Hawaii Unemployment Benefits

You may just be looking for a weekly unemployment check, but HI unemployment benefits provide so much more than just money. For example, Hawaii unemployment benefits include:

1. Weekly benefit check.
2. Career counseling.
3. Job placement services.
4. Job and skill re-training services.
5. Information about other resources and services.
6. Help making a resume and training on how to interview well.

Make sure to take advantage of everything that HI unemployment benefits have to offer, as this will help you to find a job more quickly.

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# David 2012-03-29 16:01
I have been Active Duty Coast Guard in Hawaii for the last 3 years. I will switching to Reserve CG next year and attending College at KCC. I want to know if i can collect Unemployment while using my GI BILL to attend school full time. Also i own a condo i am paying my mortgage on. would getting married affect my income status or eligibility of collecting unemployment. Any help would be appreciated, mahalo

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# Ruben 2013-01-22 03:28
I got off active duty military and applied for unemployment the day I was discharged. I informed the Unemployment office I was enrolled in classes and was going to school as a part-time student, when I started to receive my benefits. But after 5 months they told me there is an issue, and I can continue receiving benefits till the investigation was complete. I turned in all my paperwork, and did what they ask me too, and spoke with the case worker. The case worker Mrs. Eugenio was rude, and came off as a condescending employee who enjoyed her position of power.
My 6 months was complete, and then they told me I would be notified of the status and if I would have to pay the money back , get a waiver, or no actions would be taken. A year later I received a letter in the mail that stated that I was "ineligible" because I was unavailable for work due to my classes. Even though at one point I was only enrolled in 1 campus course that was two hours on a Tuesday and Thursday. The state of Hawaii is making me pay back my 6 months of unemployment, and put me at fault, even though I let them know about my classes. I was never giving an ultimatum, or told to drop my classes at any point, even though they were aware of the classes.
Right now I am working a full-time job (including over-time) and going to school full-time while raising a child. School never interfered with my work, and the state of Hawaii really needs to revise and specify their eligibility status.
I was very dissatisfied with the Hawaii unemployment office, and they way my case was handled, and in the time frame they responded and the customer service. I really think that you may think twice before enrolling, because they may try to pay it all back.
I hope to God you don't deal with Mrs. Eugenio, she needs to be relieved of her position. I honestly feel she an angry condescending employee who enjoyed giving me a hard time in a very patronizing way.
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# taylor 2013-02-19 23:43
I applied and got approved for EUC a few months ago got all the papers including claim certification. I filed my resume online but they say its not there when I did it at their office. It's been a few months now am I still entitled to my benefits?
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# tammy 2013-02-27 15:22
I was unable to work for a week due to the flu. How will this effect my weekly claim?
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# Roma 2013-04-24 14:23
My sister has worked for a well known company for over 20 years. She just got terminated recently and the reason for her termination is because of new employee's complaints and some other ridiculous reasons. Her work history speak for her good standing, she has some work related awards and the length she worked for the company.
She just accepted her termination because she feel that she's not wanted there anymore, but the company is not granting her unemployment benefit whatsoever. My question is; where can she get help? She is jobless and penniless at the moment. Somebody please please help!
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