North Carolina Unemployment Benefits

You may just be looking for a weekly unemployment check, but NC unemployment benefits provide so much more than just money. For example, North Carolina unemployment benefits include:

1. Weekly benefit check.
2. Career counseling.
3. Job placement services.
4. Job and skill re-training services.
5. Information about other resources and services.
6. Help making a resume and training on how to interview well.

Make sure to take advantage of everything that NC unemployment benefits have to offer, as this will help you to find a job more quickly.

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# Maria 2011-05-11 15:20
How much does NC allow for unemployment if you are laid off?
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# dianna johnson 2011-07-19 21:29
I got laid off from a church after 18 months of employment, they pay no unemployment taxes can i still get unemployment?
I had a job before this one and i was collecting unemployment benefits before i was hired at this church.
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# Dominic R 2012-01-19 14:52
I was laid off in December 2011 but immediately rehired on a contract until 3/31/2012. I have already been looking for a job but my age is an issue-I am 64. Can I put in for Social Security and unemployment at the same time. Unemployment is not enough $ tomeet my expenses. If i find a job i will stop both.I'd like to get SS rolling asap so I don t get into fin l trouble right away.
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# Rita 2012-02-04 12:50
I am really been forced to quit, my boss uses vulgar sexual words when he is telling me that I can not control an individual employee and that he had sent this new person to our office because she may have more Ball than me . He had uses the word in Spanish and English in several occasions.
I feel that I need to quit because he is disrespecting me and humiliating in front of my peers.
Can I collect unemployment if I resigned, I have been there for more than three years, and I am being force to take this decision due to his comments and humiliation. Is this a good environment to work?
Pls answer me soon I don't how long I could stay at this place.
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# Glo 2013-06-03 13:43
If unemployed for 2 years, working some odd jobs but now not availble can I still draw unemployment after 2 years?
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# diana 2013-10-09 15:00
I alplied for Unemployment in north carolina i got a letter stating that i was not disqualified for benefits do that mean i get Unemployment or not.
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# Bradley Jones 2017-05-14 14:47
I was told I have 25,000 in benefits, but also was told I didn't make them in a certain period. Was also told I have to wait until March 2018 to receive these benefits. Worked 03/14/2016-05/28/2016 Don't understand why I have to wait 2 years. Need some advice.
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