How to File a New Jersey Unemployment Appeal

If you feel like you need to file an unemployment appeal, you can do so by:

1. Go to the New Jersey unemployment website and click on 'Appeal'.
2. Contact your unemployment counselor.
3. File a claim directly with the New Jersey Board of Labor.
4. Contact a labor attorney.

What are some reason that you might need to file an unemployment appeal?

1. You feel like you did not receive the full amount of your unemployment benefits.
2. You feel like you were treated unfairly or discriminated against.
3. You feel like you were denied for unemployment benefits inappropriately.
4. You feel like your employer is trying to block you from receiving unemployment benefits when you are legitimately entitled and eligible to receive them.
5. You think that your unemployment benefits ran out too soon.
6. You believe that your unemployment application was incorrectly or unfairly judged or handled.

The staff of the New Jersey unemployment offices are very diligent and professional counselors who genuinely want to help you, but sometimes mistakes are made. If you feel like something has gone wrong during your unemployment case that has affected the benefits that you receive, you can file a New Jersey unemployment appeal in order to have your case reviewed. Do this as soon as possible. Do not let too much time pass, or it may be too late.

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# Cheryl Vance 2011-07-12 06:35
My name is Cheryl Vance. I submitted for unemployment in May 2011. I received the 1st payment however my employer contested it. I was interviewed and I am still waiting on a decision. I need to know. I have not received any other funds as of yet. I have not received any coorespondence regarding the decision as of today. Please let me know one way or the other. Thank you. 973.399.8922
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# Thomas Demeri 2011-07-25 06:16
How do I go about finding out if my unemployment benefits were denied if its been a week since I had my claims examiner interview, and I've still not received my written decision by mail so that it won't be too late to file an appeal if it was lost or stolen from my mailbox?
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# Alexis K. 2012-04-30 09:23
I filed my appeal on March 30 2012, and am still waiting to get a call about my appeal. How long will it take?
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# Linda L 2012-08-06 21:22
I got a determination letter in the mail.
It said I am disqualified from recieving benefits from 7/1/2012 and will contnue to be diqualified until I have worked 4 or more weeks in employment and have earned at least 6 times my weekly benifit rate.
I was discharged from my job on 7/52012
I was discharged for repeated violation of company rule. You have been advused by your employer of the company policy. Your actions constitute a willful and delberate disreguard of the standards of behavior your employer had a right to expect. therefore your discharge was for secere misconduct connected with the work. You are disqualified for benefits.
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# Erin 2012-12-10 13:20
I recieved a letter in the mail stating I was disqualified for unemployment benefits from 11/11/12 through 1/05/13. I was dischard from work on 11/16/12. I was given the right to appeal this but I'm confused about the diqualification dates. The letter also states I have to contact the Reemployment call center to reopen my clain on 1/07/13. Does this mean I will be penalized for the weeks of 11/11/12 through 1/05/13, but I will be eligable to start recieving benefits on 1/07/13?
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# zadaya 2012-12-30 09:12
I have filled for an appeal...I was denied my benefits because they said it was a voluntary quit....but I had no work my car was repoed....I walked to my job in delran from maple shade it took me 3hrs bout time I got to work I was sent home nd walked another 3hrs to my home the next day I.could not make it nd my employer said the next time I didn't come in I was fired I filled my appeal mid November nd have not heard anything yet .does this mean I didn't win. Oh nd my employer lied about the dat I last worked. I sent in pay Stubbs showing I worked past the date they say I quit do u think it will ruled in my favor?
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# Juliette 2013-04-20 12:55
I mailed in an appeal, but when I called to follow up, I was told there is no way to check if they received my appeal, except to wait up to 6 months. How do I know they will not claim they never received it and now it is too late to appeal?
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# joanne 2013-07-06 16:02
I have been receiving unemployment benefits my employer appealed Unemployment granted my unemployment now my former employer is appealing I had texted him on May 19th it had been a month since we spoke he told me that the girl who schedules work said I was refusing jobs This is not true I did refuse jobs that were not in safe areas I explained this to unemployment What will happen next should I write a leter xplaining myself to the Appeal Tribunal?
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# Judy 2013-07-09 08:25
I appealed over two weeks ago and have not received any answer. I continually look for employment but concerned about not hearing an answer. How long does this take? Is there anyone I can call?
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# Electra 2013-07-18 20:58
I just received a letter for the Appeals Tribunal stating that my former employer won their appeal. It stated that I was not eligible for benefits from 4/28/2013 through 6/22/2013. Will I have to pay the money I received throughout that time period and if I appeal this decision, will I still receive unemployment benefits until my appeal has been determined?
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# YEP it Happened 2016-07-18 08:56
I was in a fight at worked,,Claming i was hit first and then protected myself n got denied for SIMPLE MISCONDUCT,,Now what can i do to collect,,,Thank s,,
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