Maryland Unemployment Phone Number

Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions. In that case, you can call the MD Unemployment Phone Number: Toll Free: (800) 827- 4839

Be prepared for long wait times because lots of people are trying to do the same thing that you are. Be patient and you will get through to someone that can help you. Even though it is frustrating to wait so long, please be courteous to the person you get connected to and you will get a lot more help than if you are terse and rude. The staffers on the other line are over-worked and are doing everything they can to help all of the people that are contacting them.

When you call the MD unemployment phone number, make sure that you have the following information:

1. Social security number.
2. Dates of employment.
3. A pen or pencil, and paper - to take notes.

Again, your Maryland unemployment phone number is: Toll Free: (800) 827- 4839

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# Mackenzie 2011-04-29 13:15
I have never in my life spoke to more rude people than with the people at Maryland Unemployment. I wish I caught the lady's name i spoke with, boy did she wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Isn't it bad enough having to file for unemployment and be four weeks out of work with no pay, and to call and have and horrible woman - I dont think i can even call her that - person to speak with. I am so thankful that I have a job to look forward to in two weeks and will no longer need the assistance of Maryland Unemployment. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful for the benefits recieved however, not dealing with the rude person I had to deal with is even better.
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# Bill 2011-10-13 13:48
I completely agree with you. Instead of being able to explain my side of the story I kept getting interrupted with "can you just tell me something short. I just need to put something in this box" and then when I had a dispute with my former employer I got called back and she said "they told me more facts that you didn't include" WELL THATS BECAUSE SHE DIDNT LET ME TALK!. I literally almost cried in frustration. Will I get my unemployment? I'm not betting on it based on my experience.
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# aanonymous 2011-05-18 08:23
I have never dealt with a ruder man then the one who drilled me about my health issues today. I agree with the above comment, is it not bad enough already having to file for unemployment? What a jerk!
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# Matthew 2011-09-09 16:09
I was laid off from my employer 2 months ago but I didn't file immediately after the layoff. Can I make a back dated unemployment benefits claim to get paid for the first 2 months of my layoff?
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# Amy 2012-11-14 10:41
I have called over 30 times and cannot get thru to anyone. Im not eligible to file online. I've tried other numbers on the site that either no one answers OR kicks me back and forth between two different automated message machines. This reminds me why I don't live in Maryland anymore!!!
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# I heather 2013-01-16 11:07
I have called several times and can't get threw to anyone all I want to know is if I was approved for unemployment
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