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The official name for it is the UIA - Unemployment Insurance Agency website.

This is the only official Michigan unemployment site, and the only one that you should submit your application to. UnemploymentHandbook.com has lots of great information, so be sure to click around to get lots of great tips on getting a job, and figuring out MI unemployment, but we are not affiliated with the state of Michigan, and UnemploymentHandbook.com is not the official Michigan unemployment website.

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# Beth 2012-06-19 00:15
I have a person at my work who is a coach. He is not my boss more of the boss's helper or assistant. When he talks to me he makes me very uncomfortable and offends me. He's made me cry at times and he will correct me in my work even if im not doing anything wrong. He told me one time that all the bosses and other coaches have no faith in me and how they think i have no potential but "he knows that i am not worthless" . It made me really uncomfortable because i have worked there for two years and never had any problems. The way he talks to me is in a offensive tone and he treats me as if i am telling him a lie when i say i am working as hard as i can. There are at least 40 more situations that all had happened within a 3 weeks period. Well I decided that i have had enough and he had came up to me with another rude comment so i told him that every time he talks to me he offends me and makes me uncomfortable. I asked him to please not make me uncomfortable and told him i did not want to carry on the conversation with him. He told me he would not leave until I gave him an example so I told him the story about him telling me the managers had no faith in me. He walked of and told my real supervisor. My supervisor takes me into a room and talks to me about it I told her in any harassment situation the first step is to tell the harasser to stop. Then file a complaint. I told her i was going to the HR director but she wasn't available that day. My supervisor basically told me I never should go to the hr director because its not going to help me because the hr director is just going to tell her to handle it and i would be in the same situation i was in now. She seemed very upset at me about it and made it very clear she did not want me to go to the hr director and file a complaint. Then she changed the subject completely and told me she was suspending me for being rude to customers gave me 3 situations where i told her i disagreed i felt i wasn't rude at all. Its like they are now trying to find any reason to send me home. I feel like they are trying to force me to quit or they are making a paper trail so they can fire me. I cant afford to loose my job I am 8 months pregnant and have no other options. But the stress I feel is causing harm to me and my unborn child.
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# Susan 2012-09-04 15:48
How far away from home are you expected to drive to a job if you are offered one? Are you allowed any time to prepare for a job offer? For example, if an employer calls today and asks you to work in six hours, are you required to take that temporary job in order to continue to be eligible for UCB?
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# Jeremiah 2012-10-30 13:28
Why do I have to wait almost 3 weeks to certify my claim? its only for a week. Also how would I go about editing? I can not get ahold of anyone nor anything that has helped, If someone could please give me some incite I'd be grateful. I've been kinda lost with everything that has been thrown at me, between online and the countless calls trying too figure out the many problems and where i went wrong. I could also use a helping hand.
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# joshjacob 2013-04-07 18:58
Can a part time employee file for unemployment if they have only worked for the company for 4 months but were fired?
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