - that we will all get through this.

Now, in order to get your claim fixed, the first thing I suggest that you do is to send Montana Unemployment an email with very specific details about your situation. Their email is: . Make sure you include your name, address, phone number, former employer info, email address, date of birth, and last 4 digits of your SSN (don't send the whole SSN because email is not secure).

After you've sent them an email, you should go to your local unemployment office. I know you said that you are broke, and out of food and gas - but you need to find a way to get to their office to meet with someone face to face. Ask a family member, friend, relative, or even a neighbor for a ride. If you have a bus system and have $1.50 - take the bus. Go early, and try to be there at least 15 minutes before they open so that you're sure to be able to see someone.

By emailing them and then going into the office you have covered all of your bases. If it takes them a while to get to your email, you will probably get to see an unemployment counselor in person sooner - so you should do both.

Give that a try - and let me know how it turns out. I know you're in a tough spot right now, but you will get through it.

Site Admin
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# debbie 2011-03-13 00:02
#J you are not alone. first of all
apply for food stamps which is the link card . my son applied in July 2010 and it is March 2011 and he still has not been denied or approved. This is totally unexceptable. This needs to make some sort of headlines. Suicide thoughts remove them. talk to friends family go to a church and ask for help. Food stamps should be first. Peace
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# Elizabeth D. 2010-08-26 13:09
I have tried to call the Billings and Helena offices and get a busy signal. Who else can I speak to to resolve my issue?
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# Liz 2010-09-06 23:46
I spoke with a person from unemployment regarding receiving benefits while going to school. In March, I was laid off from my job of 7 years. I have never been in this position before. All the work available out there does not come close to what I was making.. The things available require a degree. The lady at unemployment said I would more than likely not get denied my unemployment benefits.. but I wouldnt know until I start school and file. I'm nervous my benefits will get denied. I've researched that if I attend school only part-time then I more than likely won't get denied. Any advice?
Thank You
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# Marzita 2011-01-17 09:52
I tried to register and my age was stated as not acceptable which is 7/30/1933 I am the support of grand children the job Ihad was terminated I am a nurse but live in a rural area
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# Julie 2011-03-07 15:29
My husband is a 3rd generation journeyman meat cutter. We live in Washington State and he was hired in Butte, Montana. He moved to Butte and worked there from October 2010 until the end of February 2011. There were several issues on this job site dealing with hazadorus/hostile work environment. Two other employees were harassing my husband; shoving or deliberatly bumping into him when he was working on the saws or other equipment or using very sharp knives. My husband complained to the owner/manager and nothing was done except my husbands hours got cut. Upon continuance of this behavior and coming close to losing his hand in the saw,he complained to the union which did nothing and wouldn't even give him the paperwork to file a grievance. He discussed the situation again with his boss and finally a verbal reprimand was issued to the other 2 employees. The following day my husband's windshield was broken. My husband didn't accuse anyone directly because there were no witnesses to the vandalism, however there were security camera's in the parking lot and my husband requested to view the footage. His employer refused and accused my husband of trying to start up trouble. When my husband persisted in his request he was told to get out that he never planned on staying there anyway and that he was a troublemaker. I've been packing up our house planning on relocating there permanently this spring, this has totally messed us up. This wasn't a temporary job just because we were unemployed, this was going to be an until retirement position. My husband was promised that he would work 6 days a week, 8+ hours a day with the goal of taking over the lead position in two years when the current lead man retired. This lead man is one of the two people harassing my husband. This person has also run off every other journeyman cutter in the past 5 years (this from the owner/manager's own mouth!) which was why this company started seeking employees out of state and how we found the job. Now my husband is being blackballed. He has applied and interviewed at several other jobs when suddenly these other prospective employers have turned hostile. When my husband questioned this he was told he better talk to his previous boss in Butte because he was given such an awful recommendation. Of course they deny this. His employer says he quit, my husband says he was told to get out. My husband worked his ass off for these people sometimes putting in 14+ hours a day. His work performance was never in question. He was living in the cheapest conditions he could find, without his family just so he could send money back here for me and to help with the final move once this horrible winter was over. He did everything right. He didn't lose his temper and just beat the tar out of these guys; he went through his chain of command, tried to get the issues resolved and went to the union as well and got screwed. So now what? Does he qualify for unemployment? How can he stop them from badmouthing him to future employers?
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# Cathy 2011-11-18 13:10
Might want to talk to a lawyer about a wrongful termination claim. Being forced to quit because of a hostile work environment is the same as being terminated under Montana law. there is also "whistleblower" protection for people who complain about wrongdoing at a workplace and get fired for it. The law won't allow an employer to fire someone for that. The statute gives up to 4 years salary for wrongful termination. But there is a limited period of time to file the claim and other requirements. Hope you get some help....
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# Herb 2011-12-13 23:16
I have worked at a laundry as a industrial wash person for 32 years. I have 37 yrs expeience. 21/2 weeks ago I returned from my scheduled 1 week vacation to find out i had been moved from my job of 32 years to a different position. The position is much more demanding on my 61 year old body and after working the last 21/2 weeks I have been on pain killing meds for the back pain. I have been to my boss and my union head but it seems they want me in that position. Is this a reason for me to quit the job and draw unimployment . Any input would help. Thank you.
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# Drew 2012-03-20 13:17
I have a few questions. I got out of the army in april last year started searching for work and signed up for UI. In July I got a seasonal position. I worked til September. In Sept. I knew I would be let go and I also had an eviction notice on the door because my roomates weren't paying rent. So on the first of September we had 30 days to get out. On the 4th I quit because I needed to leave my residence. I had no way of keeping my job because I made $1 over minimum wage and driving back and forth 60 miles or more to the nearest place I could live would not have supported me enough to put gas in my vehicle let alone pay my bills. My employer released me at my request slightly sooner then I would have been let go anyway. I called unemployment and told them I was let go as seasonal which I was and moved to MD where I signed up for the job service here as required by UI. I collected unemployment til Jan when they suddenly decided to investigate my case. I am still unemployed and they determined I quit, there for I am not eligable for funds they also sent me a statement of over payment since Sept. So First: Why did it take them 5 months to ask me about the situation or even start to review it when they could have investigated this when I talked to them about restarting my UI claim in Sept. Second is there a chance I could win an appeal for my situation considering I could have worked the possible week or three weeks before they let me go anyway and then been jobless and homeless instead of doing what I did and move. I thought I had good cause to leave early considering I was about to be homeless. Third if I couldn't win an apeal I don't have money to pay my bills let alone return money because it took UI 5 months to decide to review my situation.
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# D. 2012-05-17 14:41
I worked at a business since Sept 2008. I was hired for one position. I was terminated on the 15th of this month. They had been overloading me with jobs not on my job description for over a year. There were two of us in my area, after the other guy quit, I got his caseload. They didn't hire anyone else to replace him. It was killing my health, starting with health problems in September 2011, I had notes to my work from my doctor about this that I turned into my employer at that time. Also at that time I had a complaint with MT Human Rights Bureau that I filed and my work knew about it, but I decided not to pursue the claim as I thought they were going to resolve matters. Then I was diagnosed with several health problems in January 2012, with more notes from my doctor for my employer that I turned into employer.The employer was haggling me to go on FMLA . So I did so in Jan, 2012. I had several medical appointments to atttend to my health problems. I was haggled and harrasssed about my medical apointments by my work. I had to give a detailed report of what I was doing at all times. As I said I already was overworked by adding double my work load a year ago. Then early this year my workload was tripled, even though they knew I had health problems. I felt they were trying to get me to quit. I had an injury at work last year, which wasn't fully investigated that involved my ankle. Then in February of this year, I found out my ankle is in a severe state, and needs surgery, this would involve accommodations for work, missing 2 weeks after surgery, and then at least two months of accommodations where I could not drive. Driving is required at the job. Someone could of drove me to my appointments. I emailed the bosses to ask how we can do this and I needed to do the surgery by July 2012., They never responded. I had put 8 hrs on a timesheet because the boss said that is all I can work, but I needed to work 9.5 hrs to get a job done for a deadline one day. That is where they got me. They put me on suspension pending investigation for 9 days and went through everything in my office, finding details of infractions they say violated their policy and proceedures. It was a witch hunt to find problems to justify getting rid of me. I feel they didn't want to deal with my upcoming surgery, (and this could be related to the work place injury of my ankle, but I can't prove it). It is not like I want to have surgery! It is just needed for me to continue to work and have any quality of life! Also now that I have been terminated, I will not have the health insurance to cover the surgery. Their letters to me about termination included comments that they even doubted I had an ankle problem! I have filed for unemployement the day after they terminated me. It is pending because I was "terminated" - and I am very afraid they are going to try to fight me getting unemployment. I didn't want to lose my job and they never offered me any remedies to try to rectify the situations they said I was lacking in. I had also asked that some of my caseload be reduced or that they hire someone else at least even parttime to releive the heavy load I was under, they denied. I was in the hospital a couple of weeks before they terminated me for two days and missed the next day due to doctors orders. At the hospital, the boss kept calling me and harrassing me. When I have ever been sick, no one has ever covered my caseload jobs or appointments. I had to call my appointments on my own to cancel them while I was in the hospital. They have accused me of things that no one else of my office peers is held up to. They just targeted me, as I am a problem, with health problems, upcoming surgery, and they were looking to someone to get rid of me. I was in a catch 22. I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't. This place should be explosed to unfair practices and discrimination due to disabiltiy. I never had an intention to quit and told them. But they found a way. Yes, I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't. I had also been diagnosed with PTSD and they knew about that too, yet they ignored my doctors note saying I needed a reduced work load.
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# ruben 2012-07-12 00:12
Just wondering how the ajudication process determines a claim. I filed a claim and after months of gathering info the said I was not entitled to benefits because they are sayinf that from the witness staements from the bosses their saying I left on personal reasons becausde I said that there was nothing done right today and was mad. I agree that I stated that I was upset that nothing was done but I had been going through medical issues and work knew this and also had a doctors note writing me out of work. I thought that the ajudication process had to by there decision on fact. They have the letters from the doctor but have nothing but statements from the boss saying different. That is hear say not fact. I left work because I was in pain and didn't have to be there just came in to help if I could and they knew this. They had copies of the doctors notes. If this is how this process works then every employer can do this to a person. It not right and want to know that don't they have to base their decision on facts. You can't. Argue with a doctor writing you out of work. Please help I'm struggling but doing this the right way. I have facts not hear say.
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# Kerry 2012-08-02 09:45
I am currently receiving unemployment benefits from the state of Montana. If I move back to Michigan (Mom is dying of cancer) and I'm still unemployed, do I continue to receive my benefits or will they cancel when I change my address to a Michigan one?
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# Rick 2012-08-28 08:58
I Live in Montana , if a person is drawing Unemployment Checks, can that person also receive Social Security Disabilty checks,
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# Wynne 2012-09-25 19:49
I have pending issues on my claim. I have been looking for work and filing faithfully for 7 weeks. No change to my 'peninding" status. Is there a period of time that benefits will be paid automatically?
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# Kim 2012-11-15 17:44
Wynne, I had to wait for a decision for 4 months and then they disqualified me because they did not have all the necessary information they needed. So I now have asked for an appeal of their first decision and have been waiting now for another month and a half. Also when I was contacted about my appeal I find out that it was the UI processing department that did not take the time to ask me the questions that they ended up disqualifying me for. I can not get a hold of anyone in the UI offices here in Montana because every time I call either number they are both busy. So here I sit now for 5 and a half months unemployed, still no job, and STILL no answer final answer from UI offices! I feel your pain but hang in there~
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# Teresa 2012-11-28 17:22
Current USPS employee in MT, I have been thinking about quitting. The office where I work will have it's hours cut drastically and will ultimately close down. I have been actively looking for another job in the town or anywhere nearby where I'm from but thus far have been unsucccessful. I've worked with the postal service for 6 months and had no knowledge of the declining state of this company up until a month ago. I was told from acquaintances that I would not be able to apply for unemployment benefits if I quit or was fired and that I had to be working with the company for 6 months at the least. Is this true? Would I be able to receive benefits?
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# Paul 2013-03-09 14:07
I am a resident of Idaho who worked in montana for a washington state based company.Unemployment was paid to Montana.Can I file claim in Montana?Thanks.
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