Tennessee Unemployment Rules

In order to receive unemployment benefits in Tennessee you must follow these rules:

1. You must be able to work, and are not disabled.
2. You must be actively looking for a job, and keeping a record of your job search.
3. You must file a weekly certification.
4. You must not make more than your weekly wage allowance. In some cases, you will be able to work while collecting unemployment - but only so much per week. Make sure when you apply for unemployment that you are very clear about how much you are able to earn each week. Your unemployment counselor will be able to tell you how much this is.

As long as you follow these Tennessee unemployment rules, you will continue to receive your unemployment benefits.

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# Cindy 2012-10-31 14:15
Assuming the following in the state of Tennessee:

1)An employee is laid off BY begining July 21, 2011, received Basic unemployment and tier 1 emergency unemployment benefits through July21, 2012.
2)That employee has worked since being laid off and still works part-time for employer where he was laid off. The employee earns approximately $2000/year on this part-time job. (As compared to $48000.00/year working full-time)

Is the employee entitled to the subsequest tiers of EUC08 as of July 22, 2012? If so, how to convince the claims officials that you are due this even though the claims center filed a new claim beginning July 22, 2012 based on being employed part-time at $2000 during the prior year.

Note: This is an educational insititution where "academic year" comes into play.
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# Lesley 2013-01-07 15:53
I have been laid off of my job in Tennessee after working for only 3 months. Will I be able to collect unemployment benefits from my last employer in Indiana although I resigned from there? I worked there for 11 months.
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# granty 2013-02-08 18:12
i was laid off as a manager at a health company. rehired in a different department (same company) at a lower wage and double the mileage, as a supervisor. now I am being told my job does not exist, but i can do an even lower classified job,(which I have been doing after that person left as well as my own). problem is I am salaried & therefore the 5 - 10 hours a week needed to manage all the work will not be paid & I can see myself doing that for the forseeable future.
add to the mix, doctors think that I am not doing things fast enough because of the work load. My direct supervisor has been changed to one that I was told would be over one aspect of the department while I was over the other.
so what are my options?
i was getting more whilst unemployed (less benefits etc of course) and now also have about $250 in gas more a month.
if I quit I probably can't claim.
if I stay and get fired due to not being able to keep up i won't be able to claim.
add to that my husband is sick, as a salaried employee I had a little leeway in times I was at work, so I could get to appointments with him. now although still salaried, I will be in a position where i must be at my desk certain times.
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# Carolyn 2013-04-17 13:45
if my employment is cut from full time to part time. in other words instead of 40 hours a week I will work 20 hours a week, would I be eligible to get unemployment benefits?
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# joe 2013-06-05 04:41
my benefits got cancelled and I don't understand why. they said I refused a referral. But I didn't receive anything thing from them and haven't been offered any work. Im concerned ive missed something.
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# Kathy 2013-06-24 17:15
Does anyone know the rule about unemployment in St. of Tn. in regards to the fact that I quit my job today because my Boss ( who is a physician) called me stupid in front of patients? I really need to know. I know in most cases if you quit you can not draw unemployment but I thought there were some exceptions to that rule.
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# Tasha 2013-08-23 13:18
How many hour or how much money are you allowed to make working part time, and still receive benefits?
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# Eric 2017-12-13 10:16
I have a client that recently purchased a business. He is debating laying off an employee who had worked considerable time at the business before he purchased it. How would the employee benefits be assigned if the employee attempts to draw unemployment? (He has only owned the business for one month at this point).
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