North Carolina Unemployment If You Get Fired

Generally, in North Carolina you have to have lost your job through no fault of your own in order to collect unemployment.

In most cases, this means that if you get fired, you cannot collect unemployment benefits.

If you get fired from your job, you should go ahead and apply for unemployment benefits, because there are some cases where you can be fired from your job and still get benefits.

If you feel like you were fired unfairly, or there were extenuating circumstances, be sure to tell you unemployment counselor about them. If your unemployment application is denied because you were fired, you also have the right to appeal the decision.

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# klawson1957 2011-01-06 08:44
My brother is a brick mason. He had surgery on his knee in July and was released to go back to work in August.
In November he started having problems with his knee going out on him,however, he kept on working. At the same time he was going to the doctor. They did not put him out of work. After several visits, they put a brace on his knee. The week before christmas, his employer laid him off and signed him up for unemployment but told him he would have to go to the unemployment office and sign himself up from now on. He also told him that he was afraid that he would get hurt or cause someone to get hurt. He never told him he was fired or really even laid off. My brother asked him if he could come back when the knee was better and his emplyoyer told him to call him when he was better that they had plenty of working coming up. My brother gave all this information to the counselor at the employment office. Two weeks later the employment office received notice from my brothers employer that he had been fired because he could not do the work and was not taking proper care of his knee.
My brother has been under doctor's care the entire time and they at no time told him not to quit work. Was he fired through no fault of his own and can he draw benefits?
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# joseph 2011-10-02 00:01
I worked for a rather large construction company as a structural welder and worked building a new power plant in nc. I worked for about two weeks and went in to work one night and my forman walked up to me and told me that the had pulled my welding certification an I had been terminated. I was never warned about my weld quality being poor or I was never wrote up or reprimanded for the problem so will I be entitled to my benifits until I find more work?
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# gary 2011-11-04 12:21
i was wondering if i can collect unemployment after being fired for failing a drug test in the state of nc
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# donald 2012-01-10 19:49
No, I got fired from my job in morgantonNC, for a failed UA (urine analysis) and they do not concider it a no fault fireing. So they will not let you recive unemployment benifits.
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# Tommy 2012-02-23 15:39
this is my first time filing and I filed on Jan 16 2012 and I am still waiting on a decision letter, how long does ir take to get approved? My weekly cdrtification is on Mondays. I am going on my 6th week of unemployment claims how long does it take to get approved? My bills are staking up!!
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# trish 2013-02-13 17:13
Tommy, how long did it actually take to get your determination. I am on 6 weeks waiting now too.
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# roxy 2012-03-01 20:25
i was fired from my job, a manager (at a national chain restautant). they said it was for creating a hostile work enviroment. which is not true. that is the excuse they are using i was never written up or anything. actullay i was working there for over 2 years without even being trained in the management training program. would i be eligable for benifits?
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# liz 2012-07-01 15:43
If I get fired for not being able to pass a test my company now requires can I get unemployment?
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# frank 2012-08-31 16:45
I was not fired, but had my hours reduced to 6 hrs. a week. or less, Now I cant collect unemployment because they say I'm still employed. Don't understand. Now they are saying I left my job. Does the state know that employers lie? Who keeps the money that is there for unemployment? The state or the Company?
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# Dawn 2012-10-04 12:11
I was let go from my posittion and only worked there for 2 weeks. I was let go for not passing an assessment test, I made a 78% and it should of been an 80%. They stated they were letting me go for performance. This is the very first time I have ever been fired/terminated from a job in 25 years. I have worked and gained the money that I paid in over the years so I do quaify for the money. My claim says REGULAR ACTIVE CLAIM active issues yes so I can't figure out what is going on. I had no conduct issues with the job and never have with any of my employment. I have been working in the call center in the entertainment business for 3 years. I wanted to know if I have a chance for unemployment for what I do because I feel I shouldn't have to take a lower paying job until I find one that pays where I was recently at. Any help or suggestions?
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# Aaron 2012-10-20 09:07
first off im not unemployed....well not yet. my company has slowed down in work and well theyre really mistreating me different than my co-worker we are sales reps. i feel they will try to find a reason to fire me. idk they use a gps in my service truck to track me and they dnt have one in my co-workers truck. stuff like this makes me feel like they are being wrong. if i were to get fired for something they micro-managed would i receive benefits
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# SUZANNE 2012-11-02 19:38
If I use up all my FMLA time due to my medical condition and I am fired because of that, can I still collect unemployment benefits?
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# Steven 2012-12-19 14:27
I worked at a aamco center in nc.There were three of us working in the shop.Work had gotten so slow the boss started sending one man home per day every week for about a month prior to the day when he told me that since work was slow at that center he wanted me to stop working there and work at another center he owned in another town 37 miles away. When I asked what could he do for me to make it doable, ie pay raise or the like, he said I'm keeping you n a job.I explained that without a raise that it wouldn't work out due to fuel cost versus what my pay was.He said well you don't work for me anymore, and told me I could receive Unemployment benefits. I applied right away but before I got my first payment, the ESC tells me I'm ineligible because now he's saying I quit.I'm about to be sick over this.I did not quit.What can I do now? Do you think ill win my case?PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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# Josh1984 2013-02-14 19:05
I worked for a transportation company for there about 3 yrs, I got fired for misloading some freight. I filed for unemployment and recived a letter notifing me on my weekly benifits. However, after filing my weekly updates I was denied payment. What are some ways to get it approved?
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# Katie 2013-05-27 17:28
I filed for unemployment the moment I was fired from my previous job and subsequently received a letter from the unemployment office with my weekly benefits amount and at the very end it says "claim has active issue"- what does this mean and how can I get it resolved?
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# James 2013-07-23 17:07
I work for a company that seeks out information on its employees. If an employee is found to have an active resume on job sites, my employer has fired those workers on the spot. Will those workers still be able to collect unemployment?
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# Christina 2017-10-02 11:40
After bring fired for no call no show can I still collect my unused vacation pay?
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# Christina 2017-10-02 11:42
Being fired for no call no show can I still get paid for my vacation time I haven't used?
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