How to Report Nevada Unemployment Fraud


If you want to know how to report unemployment fraud, you must first be sure that someone is committing unemployment fraud. In the state of Nevada it is a crime to knowingly collect unemployment benefits that you are not eligible to receive, and this is considered unemployment fraud. BUT, it is very important to note that IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO WORK WHILE YOU ARE COLLECTING UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS.

You may be able to work at a job and make a certain amount of money while still collecting unemployment benefits. When you apply for unemployment, this amount will be determined, and how this works will be explained to you by your unemployment counselor.

If you do work while you are collecting unemployment benefits, it is VERY important that you follow the rules given to you by your unemployment counselor, which includes reporting where you work, how much you make every week, etc.

If you suspect someone of committing unemployment fraud, you can contact the unemployment office to report them. You may be able to remain anonymous, or you may have to give your name and contact information to report them.

When you make your report, be sure to give as much detailed information as possible, including the following:

  • Their name
  • Their address
  • Their phone number
  • Where they are working
  • How much money they're making

If you know that someone is committing unemployment fraud, you can report them by contacting your local unemployment office.

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# Sarah Y 2011-01-05 22:54
I know someone who collected $20,000.00 from a profit sharing plan from their previous employer in 2010 but they never claimed it on their unemployment filings or their state income taxes. Is this illegal?
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# unkown 2011-02-09 12:25
i call and try to repoeted fraud and call 4 different time.And no one call back.What the point.Let see if they reply back.Dont like when people cheat the systm
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# Stan 2011-02-14 17:01
I want to report a unemployment fraud, How do I do that?
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# Lynn 2011-02-22 12:32
There is an architect who has taken $10000 checks under the table while taking unemployment benefits. He even hides the checks from his secretary so it won't go through the books. He has 2 adddresses plus his business address. I can't get through on the phone but am sick of his cheating the system.
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# mary 2011-06-07 21:01
a person in that profession is normally self employed and pays their own unemploymrnt insurance. also a check for 10,000.00 is noted by the irs. besides,mind your own business.
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# John 2011-07-29 16:59
Unemployment fraud is everyone's business. Stealing money that could have been used for another state project or a person that was actually in need of assistance is wrong and punishable under law. Does the IRS send your tax return to the state of Nevada? Nope, so how would the state know about said check? They wouldn't unless a citizen reported it for it to be reviewed. The unemployment fraud in Nevada is rampant and needs to be stopped.
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# janice 2011-04-28 15:59
Is it illegal to work for cash and collect unemployment?
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# michael 2011-07-18 11:13
is it against the law to recieve nevada unemployment benefits if you live in california
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# michael 2011-07-18 11:15
is it illegal to recieve nevada unemployment benefits while living in california
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# Vanessa 2011-08-11 00:24
I have been under the impression that my ex-husband has been collecting unemployment benefits through NV for the past 2+ years. He continues to tell me that is why he's not able to pay his court ordered child support. I know for fact that he's been working under the table for his in-laws building Subways, as well as he has his own clothing company, and his new wife and him self have been working hard at their new found money making business selling Monuvie Health Drink. My daughter is on summer break there right now as we speak and tells me every day that dads at work. Yet 3 - 4 different incomes and still can collect unemployment from the state of NV, or this is clearly FRAUD?! Others need this service and to continue to abuse it is just wrong. Can anybody please let me know if this is even worth bringing up to NV DETR?
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# mn5478 2012-06-16 08:30
Yes, Vanessa, it is worth bringing it up to DETR. That is illegal. Not just that, but you should contact a lawyer so you can get legal advice about the wages not being garnished for the children he supposed to be supporting. I hope that helps. That is, if you are the person supposed to be collecting child support.
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# kat 2011-08-24 09:41
I know a person who is living in washington and collecting nevada unemployment benefits. This person is not looking for work. is this fraud?
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# kat 2011-09-02 18:36
I know someone who has been on unemployment for 2.5 years - hasn't lived in Nevada for about 2 years - lived in LA then travels all over the country visiting friends - her car is registered here. Is that legal? And not really looking for work.
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# Pam 2011-12-14 15:52
Is it legal for someone to collect benefits while they own a business? They are doing jobs and getting paid cash, but they are not reporting the extra income.
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# melvin 2011-12-30 10:09
Is it legal to claim bennfits if you ive in another country and work in the us and have a friend call in for you and use there mailing adress for home adress
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# Theresa 2012-01-30 17:54
Can a person ask their employer if they can go on unemployment due a financial hardship the employer is having but still work full-time for the employer?

What if the employer and the employee have an agreement that the employee will receive a "bonus" for the employee helping the employers out during the financial hardship once business gets better?
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# allen 2012-05-06 15:55
I know a person in Las Vegas who had someone else call in weekly saying he was lookin for jobs in nv but who phyisically was in Costa Rica on vacation supposedly looking for a job there which was a lie...kinda fraudulent fellow.
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# mn5478 2012-06-16 08:21
I know a couple who are collecting unemployment, but are not seeking work. One of them does have a job, but is laid off all the time. He only works every once in a great while when they call him in, but never seeks more employment. Is this fraud? One of them worked as a babysitter, so was being paid under the table, but did not claim her earnings. She also is not seeking work. Is this fraud?
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# Diane 2012-07-20 14:54
I know a person collecting Nevada unemployment benefits and moved to Oklahoma. Is that illegal?
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# Bethany 2012-11-25 22:49
What is the phone number I would call to report someone in Las Vegas committing unemployment fraud?
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# Airka 2013-04-08 12:29
Person is collecting EDD Ins. that is not theirs nor any family relatioship to this person. they have this information SSN, Name date of birth, person is now deseased . and we feel is family is not getting his benefit's that they should have rightful benefit not this person we think is comitting fraud in the state of Las Vegas Nv. we only have the deseased persons name .. so how do we get someone to check if possible this person is also getting his death benefits Thank you Very Much
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# Curious 2013-04-15 20:49
I recently found out about a husband and wife team that have owned and operated 2 businesses in Nevada since 2010, both have claimed and received full unemployment benefits the entire time. I asked the wife how she was able to collect and work and she laughed and said that company checks paid their bills so there is no record of payroll for either. Both parties have used up all their benefits from unemployment and are now brining down their company due to their high cost of can one prove they collected unemployment fraudulently? I have a problem with dishonest people and don't think it's right to collect $1500 a month from unemployment and $2500 from the company.
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# Curious 2013-05-08 17:27
I know a couple who own a business and are using the business account to pay all of their personal bills. They both received unemployment for years. When I began to report it as questionable to the unemployment agent, the agent began to accuse me of being involved. I was not aware they were collecting both unemployment and money from the company until one of them made a comment about "being screwed now that we ran out of unemployment we have to take more from the company, by more I mean $3000 each each month". I guess my question is, how when I was reporting something I know is wrong am I accused of being involved. I stopped speaking and hung up. I guess the state doesn't care so why should I?
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# AEB 2017-08-07 18:00
I have a work tat Arby's in Carson city NV named dusty brower she is the owners daughter that has mad several comments about collecting unemployment while she is a manager at Arby's!..l please check in on this there are people who actually need those benefits where she does not.
Thank you please keep my name and email address anonymous
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