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Cash For Clunkers

The government has passed a new law to help people replace their old gas guzzler of a car with a newer, more fuel efficient model. The program, called Cash For Clunkers, gives new car buyers up to $4,500 towards the purchase of a new car that is more fuel efficient. … If you’ve been recently laid off and you already have a car, it is best to focus on your job search and saving money as opposed to buying a new car. Continue reading

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Did You Get Laid Off?

Did you just get laid off? Did you just find out that you’re being laid off? Not sure what to do?   Feeling overwhelmed? I certainly understand, because I’ve been there too.  In fact that’s why I started this site: … Continue reading

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Free Diabetic Supplies

Losing your job not only affects things like your rent or mortgage or paying your bills, but also affects whether you’re able to afford essential medical supplies. For people with diabetes, not taking your medicine or not checking your blood … Continue reading

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  Don’t let their flashy titles on the ‘About Us’ page fool you - Layoff Moveon is a labor of love, and a bright beacon of hope for anyone who’s been laid-off. At Layoff Moveon you can read other people’s stories about getting … Continue reading

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Unemployed and ready for your close-up?

San Fransciso based documentary filmakers are looking for people for whom the recession has been a catalyst for positive change in their life to interview and feature in their film. If you want to tell your story on the big … Continue reading

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Turn the page on unemployment

I don’t have a new job.  Yet. But… While checking in with all my unemployed, job-seeking brethren and sistren (the links in the right sidebar) I came upon the great news that Fired For Now has found a new job. … Continue reading

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Unemployed in NYC?

Project 405 Party, March 25 Click through, for all the details.

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Follow for now

  If you could stand on the highest peak, and the whole world could hear your voice, what would you say? Would you scream your frustration about getting laid-off?  How loud would you scream?  When you were finished screaming, you … Continue reading

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The Unemployed Quilt Project

The folks at IGet2Work have put together the coolest thing:  The Unemployed Quilt Project.   It is our post-YouTube digital patchwork quilt, made of videos of individuals telling their story about getting laid-off, losing their job, searching day in and day out, … Continue reading

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Layoff Link-Go-Round

The Isolation of Unemployment Pulitzer Prize winning essayist, author and former Los Angeles Times columnist Al Martinez on the isolation of unemployment. From Advertising Age:  Laid Off?  Here Are Nine Ways to Make the Most of It The experience of getting … Continue reading

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