How to Reopen an Existing Florida Unemployment Claim

It may become necessary for you to reopen an existing Florida unemployment claim if you suspend or cancel your unemployment because you found a job, and then later became unemployed again.

Generally, you can reopen an existing unemployment claim by simply filing a weekly certifcation online or by phone -- just like you did every week when you receiving unemployment previously.

In some cases, it may be necessary to speak to an unemployment counselor or start the process all over again in order to reopen an existing unemployment claim in Florida. If this is the case, contact your unemployment counselor to get exact instructions on how to proceed.

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# Elm 2011-06-23 12:35
I am receiving unemployment benefits currently and am in Tier 3. If I accept a part time summer job that I know will be ending at the end of August, how do I go about making sure that I can still receive benefits when the summer is over?
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# Teri 2011-08-17 09:10
I was unemployed for 17 months - June '09 thru Nov. '10 and received UEC here in Florida. I found a job Nov. '10 and worked until yesterday when I was told my position was eliminated. I'm worried I won't qualify for UEC since my base period includes 2 1/2 months of EUC and only 1 1/2 months of earnings. The earnings don't meet the required amount of $3200. Is there any hope for me to receive benefits again while I look for another job?
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# miguel 2012-03-15 22:36
i already file a claim but had a lot of errors because of my internet conection, so how do i change or cancel my claim if already completed my claim. can i open a new claim already or do i have to cancel the active one first?
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# Ross 2012-12-03 14:57
I am currently collecting unemployment benifits and I am on Tier 3. I have been offered a three week job with a local company for the Christmas Holidays and will be laid off on Dec 24th 2012. I am worried I will lose my benifits or I will have to start over if I take this job even though I only get 308.00 in benifits every two weeks I need the benifit. What can I do work the 3 weeks or take a pass until i find something full time/
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# Erik 2013-01-17 19:18
I was granted 6300 dollars in unemployment in Florida. I started receiving my checks via direct deposit. I found a job and still had 4300 dollars of unclaimed benefits. The new job lasted about a month. I went to REOPEN my claim and instead they did another investigation and i was denied benefits. My question is, What happened to the remaining 4300 dollars in benefits i was eligible for?
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# Karen 2013-06-07 12:54
I did not submit my appeal application in time. What steps can I take to re-appeal?
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# Janel 2013-07-15 09:23
If I started my own business as a consultant, and am currently working a few hours every week, am I still entitled to unemployment?
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# Diana Corbett 2017-07-24 12:32
I was laid off after 7 years on April 28, 2017. I started a new job May 1, 2017, however, this job is not suited for me. I would like to resign but would like to know if I am eligible for unemployment compensation from the job I was laid off from?
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