How to Report Michigan Unemployment Fraud


If you want to know how to report unemployment fraud, you must first be sure that someone is committing unemployment fraud. In the state of Michigan it is a crime to knowingly collect unemployment benefits that you are not eligible to receive, and this is considered unemployment fraud. BUT, it is very important to note that IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO WORK WHILE YOU ARE COLLECTING UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS.

You may be able to work at a job and make a certain amount of money while still collecting unemployment benefits. When you apply for unemployment, this amount will be determined, and how this works will be explained to you by your unemployment counselor.

If you do work while you are collecting unemployment benefits, it is VERY important that you follow the rules given to you by your unemployment counselor, which includes reporting where you work, how much you make every week, etc.

If you suspect someone of committing unemployment fraud, you can contact the unemployment office to report them. You may be able to remain anonymous, or you may have to give your name and contact information to report them.

When you make your report, be sure to give as much detailed information as possible, including the following:

  • Their name
  • Their address
  • Their phone number
  • Where they are working
  • How much money they're making

If you know that someone is committing unemployment fraud, you can report them by contacting your local unemployment office.

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# A. 2010-12-08 11:35
Xxxxxxxx starting receving unemployment in August 2008 during that time she NEVER apply for one job and also ended up having a baby in Nov 2009. She also moved for Rapid city Mi. to Flint Mi and never reported her move. Now she is trying to receive benefits again and does NOT even live in the state of Michigan but trying to claim benefits from them. She now lives in the state of Georgia. Her address is XXXX Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, XX XXXXX.

I feel that this needs to stop with people trying to claim benefits.
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# Jim 2010-12-15 17:46
I know of a person that has been collecting unemployment for two long years. The person in question refuses to get a job that will not start at the pay (They) were receiving before being laid off. The person is no longer residing in the state of Mi. but apperentley is able to continue to collect???
The person was asked by many, if they were ever going to work again. The response was,
" Not if I do not get the pay I was receiving when I was laid off, besides I'm collecting unemployment!"
Am I wrong or is this person commiting Fraud?
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# KIM 2011-01-06 16:17
I know of someone that continues to collect unemployment. She was offered a full time job with an insurance company. The day before she was to start she emailed the employer and told him she would rather stay home and collect unemployment. This to me is unemployment fraud. How can you continue to collect for over two years now when you were offered a full time job. She also tells everyone that she works under the table cleaning houses and has a job in kalamazoo, mich. also. Please tell me how this can be possible.
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# Bri 2011-02-14 17:21
I know of someone who quit their job, lied by saying it started to damage their mental health, and when I found them jobs to apply for their answer was " naw, I will wait for my unemployment check to come in" They are on vacation is Las Vegas right now and they use their unemployment money to buy pot. Should I report them? Is this fraud? They're not looking for a job,and lied to get it because they didn't wanna work any more.
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# Nate 2011-02-23 15:52
I was cheated out of my unemployment 3 years ago. I live like a dog now. Trying to get food stamps. If i did not own my house I would be homeless. I was forced out of a job by constant harasssment and unsafe working conditions. My unemployment was denied, at the court hearing regarding it, the first thing the judge said was that he loved the restaurant (employer) and he ate there often, He then looked at the employer and they both smiled slightly. (only the words are on the transcripts. I told my advocate that I did object and he told me not to worry about it, there ws no way i could lose.
I lost. The employer and my advocate definately know each other. They were talking like old friends after the case. I had unemployment for about a month 13 years ago, That was the only time. Great system..........
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# Curious 2013-04-22 19:44
I just found out that my ex husband worked under the table for a friend while collecting unemployment for over two years. During that time his child support obligation was decreased to a minimum amount and he was given a credit when he started his temporary full-time job. How do I go about notifying the state that he committed fraud and should not have been allowed to collect unemployment which would lead to getting support money my kids deserve.
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# Bill 2017-07-26 10:23
In 2003 or about, I now of a person who was a corporate executive in a family business who would work long enough to draw unemployment then quit and draw it completely out. This person would retain the company car, insurance and all benefits but refuse to work. The person this on two different occasions and drew a total of 114 weeks over a five or six year period. The person was paid a dividend check from the company during this tenure. I am not sure if this would qualify a "fraud", but is does not sound legal. There was work available but the person just refused to do it and claimed they were laded off and the company had to hire someone else to do this persons job. If this is unemployment fraud I am willing to supply the information in this matter.
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