How to File a Tennessee Unemployment Appeal

1. Go to the Tennessee unemployment website and click on 'Appeal'.
2. Contact your unemployment counselor.
3. File a claim directly with the Tennessee Board of Labor.
4. Contact a labor attorney.

What are some reason that you might need to file an unemployment appeal?

1. You feel like you did not receive the full amount of your unemployment benefits.
2. You feel like you were treated unfairly or discriminated against.
3. You feel like you were denied for unemployment benefits inappropriately.
4. You feel like your employer is trying to block you from receiving unemployment benefits when you are legitimately entitled and eligible to receive them.
5. You think that your unemployment benefits ran out too soon.
6. You believe that your unemployment application was incorrectly or unfairly judged or handled.

The staff of the Tennessee unemployment offices are very diligent and professional counselors who genuinely want to help you, but sometimes mistakes are made. If you feel like something has gone wrong during your unemployment case that has affected the benefits that you receive, you can file a Tennessee unemployment appeal in order to have your case reviewed. Do this as soon as possible. Do not let too much time pass, or it may be too late.

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# Heather Pitman 2011-08-15 10:27
I received a letter stating I owe unemployment money. Do you have a phone number on whom to talk to about this?
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# Christin 2012-07-03 17:28
I was sent a letter from my employer on June 15, 2012 (my last pay check) saying that my teaching contract will not be renewed due to my Apprentice license expiring on August 31, 2012 as well as a letter of seperation. I filed my unemployment a couple of days latar and was awarded the full amount of $275.00 a week. Calling the TIPS hotline and checking my status this Monday, it said my claim was accepted for the prior week (June 23, 2012) and will be issued during the next check run. The next day Tuesay or today I called just to check the status and the TIPS hotline is saying that my claim was denied due to it being determined I was let go do to misconduct, which is not true. I went down to the unemployment office and the only thing they said I could do was to file an appeal, but to keep certifying each week. However, the appeal process "WILL" not "COULD" take up to three months or twelve weeks. I want to know if it was their mistake on the information they put into the system, why would it take twelve weeks to fix this problem and why do I have to go through an appeal at all when I have the letter and seperation notice they need with me now? Please help because I am destitute monetarily at this point and have three children ages 9 months to 6 years old to take care of on absolutely no money. Thank you!
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# Terry 2013-03-24 14:59
I was taken off work for post pardom depression from my doctor on nov 20,2012 to estimated dec 15,2012 i was fired from my job on nov 29,2012 and i filed a claim on dec 5,for unemployment but it was denied stating that i filed my claim to early since i was still under doctors care. Do i have any grounds to receive benifits?
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