Illinois Unemployment

Illinois unemployment is just as bad as everywhere else, and getting worse.  There is a high concentration of automotive industry jobs as well as Wall Street type finance jobs, as Chicago is home to several stock, derivative, and commodity exchanges.  Currently, the IL unemployment rate at 10.3% as of June 2009.   It’s not just auto-workers and stock-brokers  that are losing their jobs — everybody is getting hit hard.

If you are unemployed in Illinois you can file for unemployment compenation as well as other forms of assistance.  But you’re looking for answers to your pressing questions about what to do next, questions like:

  1. Do I qualify for unemployment insurance?
  2. How and where do I file for unemployment benefits?
  3. Unemployment Office Contact Information.

To get solid answers to these questions, check out our state unemployment directory’s entry for IL Unemployment.

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4 Responses to Illinois Unemployment

  1. richard wisniewski says:

    I work for a company for fifteen years, They recently put me parttime. From 40 hrs a week to 24 hrs a week. I am the only income for my family. I have a wife that doesnt work, two small children and a third child that i pay child support on. I would like to know if i qualify for a partial unemployment benefits?

  2. kyle sitarz says:

    i was fierd from my job after taking consistent verbal abuse and threaten to lower my pay by $10.00 per hour i make $ 15.00per hour now leaving me a t $ 5.00 per hour can i still collect unemploymet

  3. barbie joe says:

    I was discharged from my job due to not being able to perform job after taking training class twice. My company told me to file for unemployment because I was not a “good fit” for the job. I filed and they sent me a letter stating I had to be interviewed over the phone by unemployment because I was discharged. Is this routine for the unemployment office to do this?

  4. Wanda Caudle says:

    I worked for a temp service paying $8.50-$8.79 an hour and then pulled jury duty and the company ended my assignment. Since then I have worked at 2 different jobs on making $10.50 and the other at $10.55 and hour. That is with the last assignment with the temp service being paid $8.50 that is a $2.00 an hour difference can you refuse to work for that temp service and still draw unemployment?

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