North Carolina Unemployment Eligibility

In order to establish unemployment eligibility in North Carolina you have to:

1. Be a resident of North Carolina. If you are not a resident of North Carolina, but worked in North Carolina at your last job, you should still have North Carolina unemployment eligibility.
2. Have worked and earned income in North Carolina.
3. You must not be disabled.
4. You must be able to work.
5. You must be actively looking for a new job.
6. You must have lost your job through no fault of your own. If you quit your job or were fired for 'just cause' you may not be eligible to collect unemployment in North Carolina. Every case is different, so if you lost your job -- be sure to apply to unemployment in case you are indeed eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

There are special rules that apply to unemployment elibility for military personnel and union workers, so check with your mility or union representative for these rules.

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# Nancy 2011-06-28 21:14
The company I work for sold our business unit; they said that if the new owner don't offer a job to every staff member, they would try to place us within other positions at the company. If there is not a position I am interested in or qualified for, am I obliged to accept any position? If I am not interested in the positions available and do not accept any, do I qualilfy for unemployment?
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# Michael 2011-07-22 23:23
I have been out of work since June 13th due to illness. It has taken almost 2 months now for the doctors to figure out what the cause is. Come to find out I have severe sleep apnea and because I'm an over the road truck driver I can't drive until I'm on a cpap machine. Also, the doctors want to see that is truely is sleep apnea that is causing my problems. My job is only being held until Aug 13th due to the fact that I've only been there since Feb this year, otherwise I would have been eligible for fmla. I'm not currently able to make any money since the doctors haven't released me back to work. My question is; If I'm not released back to work by Aug and my company decides not to hold my job any longer, Will I be eligable for unemployment? I can work light duty even now however my company doesn't have any light duty work. Also, if any other information is available about possible help for my situation, could someone please help me. I'm struggling and I don't know what if anything I can do. Thanks
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# shannon 2011-08-06 11:42
My fiance and I are moving to NC in September due to his job. I am currently working in NJ but will have to leave my job to relocate. Am I elligable to collect benefits while I look for a new job?
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# Tammy 2013-02-08 16:46
Quoting shannon:
My fiance and I are moving to NC in September due to his job. I am currently working in NJ but will have to leave my job to relocate. Am I elligable to collect benefits while I look for a new job?

Hi. I just did the same as you did and I was denied unemployment benefits. I'm appealing, but I was told that it won't matter. Did you ever get any benefits?
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# Pete 2013-02-13 17:00
You can if your are legally married or have a legal common law couple then yes you can...well in NY not sure of Jersey.
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# Crystal 2011-09-05 16:24
Im go to school and I am doing my extern 2 days a week which means I would be late for work them two days. I have been at my job nearly ten years and they say they can't work with my hours. If I was to get fired due to these reasons would I be able to apply for unemployment?
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# Trina 2011-10-26 17:11
If I quit my job to take care of my grandson who has faught a battle with brain cancer tumor, can I still draw unemployment.
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# Mary Smith 2011-10-31 10:15
Can I collect unemployment if I quit so I can help with a struggling family business?
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# marie 2011-11-29 14:40
i gave my 2 week resignation to my previous employer after being told that i had to chose what was important to me, I have a son with special needs and he was transitioning into a new school, I asked to come in a few hours late to be present for ahearing and i was told that i needed to schedule apt on my days off or decide what more important to me. My boss then told me "i will not fire you, so that you can collect unemployment" after that i felt that my sanity and my childs education deserved better. I resigned. Recently after visitng my local DSS office i was encouraged to file a claim to see if i am elegiable. I hoenstly did and still dont belive it is possible..,. Does anyone have any knowledge on this matter?
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# rose 2012-01-05 12:38
I was supposedly fired but the employer didn't give me a write up or reason. they just let me work that day and told me they were letting me go after my shift was over. I had exercised my writes by turning in an employee for sexual harassment with a customer and employees and the gm did nothing about it, so me as an assistant did and they started messing with me ever since. they made me rewrite a write up to this employee that he was being rude to customers and employees but that was a lie. the original write up was magically missing. Go figure. I then had to experience after they just demoted the gm that wasn't doing her job they moved her to the other store instead of firing her, the new gm had got aggresive with me because i had told him the dm wanted some paperwork he started yelling at me and another manager on the floor. I asked him to not do this in front of employees to go to office and when we got in there he started waving the camera remote in my face threatening to have me fired because the drive thru speed of service was to high. he started yelling at me through his teeth and scared me, he then called the other manager while on the floor and started yelling at her in front of employees also. I called upper managment and they instead of doing anything to him they moved me like i was the problem. I felt like i was being pin pointed to be fired or let go because they did not want to have someone to protect others and myself legal writes. I felt like i was in a hostile enviroment and that i was being picked on because i as a manger refused to let this go on and felt it should be dealt with, so i lost my job. will i get my unemployment? I feel i was let go for doing my job...
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# Joe H 2013-07-05 18:22
Rose, i want to thank yo for that quote, Seems to me a lot of that is going on now. Its suppose to be 0 tolerance if i remember correctly. I worked with a alot of Mexicans at a chicken plant. I as a male was sexually harassed , and assaulted, i talked to various managers. Got no where. i got fired after finally getting something written up. Once i wanted to get it going i got a supervisor constantly on my back. saying i wasn't working. one day he made me angry after coming to me telling me to get to work that they told me to go home. I went home and they told me to come in the next day. Guess what i come in and they told me i was banned from there place. i never got a write up or counseling or anything. As far as the sexual harassment charges i sent it, i am sure never went past the supervisor. I talked to the police about it and they cant do anything because no paper work was done.
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# Jerry 2012-01-31 00:18
Hi! Just had a quick question. I will be getting laid of from my 9 year full time job in march. Well, I own an LLC. Will this effect my eligibility for unemployement? Thanks! J
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# Gloria 2012-02-20 19:13
I am engaged to a person in the military who's based is 300 miles from my home. Our wedding is near and I must move to the base, which means I must quit my job. I am on good terms with my employer. Will I be elibgible for unemployment while seeking employment in my new city?
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# Jim 2012-03-20 19:24
I had a reduction in pay due to no fault on my own. I live in NC and instead of quitting my job I excepted the reduction in pay. Can I file unemployment. I reviewed the application and you seem to be eligible for a reduction in pay and a reduction in hours.
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# Erin 2012-04-09 15:21
I moved to NC in March. I left my job in MD to relocate and have not been able to locate a job. Am I elligable to collect benefits while I look for a new job?
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# Shejawi 2012-05-08 15:51
Im a RN and I quit my job after I got depressed and due to the fact that in my mental state I felt it was not safe for me to care for my patients. Can I still draw unemployment benefits?
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# Shana 2012-05-31 17:44
I was supposed to move to another state and gave notice at my job. Unfortunately the move did not happen, and my job would not rescind my notice. I was able to find a 90-day temp position in the company. However it is about to expire and I still can't seem to find a job. Will I be eligible for Unemployment benefits? I am also thinking about going to school at night to get a degree in nursing so that I can find a job. Would the esc be able to help with that?
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# Shana 2012-05-31 17:46
Long story short, I was moved to a 90-day temp position that's about to expire. I am trying to find a job without any luck. Will I still qualify for unemployment benefits? The move to the temp position was due to a move that ended up not happening.
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# Melissa 2012-06-02 23:53
I was fired at the end of my weekend shift with no warning what-so-ever. I was never told I was doing anything but right. I spoke to another employee hours before I was fired who slipped and stated that the boss' cousin was working as help sometimes. That morning after the "slip" I was fired. They couldn't give me a straight answer as to WHY I was fired and even agreed that they had no valid reason TO ME as to why I was fired. A couple of weeks prior I even drove up to the main office to ask how I was doing because I had yet to receive any feedback and worked nights and they told me I was doing great and everyone loved me. I was also working 45 hours every week and only getting paid 40. Do I have a case for unemployment?
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# KARI 2012-06-11 12:25
I was laid off from a part-time job after only approximately 45 days of employment. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits?
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# Ashley 2012-06-21 20:08
I currently work part-time but some weeks I get 20-30 hours an then a few weeks ill have 12 or under is there any help with this or anything I can do? I wasn't sure if unemployment would be applied for this type of situation or what I am in north carolina! Thanks
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# angie 2012-08-01 12:38
I have worked at a place for 10 years, but decided to work at another job...this job laid me off...can I receive unemployment?
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# James 2012-08-15 22:57
My employer of 13 years is moving location to more than an hour away do i have a choice in the matter
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# Justin 2012-08-26 18:34
My former employer was downsizing and I tried to be proactive and get a job before I got laid off. I received a written offer with a start date and put in my two-weeks notice, leaving the company eligible for rehire. The day before I was to start, the new job rescinded the job offer. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits? Although I voluntarily left my previous job, I feel that I am unemployed due to no fault of my own, but rather detrimental reliance on the written job offer. Does promissory estoppel apply to unemployment claims?
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# Sean 2012-10-15 05:44
What exactly qualifies as 'just cause'? If you get fired for a simple accident, and they state that's the reason you're being fired, can you still qualify for unemployment?
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# Ashley 2012-10-17 15:49
I have worked at my job for a little over 90 days. I wish to leave because of a hostile work environment. My boss thinks that verbally abusing someone is within reason because in his words, "I own a 100% of this company." Can I collect unemployment?
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# Eddisha 2012-10-28 15:09
I've been over stressed at work after an accident I've had to start seeing a psychologist twice a month and an another one once a wk if I quit due to this can I apply for unemployment I've been diagnosed with depression anxiety and ocd..I'm currently on fmla
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# billy 2012-10-29 19:33
i am a nurse in north Carolina and my hours have been shutdown to 52 hours every two weeks if they don't call me and put me on call because there is not enough patients for me to work and then.i loose 12 more hours. can i draw partial unemployment in north Carolina
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# lakia 2012-11-21 06:54
I am a single mom who recently gave birth to a seven weeks old baby and due to some medical challenges with my baby I resigned and move back home to SC so that I may have some support with doctor travels and emotional stability.
I am seeking employment but I am in need of unemployment until then.
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# Tony 2013-01-08 21:49
I am working for a company that I have been there for over 16 years and they recently merged with another company, which we are all owned by the same larger company, and my position at my recent company was going to be moving to the company which we merged with, which is around 50 miles away, one way. I had a choice of make the move or taking a lay off. I was asked if I would be willing to go to work at the other location, and was told to do the same job as I had been doing for over 16 years, so I said yes. Now, once I have made the move, and try to do my job, I have the plant manager saying that I have to do another job part of the time to help another area out, which makes it look good for that area to the larger company that owns us, but looks like I am not doing the job I am responsible for, and when I do try to do the job I am responsible for, in several cases I have been cursed using some very vulgar language, and the plant manager saying, that I need to help the other area, and he don't care about what I need to get done. If I were to ask for a lay off being it has only been around 6 weeks since the move, and they did not uphold there deal, and they don't let me have it, would I be able to draw unemployment if I then go ahead and quit? I am a single dad, and really need to make sure I make the right move until I can find another job to support my daughter and I. Thanks!
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# catherine 2013-02-03 14:08
Hi i am currently working partime . I work two days a week and get paid every two weeks. Which gives me 32 hrs. I am currently in school full time.. could i be eligible to apply for partial benefits.
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# joy 2013-02-27 09:07
I recently lost my place to live and cannot afford to find a new place fast enough. The only place I can go is to live with a family member hours away. I will have to quit my job. Can I draw unemloyment while I search for a new job?
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# binit 2013-05-03 23:51
I just moved to NC. I do not have job but i will get soon.
I am married. And my wife she lives in NJ as she is working in NJ full time in the hospital.
Now she is trying to get job in NC.
She is moving with me in few weeks. (About Month or so)

She already started applying for jobs in NC. she did not get anything yet.

My question is

If my wife move with me in NC (quitting her job in NJ) is she able to apply for unemployment in NC?

or will she get unemployment benefits in NC within the situation i explained?
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# Kayla 2013-05-19 19:38
I have worked at my clinical secretarial job in NC for the last
9 months but my doctor has been rude, harassing and belittling. I have reported this before to HR and nothing was done to fix the treatment I was enduring. I have my two weeks because I could
no longer handle the degrading treatment. Am I eligible for unemployment while I find a new job??
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# Doug 2013-07-09 14:36
I have been working for my current employer (a roofing company) full time for years. If we were not able to work that week due to weather or if work not available, we always received unemployment. We are now being told by employer that unemployment will no longer be paid. Is there been a change in the law?? Or is my employer trying to get out of paying unemployment?
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# Joy 2017-09-29 11:45
The company I have been employed with for over 40 years is closing the business at the end of this year - December 2017. I am 68 years old, still working, drawing social security and am able to work. The owners informed me that I could file for unemployment. Will I be eligible for unemployment?
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