Cash For Clunkers

The government has passed a new law to help people replace their old gas guzzler of a car with a newer, more fuel efficient model.  The program, called Cash For Clunkers, gives new car buyers up to $4,500 towards the purchase of a new car that is more fuel efficient.  The program is also known as the Car Allowance Rebate System or the Customer Assistance to Recycle and Save program.

There are specific details, and not all cars, makes, or models will qualify.

Also, you have limited time to take advantage of this program, as it expires November 30, 2009.

While this is mainly meant to be a stimulus to ailing carmakers, it can also help folks who have been needing to buy a new car, and needed a little extra incentive, or a better deal to make it feasible.

If you’ve been recently laid off and you already have  a car, it is best to focus on your job search and saving money as opposed to buying a new car.  If buying  a new car makes sense for you and your budget, check out our article on the Cash For Clunkers program for more information.

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Did You Get Laid Off?

Did you just get laid off?

Did you just find out that you’re being laid off?

Not sure what to do?   Feeling overwhelmed?

I certainly understand, because I’ve been there too.  In fact that’s why I started this site:  to give support and solace to people who have lost their jobs.

The internet is full of great resources for the newly unemployed, jobseekers, and the long-term unemployed – but when you’re so overwhelmed, it is tough to make sense of them all.

Also, this post is the first in a series to highlight all of the great tips, advice, and information that is contained on this site, as well as point you to the best resources on the web.

Check out the sidebar for more blogs just like this one – from folks who have lost their jobs, and telling their stories about getting back on their feet.

Check out the articles in the nav bar above.  There are links to find your state unemployment office and other resources, as well as information on the job search, how to save money, career planning, and more.

But, back to the point of this post — it can be really overwhelming when you get laid off, so I’ve summarized my best tips into a quick, concise, guide that is to the point:

What To Do When Laid Off

Give it a read, and if you have any tips of your own, or want to share your layoff experience, post it in the comments.

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Free Diabetic Supplies

Losing your job not only affects things like your rent or mortgage or paying your bills, but also affects whether you’re able to afford essential medical supplies.

For people with diabetes, not taking your medicine or not checking your blood sugar is not an option.  We’ve found a site that is offering a free blood sugar monitor that people who are unemployed can take advantage of.

You don’t have to be unemployed to take advantage of this, so if you have a family member, friend, or loved one that has diabetes and could use a free monitor, please send them the link as well.

Link has been removed because it is no longer valid.

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Don’t let their flashy titles on the ‘About Us’ page fool you - Layoff Moveon is a labor of love, and a bright beacon of hope for anyone who’s been laid-off.

At Layoff Moveon you can read other people’s stories about getting laid-off, their struggles to find a new job, get great tips to help you in your own job search, and then you can sign up and share your own story if you’d like.  

I haven’t finished digging around on the site – but the stories that so many people have shared are amazing, and what a great looking site, too!

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Unemployed and ready for your close-up?

San Fransciso based documentary filmakers are looking for people for whom the recession has been a catalyst for positive change in their life to interview and feature in their film.

If you want to tell your story on the big screen, check out their announcement below and shoot them an email.


Has the economic recession changed you for the better?

Have you been laid off or lost your home to foreclosure? Are you having a hard time making your mortgage payments or paying medical bills or health insurance?  Do you see the recession as an opportunity to reassess what really matters, find joy and meaning and make positive changes in how you live your life? 

If you have a compelling story to tell, we want to hear from you! We are a San Francisco-based team of filmmakers producing a documentary film that focuses on personal and social transformation in the economic recession.  Our goal is to document how people are being affected by the recession and how the choices they make are transforming their lives. By taking a close look at how people are using the recession as an opportunity to “be the change” we will weave a story of hope and perseverance. 

Whether you are in the midst of transforming your life, or have already come through the storm and are ready to share your wisdom with others we want to hear how the recession is affecting your family, relationships and home life, your job and money and your day to day habits and choices.

If you are interested in being interviewed and featured in the film, please write to Provide a short synopsis of how your life has been affected by the economy. Share your age and location as well. We will review all submissions and get back to you if your story matches well with what we are looking for. We will shoot all interviews in April on the weekends. We are willing to travel outside of the Bay Area, but not out of state.

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Turn the page on unemployment

I don’t have a new job.  Yet. But…

While checking in with all my unemployed, job-seeking brethren and sistren (the links in the right sidebar) I came upon the great news that Fired For Now has found a new job.

This is great news, and I congratulate FFN heartily, but I’m somewhat troubled by what may be their last post:

Can I still write this blog even though I’ve now joined the ranks of the employed?

Will I have any credibility?


Your story is the one that every unemployed blogger wants to post about one day!  Anybody that’s lost their job wants to write in their journal one day about finding a new job!

As far as credibility, your stock just went up in my book!

Who better to write about surviving a layoff and being unemployed than someone who’s been there, done that, found a job, conquered it, bought the t-shirt, and wrote the book on it?

FFR, you’ve turned the page on your own unemployment, maybe closed out a chapter in your life, but there’s still so much more that you can write to help others and to bring attention to this massive problem.


Keep it up Fired For Now.  We’ll still be reading.

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Unemployed in NYC?

Project 405 Party, March 25

Click through, for all the details.


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Follow for now



If you could stand on the highest peak, and the whole world could hear your voice, what would you say?

Would you scream your frustration about getting laid-off?  How loud would you scream?  When you were finished screaming, you still wouldn’t have a job, but you’d still be at the top of the highest mountain.  Would you scream “Hey! Check me out!  I’m smart, hard-working, and just the person you’re looking for.  Hire me!”?

Think of Twitter as standing on this highest peak, without the rarified air.  You can say whatever you’d like, without screaming, and the world will hear you.  If you don’t know about Twitter, or are unsure about how to use it, Mashable has an awesome post about how to find a job using Twitter.  This is essential reading.

Twitter is another great arrow in your quiver of job searching tools, and is also a great way to connect with people that share your interests, live in your area, or just another outlet for your   Why don’t you stop in and say hi — I’m @unemploymentbk.



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The Unemployed Quilt Project

The folks at IGet2Work have put together the coolest thing:  The Unemployed Quilt Project.  

It is our post-YouTube digital patchwork quilt, made of videos of individuals telling their story about getting laid-off, losing their job, searching day in and day out, and making it – day by day.  

Start up as many of the videos on the wall, at the same time, as you can – and the din won’t even begin to approach the roar of the voices of all the people laid off,  on just this day alone!

Whether you tell your story, write it, blog it, text it, or video it — just make sure your story is heard!


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Layoff Link-Go-Round

The Isolation of Unemployment

Pulitzer Prize winning essayist, author and former Los Angeles Times columnist Al Martinez on the isolation of unemployment.

From Advertising Age:  Laid Off?  Here Are Nine Ways to Make the Most of It

The experience of getting laid off is kind of, well, amazing. There, I said it. When I lost my job, people sent me articles on how to get your confidence back, how not to slip into depression and how to manage your finances, and I thought to myself, “Am I supposed to feel that way?” Because I didn’t. I stared at the big red panic button that everyone was offering me, refusing to set it off. 

That’s because I saw getting laid off as an opportunity.

Layoff Moveon

Layoff Moveon is a place where you can tell it like it is, and they want you to share your story about getting laid-off.  They’ll be launching soon, but head on over and get signed up for the email list for notification of when they go live.

California Unemployment News

Covert operatives at Unemploymentality report that all California unemployment recipients should make sure that they have submitted their resume to the CalJobs website, as the EDD (Employment Development Department) will be checking to make sure you’re all really looking for jobs.  If you’re not in their database you might not receive your next unemployment check.  

Get the lowdown:  California EDD Checking CalJobs For Your Resume

Then get on over to CalJobs, and make sure you’ve got your resume posted there.

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