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Default I do the hiring a Boss

Hi all,

My name is Jay and I work in HR and sit in a lot of interviews. Over the years I have seen so many people come through our office without a clue as to what they are doing either with their resume and or during the interview. I've said for years that I would start a blog one day telling people what they are doing wrong and offering my insight into what HR people really think of some job applicants.

The name of my blog is a called the blunt boss and you will find out once you read a few post. Many people are surprised at some of the simple mistakes that I point out but that is where most people fail. On the simple stuff.

I'll be posting here as often as I can and offering some tips and more insight in the future.

Feel free to give me your comments positive or negative.

Regards, Jay http://thebluntboss.********.com


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