Delaware Unemployment

To receive unemployment benefits in Delaware, you must be partially or totally out of work through no fault of your own.

You must be able to work and available for work. However, if you become sick or disabled after you have registered for job search assistance, you may continue to draw benefits unless you refuse a job, which would have been, considered suitable for you at the time of your registration for work. If you claim benefits while sick or disabled, you must submit a doctor's certificate.

You must be actively seeking work. The fact that you have registered for job search assistance at a public employment office is not enough. You should be actively seeking work and be prepared to verify where you applied for work. See Weekly Pay Authorization.

If you are required to register with the Division of Employment and Training, you must do so immediately. Failure to register may result in a denial of benefits. In addition, you must participate in all required testing or training with the Division of Employment and Training or your benefits may be at risk.


Find Out If You Are Eligible For Unemployment   Click this link to find out: Am I Eligible To Collect Unemployment Benefits?

Have Your Benefits Run Out?   Click this link to find out how to get an unemployment extension: Unemployment Extension

Have A Specific Question?   Click this link to get answers to all of your Delaware unemployment questions:   Delaware Unemployment FAQ

Phone Numbers

Wilmington (302)761-8133

Newark (302)368-6610

Dover (302)739-4434

Georgetown (302)859-5825

Reasons You Can Be Denied

  • If you are unable to work, or are unavailable for work;
  • If you have failed to actively seek work;
  • If you quit your job voluntarily without good cause attributable to your work
  • If you are discharged from your job for just cause in connection with your work - such as lateness, unexcused absences, or violation of company rules;
  • If you are unemployed by reason of commitment upon conviction and sentencing to any penal institution;
  • If you refuse to accept a job offer for which you are reasonably fitted and which pays the general rate for that type of work
  • If you put undue restrictions on the type of work, number of hours or amount of pay that you are willing to accept;
  • If you are unemployed due to a labor dispute;
  • If you fail to participate in reemployment services; or
  • If you do not report to the local office and/or do not mail pay authorization forms as required.

How do I file for unemployment benefits?

There is an even more detailed online guide to filing for unemployment benefits in Delaware at this link:

It covers the following topics:

Your Individual Eligibility

  • Base Period
  • Your Monetary eligibility
  • Weekly Benefit Amount
  • Federal Civilian Employees
  • Military Personnel
  • Monetary Determination
  • Active Work Search
  • Protect Your Eligibility While Receiving Benefits
  • Telebenefits
  • Appeal Rights
  • Tax Liability on Benefits
  • Profiling Program
  • Office Hours
  • Hotline Information
  • Work Search Log

Contact Information


(302) 761-8446


(302) 739-5461          


(302) 368-6600


(302) 856-5611

UI Information Hotline:

New Castle County: (302) 761-6576

Kent/Sussex Counties: (800) 794-3032

Still Have Questions? 

Click this link to get answers to all of your Delaware unemployment questions:  Delaware Unemployment FAQ

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# Dolores 2010-09-07 20:19
When you are unemployed is there other assistance available to you; such as health care for a parent and child, educational training programs such as computer training. Is the unemployed person eligible for food stamps?
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# kyle 2010-10-04 08:38
i have filed for unemployment online, do i still have to go to the unemployment office? if i dont, how do i know they have approved my claim?
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# Kathy P 2010-12-19 21:43
if my master schedule at my current employment is 40 hours per week but my hours are now cut back due to the economy, can I file for unemployment for my lost hours?
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# George B. 2013-06-11 05:16
I am a DOD employee and will be furloughed 1 day per week for eleven weeks. Can I file for partial unemployment for the 4 days per month I will be furloughed?
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