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# James Hornyak, Sr. 2011-07-09 00:20
I had worked steady for a period of 1 year (11/16/2009-11/15/2010) and then had to go on sick leave for approximately 7 months. During that time I received my salary the same as if I were working. I'm now back to work but was wondering if my time off for medical reasons counts towards my unemployment if I need to re-open a claim? If this time off doesn't count, how many weeks or quarters would be needed to re-open a claim? Thank you for your time in this matter. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
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# theresa 2012-07-06 13:15
Can I collect unemployment? I havenet worked for 19 yrs. I just worked for home depot for 120 days and they laid me off on the 4th. Told me to reapply.
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# Judy 2013-06-03 22:56
I have worked for my company for 14 months. My new boss retaliated against me after I went above her head to get something done that she had refused to do. That started her attack on me personally. After four months she gave me two write ups and put me on an "improvement plan" I finally received the training that I had not gotten when I started and week after week I met with my boss and her boss to review my work. Each week I was told how well I was doing, how much I improved etc. Last Friday was to be the last meeting of these, and I was totally blindsided by being escorted down to HR. I was told again what a valued employee I was and how well I did doing everything and more they asked me to do. However, they said I was not a good fit but if I were to get my Masters degree I could reapply after getting more clinical experience. I was hired in with the skills and experience level with a Bachelors degree. They offered me a small severence package and said my last day would be Monday so they would allow me to keep my health benefits until end if the month. OR I can apply to other positions in the company and they would allow me to interview while I took the vacation time I had accrued over the last year. The only position I qualify for I am over qualified for and it it literally $25,000 less than what my current salary was. If I accept the severence package and I saying I agree with their wrongful termination? Do I have a whistle blowers discrimination case? Am I eligible for unemployment benefits? Should I seek out legal advice and if so do you know of anyone who does free consultations?
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