Mississippi Unemployment Eligibility

In order to establish unemployment eligibility in Mississippi you have to:

1. Be a resident of Mississippi. If you are not a resident of Mississippi, but worked in Mississippi at your last job, you should still have Mississippi unemployment eligibility.
2. Have worked and earned income in Mississippi.
3. You must not be disabled.
4. You must be able to work.
5. You must be actively looking for a new job.
6. You must have lost your job through no fault of your own. If you quit your job or were fired for 'just cause' you may not be eligible to collect unemployment in Mississippi. Every case is different, so if you lost your job -- be sure to apply to unemployment in case you are indeed eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

There are special rules that apply to unemployment elibility for military personnel and union workers, so check with your mility or union representative for these rules.

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# Thuy 2011-07-07 10:21
I would like to know if I am able to get the unemployment claim?
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# Lyndsey 2011-07-13 22:23
I simply asked my manager if it was possible to work mornings instead of nights because my boyfriend got a job working overnight and we only have one vehicle. She posted on the schedule to see her, so I did. She said we're going to have to let you go because we cannot work around your schedule, which I don't understand because I had previously worked the hours I was asking for. Every time she asked me to come in off schedule, I would, with no prior notice. I worked around her schedule. Things happen that get in the way. It's Subway, they have flexible hours. Do you think I would be eligible for unemployment?
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# Brandi 2011-11-02 06:24
I have worked for salary for 6 years part time, I am taking a medical leave, what are my rights? My boss said they will stop my salary, will that cancle my medical ins I have through them? Can I file for unemployment durring the time that I will not receive pay. Can they "let me go" for taking the time off?
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# Keegan 2012-06-30 14:09
Can I draw unemployment and be a full time student in college at the same time?
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# Regina 2012-12-06 08:03
I quit my job start work there in 2008 and quit March 14, 2011. I quit cause I have back problems I was pregnant and in my 3rd trimester. Can I receive unemployment benefits?
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# MCNEW 2012-12-19 20:42
Wife works for a DENTIST. The DENTIST has sold the practice to another individual at the moment it is unknown about senority, vacation time, and benefits. In addition if the new owner will bring in new people. There is no contract or anything in writing for the turnover.

Would I be eligible for unemployment with the sale of the business by the owner and no contract with new owner
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