Michigan Unemployment

The employment situation in Michigan keeps going from bad to worse.  The auto industry has been on decline for many years, but it is really on the ropes now.  Thankfully, with the bailout money from the federal government and bankruptcy restructuring, hopefully this great industry will emerge stronger than ever.  The highest rate in the nation, with the Michigan unemployment rate at 15.2% in June 2009.

If you are unemployed in Michigan there are lots of services and programs to help you.  But you need answers to a lot of questions, including:

  1. How do I qualify for unemployment insurance?
  2. How do I file for unemployment benefits?
  3. Unemployment Office Contact Information.

To find out answers to these questions, check out our state unemployment directory’s entry for MI Unemployment.

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2 Responses to Michigan Unemployment

  1. KAYCI DRAKE says:

    can i work a part time job while on unemployment without and money getting deducted from my unemployment?

  2. admin says:

    In most states, you are usually allowed to make a certain amount while on unemployment by working a part-time job – without reducing your unemployment benefit. Usually it is calculated as a percentage of your weekly benefit amount – but your unemployment office should tell you the dollar amount. This is NOT the case in Michigan.

    In Michigan, any money you make in a part-time job reduces the amount that you get that week – so you would get a partial payment that week. Also, any weeks that you get ANY benefit, reduces the number of weeks that you’ll recieve – so even if you get a partial payment one week, that is one less week of unemployment benefits that you’ll get.

    Here’s where I found this:

    Receiving unemployment benefits while working:

    In some cases, you can accept part-time work while receiving unemployment benefits. However, yourworkmust be less than full-time, and your benefits will be reduced according to how much you earn in the week for which you are claiming benefits.
    There are three basic principles that affect how much you can earn while receiving unemployment benefits: (1) if your earnings are equal to or less than your weekly benefit amount, then your benefits are reduced by 50¢ for every dollar you earn; (2) if your earnings exceed your weekly benefit amount but are less than 1½ times your benefit amount, then your total earnings are subtracted from 1½ times your weekly benefit amount; and (3) the combination of your weekly jobless benefits and earnings cannot exceed 1½ times your weekly benefit amount.

    A point to remember: The number of weekly benefit payments remaining in your claim will be reduced by one full week for each week you receive any benefit payment.

    Source: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/bwucclmunempeng36-UI_50134_7.pdf

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