California Unemployment

It seems like the situation in California keeps going from bad to worse.  Starting with the housing and real estate crisis, the state budget is now in shambles.  While the legislature has passed a budget to get money flowing, California Unemployment continues to rise.  Now, unemployment is rising among government workers, with California’s unemployment rate at 11.6% in June 2009.

If you are unemployed in California there are lots of services and programs to help you.  But you need answers to a lot of questions, including:

  1. Do I qualify for unemployment insurance?
  2. How do I file for unemployment benefits?
  3. Unemployment Office Contact Information.

To find out answers to these questions, check out our state unemployment directory’s entry for CA Unemployment.

If you have any questions, or would like to share you story about how you got laid off and are coping with being unemployed, please post in the comments section or on our Unemployment Forum.

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