Michigan Unemployment If You Quit

You can not receive Michigan unemployment benefits if you quit your job.




In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits in Michigan, you have to have lost your job through no fault of your own. This means that if you quit your job, you can't get unemployment.

Be sure that you can not quit your job because you didn't like it, or it was too hard, or because it didn't pay enough, or because the hours didn't work for your schedule - and still expect to collect unemployment.

If you are in a hostile work environment, or otherwise feel like you have to quit for a very good reason (such a threat to your health or safety), please take the following advice:

(See this forum thread for the whole story: http://unemploymenthandbook.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1708 )

The laws and requirements for unemployment eligibility vary from state to state, but most states do not allow you to collect unemployment benefits if you voluntarily quit your job. If a state does allow you to collect unemployment when you've quit your job - the requirement to do so will be VERY difficult to meet.

In most states, if you are fired for cause you may still be eligible to receive benefits - and the requirements in this case won't be as stringent as if you had quit.

It is my understanding that employers generally do not comment extensively on previous employees, or on the reason that they are not longer at their company, for fear of being sued. Most employers will generally verify employment dates and not comment on the reason you are no longer there, or offer any further details.

If your company fires you though, you can be sure they won't be writing you any recommendation letters.

I know how difficult a hostile work environment can be. I've been there. Still, I would suggest that you do not quit your job. If it is a large corporation, you should talk to someone in the Human Resources department about your situation and the hostile work environment. If you get fired and you have a wrongful termination case, it will be more difficult to appeal your case to the employment commission or more difficult to bring a wrongful termination lawsuit - as you will have willfully quit.

Millions of people are out of a job - so it looks like you'll be diving head first into a very difficult job market, no matter if your fired or quit.

Make them fire you.

Go on about performing your job duties, and do not do anything to provoke them to fire you. If they're going to fire you, they'll do it. If they continue the hostile work environment tactics, or increase them - you should contact the employment commission to see if you have any recourse or protections - as there are federal laws against hostile work environments.


Don't sign anything!

Don't sign any releases, forms, waivers, or anything.

If they present you with paperwork that has to be signed in order to receive a severance or your last check -- Don't sign it!

Take it to a lawyer, law school, smart aunt or uncle, or research and ask about the terms in the document online.

If you do end up signing it - remember that it is a legal document, so understand and agree to everything in it before you sign it. Also, remember that the terms are negotiable, because it is essentially a contract. If they want you to agree to their terms, you have the right to either:

a. Not sign it.
b. Negotiate the terms of the agreement.
c. Sign it.

Examples of ways you can negotiate this legal document, which is often referred to as a 'Separation Agreement':

a. Demand that the agreement state that you are being laid-off, not fired.
b. Demand that the company will not challenge your claim to collect unemployment benefits.

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# jahebri 2011-03-16 11:36
I am being terminated, but if I sign to terminate myself I get 2 months pay and no opposition to unemployment. However can you get unemployment if you terminate yourself? I belive they are trying to put another over on me. They are already wrongly accusing me of something, but since this is an at-will state I don't know if I can successfully sue.
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# Heather 2011-03-21 18:10
I have a huge problem at work! I was hired under one manager and now another manager that does not like me at all wants me under her and she got it! I didnt have any say in it and neither did my original manager. Now they are changing my hours to work at night knowing that for 5 years I have worked 8-4 and that I am a single mother with two children! I cant afford to hire a babysitter or daycare! Now the manager is like harrassing me at work when Im on break! What can I do? I cant take it anymore!
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# TINAC 2011-06-15 00:12
My Human Resource Manager told me that I was about to point out for tardies and I should quit instead of getting fired because if I quit I will more likely get my unemployment! How could this be true?
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# sue 2011-07-18 18:03
ive been employed for the same company for 27 years. the company does not have transfer programs (to work in another area)my spouse is retired and wants to sell our home to move to our retirement home, which is located 125 miles from my current job.Obviously i cant commute. if i quit to relocate, am i eligible for unemployment?
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# Kim 2011-08-28 09:51
I have been getting unemployment for 1 !/2 years 4 days ago i started a new job i have not reported it to unemployment as of yet. This job is not working out its to far from my home is i quit will unemployment find out and cut me off .
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# Kim 2011-08-28 10:28
If you take a job making less money then you were making and it does not work out can you quit the job and go back on unemployment?
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# Donald 2011-09-09 07:02
I have quit my previous job for a new job. Upon accepting the new job, it seems as the environment is very hostile, I am required to travel to different locations for work, and also am required to pay for my own travel, but will be reimbursed later. The cost of the travel will be as much as 1000 out of pocket expense that I do not have because I did not even get get paid my first check from the company yet; but I am still required to have the money to pay for the travel. If I am fired because I cannot afford to travel to the location with my own money, will i be eligible to claim unemployment even though I just started working at the new company? I've only been working there for 1 week and have to wait 3 weeks before getting my first check
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# Denise 2011-10-25 17:53
My husband and I work for the same company right now but he has accepted a new job so we have to relocate which means I will have to quit my job when we move. Considering the circumstances...Would I still be denied unemployment benefits?
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# Grace 2012-06-21 15:12
Were you eligible?
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# Heather 2011-12-16 19:27
My husband is in a situation at work where his boss is telling him on a daily bases that the owner of the company is asking why my husband is working there and if they really need him there or not. We are getting the feeling they want him to quit his job but we are not sure if you can collect unemployment if he quits. My husband doesnt know what to do. He is just tired of going into work and having his boss say those types of things to him on a daily bases.
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# Chris 2012-01-10 02:07
Are there any other good reasons for quiting? Such as an Employer asking you to defraud the UIA by continuing to file for Unemployment while working full time because they can't afford to pay you for a month?
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# Linda 2012-01-17 13:46
My husband is working for a trucking company that lied to him from the beginning. He was told he would be driving a new truck (not true) the company does not maintain their trucks or trailers nor do have have a shop locally where they can be worked on. Almost of the time when he goes out he either can't leave when he gets there because he has a problem or once he gets on the road he has a problem. This is causing him to drive when he knows the truck is not safe. Can he quit and collect unemployment. He would have never taken the job if they would have told he the truth about the company. They are also holding back money they owe him for extended periods of time (toll he has paid out of his own pocket) it is now over a month. Can you help?
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# leah 2012-03-22 10:10
My father has had a stroke and I need to care for him.
In order to do that I have to quit my job. After my father's passing would I be able to collect unemployment?
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# Christine 2012-04-22 16:31
If I give a two months notice, can my employer let me go sooner?
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# Randy 2012-04-22 22:17
My wife has been employed for 15 years with a supplier to large auto company. The auto company is changing suppliers. The new supplier has offered a position. If I take this, doing the same job for reduction in overall wages and a short time later I am laid off (due to no fault of my own) will I still be eligible for full unemployment benefits?
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# Jill 2012-07-06 13:41
I have been employed for nearly 2 years at this company, I still make minimum wage. I have been offered more money at another job, but it is through a temp agency. If I quit my current job to go to the other and it does not go into full time, and I get laid off or let go, am I still eligible to collect unemployment from the first employer?
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# chelsea 2012-07-19 12:50
hello recently at my job i filed for FML because im pregnant with twin I have called in several times because of BAD morning sickness that lasts all day. Now i got told from my boss that is was denied because the doctor didnt fill out the paperwork right so i am getting in trouble for the days i have missed because FML wont cover days that i already missed. What i am trying to say is that i am very stressed and feel that this is nothing i can control. I dont want to hurt my babies from all this stress. Can i get unemployment if i quit?
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# Dawn 2012-07-24 14:47
I work for a company as an Outside Sales Person that is treating me unfairly and I need to quit due to the stress and financial burdens of the job. Some of the issues that I have encountered include:
-Supervisor has kicked me to get his point across. But this has stopped since I complained and wrote a letter to his supervisors.
-Not getting paid commissions on accounts that I have sold.
-Giving me an additional territory, which I didn't agree to. I am the only sales person that has to work in 2 territories.
-Decreasing my car allowance from 20 gallons a week down to 15 gallons a week. So, with the two territories it is costing me way too much to travel plus the milage that is going on my vehicle.
-Since I still have the same supervisor that kicked me, I do not get the guidance or help when I need it. He ignores me or sends me threatening emails.
-My supervisor has already told me that the company has never paid unemployment they just make it so bad that a person quits.
-The only computer in the office has been broken for three weeks now and then they sent a laptop that is also not working.
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# Chelsey 2012-10-03 14:28
I believe I was forced to quit. The first reason I believe I was forced to quit is because when I was hired, the manager knew that I didnt have a car, so in order to get back and forth from work I would be walking since I only lived four blocks away, this was never a problem until they decided they were going to transfer me to another town, 30 mins away. I specifically told them if they went through with the transfer I would have to quit, they went through with the transfer anyway and said i "forfeited my employment." this is a part-time, minimum wage restaurant chain that I was working for, are they even allowed to force you to transfer to another town when you were hired into a different location? And I would think if I had a customer complaint, wouldn't they want to fire me, and not transfer me? I believe that they wanted me to quit purposely instead of firing me just so I wouldn't be able to collect unemployment. They were well aware of the fact I would have to quit if they transferred me, I told both the general manager and the resturant manager this and they did it anyway, therefore I feel I was forced to quit it was not my choice.
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# adam j 2012-10-09 20:37
My employer has not paid me or many other employees in 4 weeks (2 pay periods).

Can i quit and get unemployment?
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# Dusty 2012-10-17 11:49
Hello, I worked Full time for a small farmer and recently quit my job. Over the past year, my boss would get into verbal arguments with me and I finally had had enough this past Friday when another Verbal argument came up. I was sick of being in these situations and finally made my mind up that I was not going to be subject to it anymore. Would I still qualify for unemployment benefits?
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# Danielle 2012-12-21 04:37
I've been working at a small family business for a little over a year. I am one of two employees, and work side by side with my boss every day. For the past several months he has made work a very miserable place to be. He constantly puts me down by embarrassing me in front of customers, makes rude remarks about my gender and sexuality, and the ethnicity and religion of many others. He criticizes me for my choice of lunch, the degree I'm obtaining, my family, and anything else he can think of. I haven't quit yet, but am almost certain that I must. A friend of mine told me that I would most likely qualify for unemployment if I quit. My boss has made me sign slips in the past for call offs, and has stated that he does so to ensure that I wouldn't qualify for unemployment if I quit or am fired. I have done a little research and it looks as though I may qualify but am confused about the process, and what proof I would need. Any suggestions would be great!
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# Kris 2012-12-27 23:35
I have worked at the same job in Michigan for 15 years. My husband took a new job in Wisconsin over three years ago. I remained at my job with hopes of finding a job in Wisconsin. However, after three years of looking, I have not found a new job. It has become too much of a hardship for me to continue with my job and be away from my husband. I plan to quit soon. Will I qualify for unemployment?
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# Pat 2013-01-13 10:30
I have worked for a company for more than 15 years. As of 12/31/2012, they closed their doors and shifted their operations oversees. I have been certified under the tax assistance program and have filed for unemployment benefits. I was offered a job and tried it for a few days. It is for a lot less money, long commute, and the hours are conflicting with my child care. if I quit, can I still get my benefits (since I had qualified previously)?
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# Ann 2013-03-19 19:19
I left my job of 9 years for a better job opportunity. After 2 weeks of work, they rescinded the job offer. This left me with no income. Would this qualify for unemployment?
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# cindy 2013-03-21 11:14
I lost my job due to having stage two breast cancer and could not get back to work in the allotted six month company rules, my job was terminated, when i was able to go back to work i filed for unemployment which was four and a half months ago and i have not recieved any money yet and the state says i quit my job, wrong, it is now in protest revue for over six weeks. i lost my job due to no fault of my own and the rules say i qualify. do i need to get a lawyer.
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# Becky 2013-06-02 11:00
I have worked for this company for 5 years and never had any issues, but now there changing my hours every other week, making it impossible for me to keep a sitter for my 2 young children. I AMA single mom and can not afford a sitter that is available for the change of hours all the time. I took this job due to the set corporate rotation and they just change it now due to a new manager and they do not care if it is causing issues. I have tried to switch positions but it would only get worse, hours wise. Please help,am I able to quit and get unemployment due to this hard ship?
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# shelly 2013-07-24 13:10
I was on long term disability and they terminated it and gave me 180 days to fight it, but now I find out that have my quit date as the day they kicked me off disability and I did not quite or get fired that I know of. they stopped all my insurance , etc. with no letter to me what do I do now, I don't want to go back there
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# Kimmie 2013-08-02 09:20
I am in a huge dilemma. I have two special needs teenagers. My 14 year old has severe bi-polar and because of his issues, he is unable to stay with my parents who watch him while I work and is too old for any type of after school or summer programs (not that he would be able to successfully attend anyway). He is staying with a relative temporarily. If I have to quit my job to care for him, is there any way to collect unemployment? I don't know how we are going to survive financially. As soon as he stabilizes I will try for a part time job so I can be home with him after school.
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# melody 2013-08-02 16:27
Is unemployment paid on seasonal jobs, so that if a person works a seasonal job and is laid off, they can go back against the previous employer where they had volunarily quit a few months earier? If seasonal work is eligible for unemployment it seems a lot of people would work the summer job and not have to work all winter.??
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# Nicole 2013-08-02 17:16
I have a huge problem at work! I was hired under one manager and now another manager that does not like me at all wants me under her and she got it! I didnt have any say in it and neither did my original manager. Now they are changing my hours to work at night knowing that for 5 years I have worked 8-4 and that I am a single mother with two children! I cant afford to hire a babysitter or daycare! Now the manager is like harrassing me at work when Im on break! What can I do? I cant take it anymore!
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# Amy 2013-08-09 15:21
Is there a cut off to when you can file for unemployment, like 6 months or 12 months? My husband joined the navy and we moved to Washington state but I didn't file for unemployment. I gave a 2 week notice at my place of employment to get ready for our move out west and I'm not sure if that would disqualify me for benefits.
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# Dee 2013-08-27 08:28
My job moved 85 miles from where I live. The state says I am eligible for 20 weeks of unemployment. I have been out of work for close to 8 weeks and still have not received a payment. All the state tells me is to keep certifying. How much longed does this normally take ?
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# Shannon 2017-07-27 21:20
I am thinking to quit but was advised before I do, to make a note of all hassles I have been caused by my employer and print out all information where the employer was sending me indirect emails threatening my work performance.
I feel honestly that I work in a hostile environment but not sure if ai can even prove it. Little things like "You will be written up for clocking out late" even though I was told to get the work done by the end of that work day.
Another thing is, she told me I could not meet with clients without her approval if it was after hours. I got her approval and then she threatened to write me up because she told me one thing and backed out on her word.
Or she will tell my clients that "if they have to make an exception then it's no problem and I can do it." Even before she asks me.
The last thing as of late is that she threatened that I won't be permitted to take sick leave for appointments. The thing is, thebpolicy states to attempt to make appointments outside of work hours, but if there is NO way of doing that (for example, if the clinic I gontonhas th same work hours as me) how man i supposed to take myself or children to appointments if the clinic does not offer appointments after the hours I work? I have a spouse but they often work doubles and have a longer commute and are not able to help as much. Is there anything that protects against that?
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# Heidi Shaw 2017-09-13 06:27
Can I collect it I'm forced to quit my job? My employer is stating that I'm bad for business and having an employee like me will ruin his business, has also started he's had numerous complaints, which I'm just being told about. Not complaints about how I treat customers mind you, just the way my face looks, not friendly enough I guess. I feel he is trying to force me to quit so that he won't have to pay unemployment, I know he wants to get rid of me solely based on that he feels he is paying me to much. Do I have a claim it I quit?
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# Melissa Clay 2017-09-14 08:37
If i quit becauseof health issues can i get unemployment?
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