Pennsylvania Unemployment Rules

In order to receive unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania you must follow these rules:

1. You must be able to work, and are not disabled.
2. You must be actively looking for a job, and keeping a record of your job search.
3. You must file a weekly certification.
4. You must not make more than your weekly wage allowance. In some cases, you will be able to work while collecting unemployment - but only so much per week. Make sure when you apply for unemployment that you are very clear about how much you are able to earn each week. Your unemployment counselor will be able to tell you how much this is.

As long as you follow these Pennsylvania unemployment rules, you will continue to receive your unemployment benefits.

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# Dale 2012-01-11 13:30
I was told at work to resign or I would be fired, so I resigned, and then I was ineligible to collect unemployment.
That was several months ago, and I still have not found a job.
Is there some time period that I could file an application for compensation and be awarded?

Thank you.
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# trish 2012-01-17 07:04
Why didn't you let them fire you? Regardless they gave you no option either way you would be unemployed. File for unemployment and if it gets denied appeal, and keep appealing until you have a hearing. At a hearing make sure you treat it like you would a serious court hearing/case take evidence and witnesses. Unemployment comp hearings are quite court like so take it like a life or death and you should be fine.
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# Terrie D 2012-01-31 22:16
While collecting unemployment what is the maximum number of hours to work per week?
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# corey d. 2012-02-27 21:28
I am presently laid off from from my job, which my normal full time hours are 5am-5pm, 6 days a week. Now my employer has laid me off due to lack of work, but still expects me to be ready to go to work at a moments notice. What, if any, rules are there regarding a situation lilke this?? Any help would be appreciated
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# Misha 2012-02-29 18:53
I was laid-off, and I was paid in cash. I have reported the earning. Now I was denide unemployment because they stated my employer never paid into the unemployment tax. Is this true? How can I fight it? Please help.
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# Misha P 2012-02-29 18:59
I was 1099 from my employer, now I'll laid-off. I have been denied unemployment. They claim that my employer never paid into the tax so I won't get it. Is this true? How can I fight this, because it is not my fought and I haven't able to fine another job, please help. Thank you
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# Susan 2012-06-06 09:39

I was laid off on 5/15 and filed my inital claim and my first bi-weekly claim, but still haven't received benefits. It's been approximately three full weeks now that I've been unemployed.

I saw something under the unemployment rules that I have to file a weekly certification? Anyone know what that is. Is that the same thing as the bi-weekly claim?

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# Jamie 2012-07-27 07:39
I am currently receiving unemployment. My employer and I reached a settlement agreement, which they allow me to collect unemployment and they continued to pay for my family health coverage for 120 days. That time is coming to an end - Aren[t they required to have Cobra paperwork sent to me in a time frame and is there any assistance with paying that Cobra fee since I am on unemployment. Someone told me that there is a discount. I just wanted to verify.
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# Nicole 2012-09-01 21:35
Hi, The retail store I currently work at is closing. They offered me a job at another location, but it is 50 miles from my home. I told my manager that I can not travel the distance especially because they are not willing to increase my pay. He told me that was fine, but I will need to resign. If my current position is no longer available what am I resigning from and will I be able to collect unemployment?
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# carolyn 2012-11-30 17:31
I was fired for missing money at my bank. They kept me on for one month after 14 years i was fired this month. They investigated it but could not find it. My computer went down once that day it was busy short staff i feel it was a pc error. I applied for unemployment and they are trying to stop it. I have been a n excellent employee and have proof. i am appealing this do i have a case they no i did not take it but are treating me awfull. do i have a case
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# Trish 2012-12-10 11:48
I'm a full time employee going to be laid off over Christmas and my hours are getting cut starting this week. I already have a claim from last year that just needs reopened but what is the most hours I can work and what is the most I can make?
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# fingersfelix 2013-01-10 12:33
How long must a person be laid off before able to collect unemployment? Is it legal for employers from another country to tell employees with years of service to not come to work because their family is helping instead?
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# Candace 2013-01-16 07:15
I am a part-time employee and the owner of the company takes vacations for a week at a time, during that week the office is closed and and we do not get compensated. Can I claim unemployment for that week that we do not get paid?
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# Melissa 2013-01-16 18:56
I work at a center and I was wondering if I could collect if I quit my job because my boss refuses to follow Dpw regulations? And also for trying have me change my time sheets so she can get more money back on a grant?
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# steven 2013-03-21 17:04
I got laid off from my job was told i will get called back as soon as work picks up.Was getting unemlpoyment went to other job but was not told before hired that i have to work 58 hrs a week.I have lyme disease and cant work more then 40 hrs.If i quit current job can i get my unemployment back.
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# Stephanie 2013-05-08 18:45
I work as a server partime..Recently my job has been cutting my hrs. So I have been looking for another job. I had interview today with another company and believe I may have landed the job however (still waiting to hear wether or not I have been offerd position) This job would give me more hrs. Am I allowed to willfully quit employment at current job if I am hired at new job and still be eligable for unemployment benifits?
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# TRACY 2013-06-23 08:54
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# Stephanie 2013-06-25 13:46
I am a teacher's aide for our area school district. I was wondering if I could collect unemployment over the Summer until I go back to work at the end of August? Thank you for your time regarding this matter. :)
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# sherrie 2013-07-23 21:38
I am currently employed and on disability ssi I only work so many hours on ssi ... I am worried that I am about to be let go because of my disability and was wondering if they let me go can can I still get unemployment benefits on ssi?
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# Harvey 2016-07-20 17:57
I have been an employee full time for a company for 5 months. The company is doing poorly and I am being told I may possibly be laid off. How long must I have to be on a job to get unemployment benefits?
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